– Episode 865 – Your Turn!

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Monday: Subject Matter Expert

Quote: “Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent.” Napoleon

Yesterday was a first!  It’s taken about a year… but I had a goal.  By the end of the year I would record my first information video.

This doesn’t seem like a tough task… but somehow, despite what I teach here, I personally went through every excuse imaginable.

The fun of the video was that pressing record was super duper difficult… the first time.  But the next time it was no big deal.

I’m not kidding.

But getting to December 29 went like this… I’m too busy… I don’t know what to talk about… My hair is grown out and showing gray… I look tired… I don’t have a good enough camera… the lighting is awful… I don’t have a nice back drop…

Does that sound familiar to anyone?


Yesterday I actually exhausted every excuse I possibly could come up with SINCE MARCH.

So there I sat, new computer, new light, newly painted backdrop with desk as a prop, new microphone, free recording program, hair that’s “sorta” not gray… and I pressed record.

I have spent the last week intensely developing SOMETHING to talk about.

So I hit record and simply started.

Eight minutes later – and it wasn’t awful.  I’m recovering from a super nasty cold… so it’s a little nasal sounding…

I’ll end up re-recording it – but I did it!  And honestly, who the heck thought eight minutes of talking to myself in a room with a camera could actually feel normal. But it did.

And so it begins.

With a challenge.  As we quickly approach 2020 – what are you going to start sharing?  Sometimes writing is easier than video… but I want you to sit down TODAY (since 2020 is really coming quick) – but sit down and answer this question on a piece of paper.

QUESTION TO ANSWER:  “If you were asked to present for 10 minutes about a work-related topic, what would you speak about?”

This answer makes you a subject matter expert!

NOW go press record.



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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Episode #144 – Jump In (Front of the Camera)

Put arms in front of you, hold on to kick board, stretch out, kick, put head under water, lift head to breathe.   Congratulations you know how to swim!


You can’t learn to swim from a book!  (That’s one of my favorite phrases.)

What this means is you must start before you’re ready… whether you’re swimming or skydiving.  There are some things you just have to jump to learn!  Again, you have a mentor teaching you how, but you simply cannot read a book and have the skill.

This is the classic definition of Social Media Marketing!  You can read tips (like my blog) and learn hints and skills… but unless you jump in and try it, you’ll never understand it!  You’ve got to try!

The best part about trying is that you’ll get better each time you write, take a photo, film a video, or create an email.  You’ll simply get better with each new thing you do!  I did an experiment with 30 days of selfie videos.


Days 1-3 are awful!!!  Eventually I will post these videos, but for now, you’ll have to trust me.  I was encouraged to do the 30 day project to get comfortable on camera.  It worked, I’m more comfortable – not fantastic, but at least day 30 was “good” – AND the fun part is I have days 1-3… they’re really bad!!

The reason I mention these things is, I’m learning right along with you!  There is a common stat out there that in 18 months 80% of the internet will be video.  Chrimmity!  But it’s true.  With the introduction of “live” on several platforms, we’re learning to absorb our information by watching instead of reading, this means you better get comfortable on camera!  PS:  No one really cares about how “rough” your video production is or how awkward you are… as long as your message is full of important content.   Just a little fun fact, this week at our marina we filmed 8 videos to use over the course of the winter.  I have spent lots of time over the past two months creating videos.  They work well… I recommend it.  If you have a way to communicate via video… JUMP IN!

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Action Step
1- Jump In!  I did a 30 day, every day, 2 minute video of me talking about “stuff” — you need to do the same thing.  Pick a time frame, 2 weeks, 30 days… whatever it is, do this and press record! Get used to being on camera… you’ll be thankful you did!
2- Just remember… as you film, it’s great to have a purpose so you can use the film later… however, you also don’t have to show anyone (until you’re comfortable)!
3- Install my free app! (

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Episode #96 1/2- BONUS TOASTMASTERS EDITION!  Work Hard & Start!

Welcome to a special bonus edition!

I had the opportunity to speak at my Toastmasters club meeting and had a blast sharing the importance of social media as it relates to “owning your corner of the web”.

My talk focused on the main question, “Have You Googled Your Name?” – my point being, if you have not… you better get out there and find out what’s being said about you.  More important, you need to start controlling what is being said about you!

Becoming a Subject Matter Expert is a great way to brand yourself.  You bundle your awards, honors, education and experience in one location and quickly showcase your expertise.  This is important both or small businesses and or those that own their job.  The reason is because developing yourself as a Subject Matter Expert creates credibility.  It makes you authentic… you suddenly become a real person.  This doesn’t have to be in your area of business, either.  Again, I work in the marina industry, but my expertise comes in baton twirling.   In my speech I used the example, if your passion is in baking you may develop an apple pie fan following at your accounting firm!  Haha

The source of your messaging is grounded in the principal of “Fame vs. Fortune”.  You are working on this corner of the web to increase your money or your name recognition.  Often it’s both, but when you start focus on one.  I use “fame and fortune” as the catch phrase but I’m talking about the real world… of credibility and an extra revenue stream.

Regardless of your messaging in the “fame and fortune” decision, you need to develop an audience.  If you create the most awesome message about apple pies, and no one hears it… it’s kind of like that tree falling in the forest (you know the question, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it… did it make a sound) well, right from the start of your message development, work for collecting and creating your own audience via email.

Finally, have fun and do not get caught up on the technology!  Toastmasters have the greatest advantage when it comes to social media.  The organization teaches leadership, crafting a message, and delivering the message.  You need all three of these skills in social media success.  So what I did was show how “easy” it is to create a podcast.  (Remember a podcast is just today’s version of a radio program).  My Podcast is called the Two Minute Commute, because it takes a small business owner about two minutes to walk from their kitchen to their home office (haha) – but really, the commute is much shorter for all of us in the “world of small business”.

It was really fun to have an audience when I recorded my podcast via my iPhone in the front of a group of Toastmasters!  I hope you have fun listening to it… and make sure to visit your local Toastmasters group – they’re everywhere!  ( — and remember, “the man on the top of the mountain didn’t fall there!” V. Lombardi, Jr.    Get out there and work!

Action Step
1- Look into Toastmasters it’s a great way to improve and practice your speaking and leadership skills — two skills vital to your small business.  Go attend a meeting, here’s the Find a Club locator.
2- Invest the time in becoming a Subject Matter Expert!
3- Install my free app! (

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Listen to Episode #96 1/2 (Bonus Toastmasters edition) of the Two Minute Commute audio blog Podcast

7 Seconds to Make a Sale

7 seconds to make a sale!  It’s true. Your audience forms it’s opinion of you as a speaker in the first seven seconds.  Imagine utilizing that knowledge for a sales presentation.  Would you dress differently, concentrate on eye contact, choose your words more carefully?  It’s amazing what that first impression can do and you only get 7 seconds.  

I recently read this article. There are some great hints to improving a speech or speaking event… You may think it doesn’t apply, but really?  That’s all marketers do!
Just when you think an Instagram video (10 seconds max) isn’t long enough… That’s a full 3 seconds longer than the “positive impression” public speaker timeline.
I guess what I’m trying to convey is.., the linked public speaking tips will help in both your online videos and offline presentations, so smile and throw out your script.  Be natural, make hand gestures, and really love it!
The photo I attached is from a social media presentation I delivered at the International Marina and Boat Yard Conference.  Look close, I’m mid-hand gesture.
More ideas at: Big Fish Ideas Website