Be You… It Will Repel the Customers You Don’t Want. Episode 1028

Roxanne Rockvam
  • Today’s Quote: “Set your goals high, and don’t stop ’til you get there.”
    —Bo Jackson

Last Friday I created a post, the first one of the year!

Now we’ve reached the fourth of the year, my mom’s birthday, and it’s time to take a step forward. 

We all had a break over the weekend… even if we were working – it was a much needed change from 2020.  Could you feel the optimism?  It was almost like a shift took place and we were able to move a little forward.

Whelp. That little momentum is all you need. 

Let’s keep going!

Today we’re talking about YOU.  The person that is your business.

When you have a small business, regardless if it’s a side hustle, hobby business, one person full time business, or even an entity hiring 30 people, the leadership comes from YOU.

I often talk about credibility.

And this is what Monday is for… the person that is the business and how your actions attract or repel customers.

WHAT??? Repel.

Isn’t that a bad thing?

Nope.  If given the choice would you rather work with customers you like or customers you dislike?

I thought so.

So being your true authentic self will attract people that want to work with you and it also will repel customers that, well, can’t stand you… and that’s not a bad thing!

As we move forward into 2021, remember be yourself and the customers you want will follow you. 

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