– Episode #610 – Why I’m Going To Discuss How to Make a Hair Appointment Online.

Quote: “Always have a plan and stick to it.”

Tuesday: Content and Consistency

The reason you have a plan is not to keep you on track when things go well, it’s for when things go rough.  I mean… if you’re going along “according to plan” you really don’t need the plan… or do you?

Well… pretend that today I chose the topic, “how to schedule a hair appointment using an online program”…

And then I went bullet point by bullet point on how to use a new online system.

This would make absolutely zero sense in context of our Tuesday Topic, “Content and Consistency”.  Although, I made an online hair appointment today, and it was very easy.  But in terms of my crafting an entire post about it is, well, odd.

This is why you need a plan.  You may think, “well teaching, bullet point by bullet point is content, and today’s topic is content, therefore I’ll write about how to create an appointment”

However, if you look at my Content Mission Statement you’ll quickly realize this would be a bad topic choice, for my audience.


What is a Content Mission Statement?  It’s a statement that defines the content you will provide to your audience.  Basically, it is information they strongly desire and you are qualified to share with them.

There are three basic elements…

  1. Identify your core audience
  2. Determine what will be delivered
  3. Discuss how will they benefit

For example:  Empowering women with tips and tricks to stream line their time management skills.

Now… if that was my Content Mission Statement, WOW, my blog post which “bullet point by bullet point” discussed how to make an online hair appointment would make for an amazing content fit!

Get it?

This is what I want you to do today… define your Content Mission Statement to focus every single blog, podcast, post, or tweet you create.  What ever message you craft must receive a great big, “YES” when you ask, “Does this fulfill my Content Mission Statement?”

For the record, a blog post that discusses “how” a post about “how to schedule a hair appointment” does fulfill my Content Mission Statement… Seeeee my title doen’t seem so strange anymore, eh?!?!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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Episode #146 – The Perfect Time To Post and Other Secrets of Social Media Marketing.

“Wednesday at 10:32am is your best time to post” said the analyzing app on my smart phone.  I thought, “I wonder how many people buy that app for $2.99 and believe it?”

There is no best time to post except to post good content and that can happen anytime.  Why? Because when you give your followers what they want to read, they will find it.

If you rely on a app and, dang it, it’s Wednesday 10:24 am and I’ve got to post something because if I don’t, I’m missing that golden opportunity that only comes around once a week… crap… I have to find something to post… hurry method. Oh wait, there it is… cats figure skating to Abba!  I know, I know, I’m not a vintage record store, figure skating club, or cat lover site… but the video is funny.  There I sit anxiously with my finger over the enter button waiting for 10:32… PRESS enter, you are wasting your time!

Do not post, because you “have” to…

Post because of two things.
1) You have a content mission statement
2) You are building an audience based on the content mission statement

The content mission statement puts into perspective the type of content you need to create.  You need to figure out A) who is your base audience B) what you are going to give this audience (info, facts, advice, stories) and C) End Goals.

Base Audience: Let’s say you owned a marina, your base audience may be people that fish, or own boats over 40’, or rent pontoons – three VERY different audiences. You cannot possibly talk to each group the same way.  You must determine who your core audience is!

What will you give the audience: With these three audiences, will you provide fishing hot spots, or hiring a great live aboard crew for your boat, or planning a one time pontoon outing.  Again, tips, hints, advice comes in all sorts of varieties.  But you need to pick that audience to determine what you’ll give them.  You may need to break this down further into 3 or for main topics or themes.

End Goal:  Why are they reading?  This is not your goal… clearly your goal is to increase an audience.  But guess what  if you fulfill THEIR goal your goal will be met.  Why should someone spend 10 minutes reading your thoughts.  Is it they will spend less time looking for fish, they’ll get a crew that stays on the boat 10 years, or tons of wonderful memories from their pontoon outing.  End goal = super important.


You are building an audience.  When you switch to building an audience and giving them what they want for content, you won’t have to worry about what time is the best time to post!  They’ll be there waiting for you!

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Action Step
1- Write a content mission statement.  Take at least 30 minutes to go through A, B, and C above.  Write your mission statement down!  If your business has several profit centers, you may have a content mission statement for each profit center, it just depends on how your business is structured.
2- Write one blog post based on your content mission statement.
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Episode #138 – Create a Content Mission Statement and Move from Habit to Strategy with Your Social Media Marketing

Ugh. I have to create a post. What will it be about?  Have you ever felt like you’re running your business and all of a sudden it’s interrupted with the need to post “something”.  You haven’t posted for a while and feel guilty.

This “non strategy” is not productive.  Sure  you will accomplish the goal of posting something. You will accomplish the goal of having something on your Facebook feed.   But it is not a strategy.

Let me be clear.  Posting is important and if you are the person that posts “something” because you recognize that having something current on your feed is important, I applaud you!  What it’s time to do now is get out of the “habit” of posting and get into the “strategy” of posting.

Strategy is built around your content mission statement.

Your content mission statement will guide you on “what” to post.

Therefore what to post will come from your strategy!

The way to develop your content mission statement is to look at your business and determine answers to the following three things… 1) what is your focus audience 2)  what do you want to give this audience and 3) what is your goal or objective

For me, I deliver marketing tips and inspiration to small business owners to make more money. Everything I post will relate to that content mission statement.  That means, I don’t have to worry about posting for the sake of posting… I want to share information with small business owners that will help make money!

Moving from “habit” to “strategy” will give value and meaning to the reason you create social media marketing posts.  Essentially it will shift you from creating stuff to creating value.

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Action Step
1- Determine who your target audience is…
2- Determine what you want to give or deliver to this audience…
3- Determine what your outcome or objective is…
4- Congratulations you’ve created your content mission statement!  Now create one post under this umbrella
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Days 10-16… Progress… yea

My journey is going awesome – today was day 16 since my return from Social Media Marketing World.  And now… I have a podcast!  Woo Hoo!  It’s ready for you to subscribe too!  Right now I’m creating one minute inspirations in the morning to help motivate your day.  The only thing I’m missing is a name… I need a title to the show.  I’m sure it will come to me.

Here’s the fun part that you can try for your business.  The technology makes it easy to record on your phone and upload to a podcast host.  I use Libsyn.  Once you create the audio track then you are able to repurpose the content in your social media channels.  For example, I repurpose my audio blog by creating a written blog post and linking back to the correct track.  It’s a neat way to help generate traffic… think about it for your business.

Finalizing the podcast was the biggest consumer of my time over the past six days. This includes the logistics of getting the podcast working, including graphics, descriptions and transferring feeds.  It also including the “doing” function of creating content.  I’m happy it’s working.  Next is to get my app done and ready to go…

This leads me to the mid-week check-in I completed.  Since most of was ready in skeleton form, it was time to look at  Once again I needed to evaluate my content mission statement and determine what the main purpose is of the site.  My main purpose for is sharing tips that other small business have found successful… this means that I soon will be ready to recruit stories!  If you have one to share email me!

As for my App… oh, don’t ask.   Since Apple updated it’s terms of service, my App is caught is some strange vortex of waiting for approval.  Tick Tock – it will be worth the wait!

The photo of the envelopes is a small TBD success story.  I was sitting at work.  Remember, I work at our family marina.  I’m trying to increase members in our boat club.  I was trying to figure out how to reach this audience… then I had an “ah ha” moment.  I thought… hummm… what would I tell someone else.  Sure enough, I went to my list and segmented it down to a point where I have a giant pile of yellow envelopes going out in the mail tomorrow.  I’ll keep you posted on the success!

Action Steps:
1- Determine two topics you could talk about on a Podcast… AND start an audio blog.  Don’t worry about bringing it to a Podcast until you have 20 recordings.  Just start talking into your phone.  AudioCopy is a free app that you can install to start your 20 recordings!
2- How’s your list doing?  I created a mailing and I’m glad I had the information available to go to this resource.  Start with current customers then past customers.  Get their address and email information into one area, even it’s on paper in a shoebox (someone else can type it) – just start.