Goal Setting Begins AFTER You Review – Episode 1027

Roxanne Rockvam

Today’s Quote: “Every day is a chance to begin again.”

We’re starting a new year…. so that’s like 365 chances to begin again all bundled into one!

Happy New Year!

It’s the day when we goal set and look forward… after all, who the heck wants to look back at 2020, right?!

Well, I do.

I hope you will, too!  (HINT: Visit the EntrepreneurZenZone.com to get some motivation!)

Recently I’ve received a mini-surge in traffic to the blog… I hope it’s real. It’s fun to have people read (or at least view) my work. But I also know that there are super sneaky algorithms out there to tease you into action.

Whatever the reason… I’m good with it.

I was going along as everyone else, then all of a sudden we ended up in a crazy world situation.  When your blog is inspired by visiting stores and sharing creative marketing ideas you see… and the stores close… dang it… it’s hard to continue.

So I hit my goal of 1,000 posts in a row, never missed a day. 

But I needed a break.

It was also the day before the 4th of July, and our family marina was busy.  Boating is an industry that was welcomed into the “ok” activities due to being outdoors.

So what the heck have I been up to?

I took the opportunity to learn a new style of marketing, direct response sales! 

The funny thing is, I remember sitting in college courses and wondering that the heck the “old” people (curve wreckers) were doing there… but this fall I found myself immersed in new school marketing. 

What is direct response selling? It’s a marketing style of landing on a page and taking time to explain the product and gain a direct response of a buy!

COOL, right?!

The course was stinking hard. 6 months, three exams, and one “real world” project later… I’m certified.

If you’d like to see my work, visit InfinityInfluencer.com and yes, I created the course work for free with the purchase of the hoodie.

I was invited to become a contributor to Marina Dock Age – a leading magazine in the Marina industry… this is something my 8th Grade English teacher would NEVER believe.

Click Here for my recent article (November/December 2020 – page 50-53)

And finally… I discovered that what small business owners need, especially the Gen X’ers out there, we need help with this “new school” marketing – so I’m merging, morphing, and tweaking, you have a business, but wouldn’t it be cool to add a Passive Income Profit Center?

So that’s what we’re doing.

Let’s take a pivot in 2021 and journey down the path to really focus on this email thing and turbo charge it into passive income.

Ready, set… go.

The 5 C’s are still in place – but I’m changing the overarching topics to

YOU, Your business, and Your brand.

Monday: You = Credibility

Tuesday: Your Business = Consistency, Cash

Wednesday: 2 minute commute podcast

Thursday: Your Brand = Customers, Content

Hope you’re looking forward to next week… I am! 😁. Until then… visit the EntrepreneurZenZone.com to take a mini-break.

Thanks again for all of your loyalty and of course… Happy New Year!

PS:  Like my vibe? I want you to join my tribe! Visit us at EntrepreneurZenZone.com


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