– Day 48 – 15 Minutes is Enough

“Someone could take the same hand you’re being dealt in win with it”

My today has been long and it’s been crazy.

It started last night when I received a text from the mom of a crew member who had an accident and was in the ER.

He’s fine now, but it was scary news to receive.

Then my day continued with absolutely beautiful sunny weather and our forklift was broken.  This was awful… but you know what.  Times like this really are rough, but it can always be worse.

I will tell you this.  When things are going bad… you need to continue to keep perspective.  I’ve been completing an online course and yesterday I read two easy tips I thought I’d pass on.

1) Take a walk in nature.    OK this morning I did this…  I get it.  I pass this trick on to you.

2) You have 15 minutes.  Really you do.  I was just about ready to “scan” Facebook and I said… Wait, I am at that moment to carve out 15 minutes… so you know what I did in 15 minutes?  HA!  I created a new Pinterest board.  Check it out!  It’s called PontoonGirl… it’s been created as a traffic generator.

So there you have it – my day was complicated and not easy.  But I was able to take a few ideas that I learned the day before and get something accomplished.

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Advertisements – Day 47 – Put a Bow On It

One of our customers did something really nice for my crew.  He dropped off a whole bunch of beef jerky.

It was a fun surprise.

Now… even more fun was how my one crew member decided to hand it out.  She took and bundled one big piece with a medium size piece… then put a bow around the middle.

She made it into a gift.

If you’ve ever been around the 16-18 year old male teens… you know that food is devoured.  Well, this turned a “hey look we got beef jerky” into a special event.  It was something they stopped and appreciated.

I wanted to mention this because it reminded me of the Welcome Gift we hand out to our customers.  Last year we rolled our shirts and bundled with a ribbon that we had custom printed.

They looked nice on the shelf and it was a fun way to hand out the gift.

If you’re looking for an easy way to make a big impact… put a bow on it!

Try this.

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“Let’s do our best today to prepare for our best tomorrow.”

The last two days have been rough.  Nothing really bad happened – but they’ve been not easy.

Have you ever had a computer so “full” that you can no longer open anything?  OH to make it worse, you forgot the master password… Yeah, welcome to my world.

Then I got to work and another computer came down with a virus… OH, and out of no where I was using an adding machine that simply stopped.  This in addition to having a shaky credit card machine… AND our major Weather Screen “not working”

Do electronic machines get together in the middle of the night when everyone is gone and simply make a pact to stop working?   It sure seems like ours did.

So it was nothing bad it was just difficult.

But I truly think it’s important to look at today as your stepping stone to tomorrow.  They are directly related.

Now you’re thinking… well, isn’t that obvious.

I don’t think so.  If people really believed that what you do today affects tomorrow… then everyone would have huge savings accounts, workout everyday, sleep 8 hours a night, and eat veggies instead of candy.

But we don’t.

What does this have to do with my electronic machines stopping… well, I still had to… not just get through the day… but I needed to stay on course for tomorrow.

It’s very easy to get distracted, but each morning I recommend writing a “big three” list so you stay on track, regardless of what happens!

This constant preparation for tomorrow is a fantastic habit to develop.

Try it!

Plan for tomorrow – join my tribe today… haha!  start here – Day 45 – Get Specific!

“Are you getting up today to chase your dreams?”

You want to wake up ready to chase your dream?  Well, then you better figure out what that dream is!

Now… I’m not a big fan of the word dream.  After all a dream is just a goal without a plan.  Instead, figure out the goal.

That way – if you have a goal you will get up ready to chase it.

Now… I also don’t like the word chase.  I mean, it’s fine… but chasing something just makes me think of running around without a hope of catching something.  I like more concrete processes.

So… I’d encourage you to participate in SMART goal setting (Strategic, Measurable, Attainable, Reward, Time Bound) – goal achievement technique.

If you’re feeling a little lost in creating your Infinity Marketing Machine, look into the future and discover the WHY you are creating it — is it for financial freedom or to gain 800 followers… what ever it happens to be make it a clear attainable SMART goal.

When you get specific and really focus on what you want and THAT’S how you can live today’s inspiration and chase your dreams!

Ready… set… go!  Join my group!  start here – Day 44 – Quit Confusing Your Sugar with Salt!

“Be careful who you trust, even salt looks like sugar.”

Not all social media marketing plans are the same… just like mixing up salt and sugar will radically change the output of your chocolate chip cookie recipe so too will your marketing plan!

Today I stopped at the ice cream treat store… I got a lemon/lime slushy.  This is bright green ice delight!  But, if you took crushed ice and added green food coloring – it might look like a slushy, but will not even come close to tasting like one!

Think about your internet marketing in the same manner.  There is a recipe!  You might do Facebook, Instagram, create a blog, and have your website.  You might even use email here and there… but “doing” all of the things without a strategic plan is far different from creating an Infinity Marketing Machine.

Follow a great recipe and quit confusing your sugar with salt!

Here’s a recap of the 5 C’s of the Infinity Marketing Machine


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“You can’t profit from the harvest, if you don’t plant the crops”

Here we go!  We’ve made it to the 5th C – Cash!

You’ve got a business… you want cash.  So let’s get to it.

Yesterday I used a beach ball example.  You sell beach balls and that’s it.  One and done… but then you collect emails and in your weekly newsletter you’re able to market other products like pails/shovels, beach towels, and suntan lotion.  This keeps customers coming back over and over, thus infinity.

Now… when you’re really ready to explore some fun… what happens if you keep going and build a database of your customers.  You start to categorize those that buy  pails/shovels.  It’s a pretty good assumption that this group has children.  Now what happens if you sell bikinis or swim trunks.  You also have an idea of mens and womens clothing preferences.  These are two very simple examples.

But how can this help?

Why do you have to limit yourself at selling beach items? You don’t.  And this is the infinity part of the Infinity Marketing Machine.  When you develop affiliate relationships you have the opportunity to sell products that you don’t carry.

Your first responsibility is to build the relationship and trust with your tribe.  But as you write your newsletter you can include affiliate products that are geared to a targeted portion of your audience.

When you categorize bikinis from swim trunks from pails/shovels you can suggest products for kids, men, and women to the correct target audience!  It doesn’t cost anything extra because you’re already sending the email newsletter AND you don’t have to carry inventory!

So that’s your biggest tip of the day – categorize your database based on the things they buy!  That way you can always sell more!

However, just like planting a crop, you can only sell more when you do the work to create your Infinity Marketing Machine.

So are you ready to start gathering your tribe?  Stop by tomorrow and we’ll get some hints on tribeology!

If you love what you’re learning… follow me! start here – Day 42 – Turn One and Done into Infinity!

“Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless.” – Jeffrey Gitomer

Today’s inspiration might seem a little confusing.  We want customers satisfied… right?

Yes we do.

But more than satisfied customers, we want loyal customers.

This is where the Infinity Marketing Machine steps in.  The complete purpose of building an Infinity Marketing Machine is to turn customers from one and done into Infinity Customers.  An Infinity Customer is a loyal customer.

And that’s today’s topic, the 4th C of the Infinity Marketing Machine, “Customers”.

Here’s why… Pretend you have an online store.  Alright, some of you might already have one… but for those that don’t – just pretend!

You sell inflatable beach balls.  They’re normal.  Nothing too exciting about them… but they’re fun.  Some people that buy them also buy shovels and buckets.  That’s it.  At the end of the day, you take your orders, pack the orders, and send them out.

Now imagine if you created an email list that celebrated stuff to do at the beach. The names you have are generated from your beach ball list.   Every day you sent out an email that showed the temperature of the water, the winds, or heat index.  You talked about the festivals in town… people liked the information and subscribed – they told their friends and more people joined.  You have created a consistent and content rich email that your beach visitors love!  In your email you start to include a product of the day – maybe a beach towel, or inflatable, or sunscreen…   but people by from you.

They keep coming back!

You have created an Infinity Customer.  You have turned the beach ball from one and done into infinity with the towel or sunscreen ads in your newsletter!

This is the goal of the Infinity Marketing Machine… Turn “one and done” into Infinity!

Come back tomorrow to learn more about the 5th C of the Infinity Marketing Machine… Cash!

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