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Roxanne Rockvam

Thursday Topic: Your Brand… what’s your message?

  • Today’s Quote: “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.”
    —Jack Welch

What is your vision? 

Great question, right?!?!  You worked hard on your logo.  I’m in a business club and people start out with ecommerce and the first thing they do is develop their store name and logo.

They work for days picking a design and motto.

They fall in love with it.

Then forget it.

Somewhere down the road, when they’re tired and selling products or services, they wonder “what am I doing?”

This is really hard.

They feel like they’ve lost the drive, but in reality they never had a vision.

This is the great part of a new year… and especially this one because we get to say Hindsight is 2020 and that makes me laugh…

But it’s true.

The vision you develop for your brand will push you toward the next goal.  It will get you “unstuck”.

How does this play into the Infinity Money Machine? On Tuesday I mentioned the Content and Cash (ideas) affect your brand.

Whatever you choose to talk about and whatever ideas you are using to create cash must be “on brand”

Sounds great, but what the heck does it mean?

It means this… Yesterday was “National Sticker” day.  If you sell stickers… it’s a perfect day to run a promotion for both creating cash and content.  

That’s easy… but another valuable way to use “National Sticker” day is to educate your customers about your vision.  Let’s say your dance studio has an achievement chart where you track a student’s skill progress. Along the way you have milestones and rewards. 

The chart happens to be filled with gold star stickers!

This would make a creative post.  So just because you don’t sell stickers doesn’t mean the “day of” topic is irrelevant.  Sure, posting it’s National Sticker Day would be odd… but posting your achievement chart and tying back to the stickers is a great idea.  This is staying on brand.

Your vision is to create a group of dancers that are progressing through a series of skills.  There’s going to be more to this vision statement.  But I suggest you take a moment and write down your vision.  This will help you focus and keep you on brand.

It becomes the most important branding tool you have because everything you do then must relate to this statement.  If it doesn’t relate, don’t do it.

Therefore, when you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s often because you have lost your way… you have difficult figuring out what to do because you are going in several directions at the same time… stop, focus, and develop a vision.

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