Do You Expect a Bathroom at a Pharmacy to be “Hospital Grade Clean”? – Episode 1037 –

Roxanne Rockvam

Thursday Topic: Your Brand the Content and Cash Ideas that Matter

  • Today’s Quote: “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.”
    —Bobby Unser

On Tuesday we discussed the need for your business to be prepared.  Especially online because you never know when a platform will change the rules.

This happens quite often.

How do you survive this type of change?

Good branding and controlling your own audience.

You need to provide a consistent story.  If you get knocked off YouTube but your logo is consistent, people will find you on Bitchute or Rumble.

I lived in Japan, and they have vending machines EVERYWHERE.

If you drink soda, it’s like a dream come true.

But I do remember walking up to my first vending machine and being more confused by how to use the machine than what to buy… and that’s amazing branding.

Although Diet Coke was called Coke Lite – I knew, it was the same… or at least similar.

This is what we all should strive for… brand consistency.    Consistency that helps build credibility. 

But in the digital world it includes the messaging you create and share.

My easiest example was when I had a brochure created for our family marina.  The brochure is our main piece and has an aerial shot of our marina on the cover.

Well… the person doing the graphic design was from Florida, our marina is in Minnesota.

I received the first proof with a digitally enhanced aerial photo and the water was a vivid teal blue.  Northern lakes are a deep navy/royal coloring.

It made me laugh – but it really hit home the point on how being “on brand” makes all the difference in your credibility.

When you start to jump “off brand” you affect your relationship with your customer.

This means with everything you do… if you pride yourself on your clean environment but your bathrooms are dirty.  That’s “off brand” – that’s also my Walgreens example… if you are going to any store with a pharmacy, it’s medical, you are condition to believe that at a doctors office or hospital the bathrooms are not just clean but hospital grade clean… so why shouldn’t you expect the same at a pharmacy.

Enough of a rant… but that’s my point.  Branding affects all areas of your business.

Today, take note of what you pride yourself on and then view your business and messaging from the customer vantage… are you staying “on brand”?

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