– Episode #557 – Don’t Quit… Tweak!

Quote: “Your Dream Doesn’t Have An Expiration Date.” KTWitten

Wednesday: Midweek Motivation

How’s your goal? Sounds a little funny.

But it’s real!

We talk about the weather… but rarely our goals!  And today is January 9th… 9 days after the “big” day for goal setting occurs.   HA! Do you remember your resolution, quite possibly it’s been forgotten.  If you’re still doing it, well… keep going!

Here’s my point.  Keep going.  If you feel like your dream is taking longer than it should maybe you need a little reality check.

Uh Oh, a reality check, what does that mean? It means maybe you don’t have the skill, talent, or people surrounding you that you need to succeed.  It’s not that the goal is unattainable, its just you need to stop and switch gears.

For example, if you want to lose weight, but it’s not working… maybe you need a trainer or a doctor.  You may need to surround yourself with people that don’t eat double chocolate cupcakes.

What I’m saying is… set the goal, make your mini-goals, and keep going.  Just remember that all of your care in working toward your goal just might need a little gear switch.  Don’t stop – just adjust.




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Episode #102 – Are You Lost?

Are you in your car and lost right now?  Probably not because you shouldn’t be reading and driving… haha!  But have you ever been in a car and lost?  Probably yes!

Why aren’t you still in the car and lost?
Because you changed your direction!

There was a moment when you were driving that you said, “Self… this is not the right way.”  That moment is when you stopped or turned around or looked up a new route on GPS.  Eventually you found your correct path.  It was not instant.   You did not change direction and presto the car was instantly in the destination.


You can change direction… now.  But it’s silly to expect to be at your destination, now.  Get it?

Prepare a plan and take action!  Here’s my article on goal achievement… use it as a guide.  Make sure that as you are heading toward your goal that you add a time line and “check in” with yourself.  If you need to adjust your path, just do it!   But most of all, enjoy the journey!

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Action Step
1- Determine your destination (your goal)
2- Determine if the path you’re on will get you to your goal… if yes… keep going!  If no… change your direction.
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