– Day 15 – A World Full of Yellow Fuzzy Ducklings!

“How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it!” George Elliston

OMG I’ve brought out the cute yellow fuzzy duck.  Clearly, I’m in fighting mode.


It’s been a rough couple weeks and I got to thinking about it yesterday.  So, hear me out.

Yesterday I was stopped in my tracks with a Eureka moment.  There as a tweet out there from our Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.  He tweeted something about Father’s Day and the most wonderful thing that happened in his life was when his kids arrived on the planet.  Yeah, not those words, but you get my point.

Now… Paul Ryan is not one of my favorites… but here’s the scoop.  It was a nice tweet that reminded us of why we celebrate Father’s Day.  And you know what… a bunch of crabby know-it-all freaks hijacked his sentiment with swear words and their political view points of children/borders… you know the drama.

Here’s the deal.  GIVE IT A REST.

If he said “the best part of Father’s Day is…” followed by some statement of the political issue fine, have at it.  Comment away.

But this was a tweet about his personal family memory.  That’s it.  Something like a warm fuzzy duckling.

And that’s when I thought… people have forgotten how to be kind.  They simply think their opinion is to be shared 24/7 and it’s soooooo important that they can blurt out what ever the heck they want, when ever the heck they want.  JUST STOP IT.

It’s time to reel this experiment back in.  And here’s why… it’s spilled over into “the real world”.  People simply think they can say ANYTHING they want in the most crab-apple manner they choose.

There’s no way to even combat it.  People want to be angry and hostile.  They want to fight.  It’s the most bizarre thing I’ve witnessed.  And you know what… nothing has changed in our policies at the Marina since September 2017… but you know what did happen?  October, November, December, January, February, March, April and May!

Eight months have come and gone, so when we opened up this season… BOOM crazy, crabby, hostile, angry and in general ugly behavior has attacked!  I think it’s been brewing and growing over the past 8 months, so while we weren’t open… the anger kept going… until we opened our doors and the Ugly Duck waddled in and started hissing, spitting, pecking, and quacking up a storm!

Here’s a quick thing to remember… When you’re getting ready to send that crabby response OR yell at the counter agent at the airport… Think Kindness… think warm fuzzy yellow ducks.  You can communicate in a kind manner if you imagine yourself holding a teeny tiny little peeping ducky.


Profit Center Coach – Day 4

“Kind people are the best kind of people”

It’s been a tough week at work.  I always “joke” that when we get a week full of “odd” customers that it’s got to be a full moon.


Sometimes people are just in a crappy mood.  Here’s a quick little tidbit from today to throw a little perspective in your life.  We had a customer just “over the top” angry today – she was rude to our crew saying we have the “crappiest customer service she’s ever experienced”.  Honestly, our crew was doing lots of things to help the woman.  Well… she left, went on her boat… and about 6 hours later came back…

no one wanted to help her.

But the crew did.  And she had the chance to come in and shed a little light on the morning activities.  Her father had recently died and they were having a family gathering in remembrance…  and she appreciated our help.

So there you have it.  Everyone has their own baggage.  Be Kind.

Remember… I’m still here, I’m just taking a little creative break!  More details coming soon!