– Episode #508 – Act While Your Mind is Stretched!

“A mind that is stretched by a new idea can never go back to its original dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Have you ever been to a super, amazing, fantastic conference?  I sure hope so.  Attending conferences helps you keep on top of your industry OR keep on top of yourself for personal development skills.

But have you ever been to a conference and thought it was great, but can’t remember one thing?

Two tips: keep one notebook at the conference.  In the front make a list 1 to …  flip ahead a couple pages, write the date and presenters name on top… then take notes.  If something super amazing is said… write it on your list at the front of your note book!  This book will be come a great tool in the coming months… (FYI, I just used three of these notebooks for conferences I’ve attended over the last 18 months!)

Next tip:  Right after the conference ends… take one hour (or an entire flight) depending on your time allotment.   And brainstorm ALL of the things you learned and how you can implement them… just free thought!  Use your list from the front of your note book.  Now… make another list of the things you will implement AND do the top three within one week.  (at least start their implementation).

That’s how you can really take some amazing ideas from conference and put them to work for you!



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Episode #117 – Three Types of Customer Experiences… Advice from My Squiggle Notes.

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” M.Althsuler

Sometimes the quote I pick is about me, today is one of those days.  I realized this morning I’m about half way though the time line of a project I started two months ago.  I’m revamping the social media integration at our marina.  I attended two cool conferences this past spring (Social Media Marketing World and Icon) and although the timing was not ideal, I’m the pilot.  And there’s no time like the present for creating change.

I’ve got about 60 days left until Labor Day…

It’s an artificial deadline, because this project will continue to evolve long past that mark. But there has to be a deadline.

So what’s next… because time is flying…

Here’s what’s next. Planning!  (round two)

Two months ago I had a massive planning session with myself.  I reviewed my notes from both conferences and set out on a journey.  I’ve nearly completed everything from that planning session.  Last Sunday it was rainy so I had the perfect opportunity to once again review all of my notes from the two conferences and create one sheet of notes.  One of my crew members saw my paper and startled pointed to the paper and said, “what is that?” – I laughed.  The sheet looked chaotic and had lots of colored arrows, post it notes, stars, and squiggles… but it makes sense to me!

Reviewing notes from a conference is inspiring.  However, I’ve never done it twice and it’s crazy… I found even MORE ideas, this is one that just came to me (from the squiggle sheet).  There are three types of customer experiences you can create:
1) In person
2) Mail
3) Electronic.

Alright, you might not jump out of your chair at that one… but stop and think about it.  IF you switch your mindset to realize that mail is a customer experience, does it create a different value on the letter you send out?  IF mail is an experience, “unboxing” is not a “maybe” but it’s a “must”.  IF digital communication is an experience, then what experience are you creating with that post from yesterday?  Do you wish you could modify it (haha or take it back)???  And clearly our “in person” experience is the most obvious, but also is worth a “level up” action in regards to how you control it.

So there you go, profound inspiration from the squiggle notes… but I’ll let you in on a secret… even I’ll be interested to see where the second half of my project takes me!  The cool part is… I’m in the pilot seat.

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Action Step
1- Find your notes from the most recent conference you attended.  Re-Read them.  Keep one piece of paper with you and take notes. Create your own squiggle sheet with ideas!
2- Pick one In-Person, Mail, or Electronic and enhance the experience!  How can you create a vibe that is just YOU or your business using one of those three mediums.  (when you’ve accomplished that… attack the remaining two)
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