Episode #66 – Worry About Missed Opportunities Instead of Failure

What motivates you? If you’re not afraid of failure, are you afraid of missed opportunities?  When you don’t start or don’t try, you miss a whole series of opportunities because you don’t put yourself in the “right place at the right time.”

Today… try.

I mentioned a couple days ago that if you started blogging today and did it twice a week, in a month you’d have 8 posts.  That’s true.  But how about this, if you don’t blog, you’ll miss out on someone reading the information you share and being changed by it.

It’s time to create your corner of the web.  Pick the thing you are most drawn to… blogging (like this) which is a simple typing of your story.  Vlogging which is video storytelling.  Or Podcasting which is the equivalent of a radio program.   It’s your choice, which ever medium is most comfortable, choose and start.

A couple things to remember as you are starting…  It won’t be perfect.  Really, it shouldn’t be… the important thing is “doing”.  If you ask anyone if they like their first 20 posts, find comfort that they do not!  The other thing about starting, you can do this just for yourself.  Practice!  Write in Word on your computer (or hand write it and have someone else type it).  Press record on your phone and save it.  You can upload later.

Don’t get hung up on the technology…

As a small business it’s important to build your credibility online. This is one of the most effective ways to become a subject matter expert.  It’s the ongoing, fresh content, way… check out my article to learn more about becoming a subject matter expert.

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Action Step
1- Start
2- Pick one of the three, Blog, Vlog, or Podcast. Pick the one that is most comfortable.
3- TODAY… create one post.  Just start.

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Episode #45 – Plant a Tree Today, Start Your Blog

When will you start your blog?  If you had started a year ago, blogging once a week, you’d have 52 posts today!  Just like planting a tree, the best time to have done it was in the past, but the second best time is today.   Take action, start your blog today… a month from now you’ll be glad you did!

If you’re worried about HOW to start a blog, don’t let that stop you, just start writing. Even if it’s just in a notebook or in your Word program.  If you have the content, someone else can set up the technology for you.  You just need to start, today.  It’s becoming more and more important to the changing world of Social Media Marketing.  If you read the article I wrote on Subject Matter Expert, blogging takes on a whole new importance.

Action Steps
1- Read my article, Subject Matter Expert at BigFishIdeas.com
2-Start a Blog (or at least start writing)

Listen to Episode #45 of the “Two Minute Commute”