– Episode 892 – This Idea Is Awesome!

Tribeology: Learn It. Do It. Profit.  Decide who you want to work with, attract them, and sell them things they want to buy!  It really is that simple.

Thursday: Infinity Customer

Quote: Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.


Could you imagine if you made money from ideas.  And not ideas that you put to paper, protect, and sell… but just ideas.

OH I’d have so much money.

But ideas don’t make money… unless you do something with them.  That’s when the hard part comes into play.

You must be willing to implement an idea.  The bad part about that is you have no idea what are good ideas and what are bad ideas… OK you kinda know what is a bad idea.  My idea to dispense Diet Pepsi out of the water spout on my refrigerator – probably bad.

But good ideas, dang those are hard!

This is why the Infinity Marketing Machine is not done by everyone.

The idea is easy:  Attract customers, nurture them with interesting content, then offer products they desire, and make sales!


Oh but the implementation.

It’s hard.

You need to develop a content calendar OR at the minimum decide to be consistent with a regular day to send out information.

But what do you send?  It can start to feel tedious, mundane, or worse!  This is when the implementation must kick in.

Again, everyone here understands the “unfun” side of feeding the content monster.  It can be all consuming — however, if you plan ahead and come up with a content calendar or at least an agenda and topics that are interesting to you – you will be able to provide meaningful content to your tribe.

So today — decide that you will implement, because this idea is awesome!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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Quote: “Two key qualities in life: Discipline & Consistency.”

Tuesday: Content & Consistency


It’s one thing to understand the concept… it’s another to do the work.   For example, I understand the concept of doing a back flip on the balance beam.  I can watch YouTube videos for a step-by-step instruction on how to successfully complete a back flip on the beam.

But Guess What?

That does NOT mean I can do a back flip on the beam.

It does mean that I have a better appreciation when I watch gymnastic competitions.

SOOOOOO how about you?

Do you understand the concept of the Infinity Marketing Machine?  You build a tribe of people that “know, like, and trust you”.  You create great content they want and you deliver it to them consistently.

It’s that simple!

OR is it… yes it’s simple… but it’s not easy.

You need to put in the work!  It takes time and effort to crank up the machine and even more time and dedication to keep the machine running.

I love today’s quote – discipline and consistency are the two basic principles of making your Infinity Marketing Machine work!

Today – focus on your discipline.  Make a commitment to yourself to provide that content regularly and it will pay off!  You will create a tribe that wants to hang around with you and that’s when the real magic happens.



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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Sunday – Week in Review – Day 31 – Thumbs Up for FREEDOM

“In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

Happy 4th of July! I love this quote… it’s what freedom is all about… you can’t just receive freedom – you’ve got to achieve it.

Stop and think about that.

This is why social media is a little messed up.  We have the freedom to say just about whatever we want… and yet it gets censored.  This will bring up the whole debate of politics. But that’s not what I mean… I’m talking about your social feed for your business.

You write a post and maybe 1% of your list will see it.  Yet, over and over, we create a post… put online… and wait to see if we get a thumbs up.

Why wait?

Because we’re trained to obsess over the thumbs.  We want the thumbs… hearts… shocked face… you know – we obsess over interaction.  And then we feel sad when no one comments because just 1% of our list sees it… we may even feel upset and discouraged. We can even feel angry because… “how dare they not show my post.”

Well, here’s some food for thought… We may have the freedom to post whatever we want but we did not EARN that freedom.  We do not own Facebook.  In fact we do not even pay for an account.  We can pay for advertising or to boost our posts… but the actual freedom to share thoughts to a meaningful crowd does not exist. It is controlled.  There are rules and algorithms created by people that restrict you.  These rules can even change at a moments notice because you do NOT control them.

Where does this leave you?

If you want success in social media marketing you need to dig in, do the work, and earn your freedom.  You need to create your own audience for your business.  This is what I call the Infinity Marketing Machine!

Remember, you are given a great privilege when someone signs up to follow you. You need to treat this as an honor.  This following is how you earn the freedom to communicate your message to a meaningful group of listeners!

I talked a little about this on Monday – but I thought it was worth a little more time to discuss due to our 4th of July freedom at “top of mind” time of year. We understand the concept of freedom but until you look at your personal world and see just how restricted your business messaging can become… freedom may seem like a guarantee BUT you do really need to achieve it when it comes to social media marketing.

Yesterday I talked about fun ways to collect names and gather them into pool of people.  But that’s not where it ends.  That’s the beginning!

Once you identify people that want to follow your blog, podcast, or vlog – you are at the start. But let me give you a little insight of what you can do with a meaningful following.

I sent an email out to our customers yesterday as a reminder that the 4th of July sees lots of people coming to visit our lake.  Let’s take it easy and just stay calm, they’re novice boaters… so it’s best to just give way.   “An extra minute at the dock can save you weeks in the repair shop.”

You know what happened?  Today I had two people say… “Thank you for the reminder”.

This is not the type of email message that translates into money but it does build community.

Yesterday I also sent a different message to our boat club members that said “Hey we have a boat that opened up for the 4th” – The members that grabbed it were THRILLED.  They really wanted to go for a boat ride because they had guests in town.

Again… not the messages that will drive direct cash flow – but without my list, I’d have to put a note on Facebook and “hope” that someone would see it.  With my list I was guaranteed that ALL of my customers would receive it.  Every single customer that I wanted to send a message to… RECEIVED it.

This is real world stuff going on here!  Put in the hard work and freedom will be achieved!  By the way, it took 10 minutes to make and send both emails.

PS: If you really want to build a bond with your customers… come back tomorrow!

Until then, HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

Hey Hey Hey:  Ready to join my list… ?  start here – Day 29 – You Need a List

“You can’t go back and make a new start, but you can start now and make a brand new ending.” James R. Sherman

You want to start your social media marketing plan… but you just can’t quite get going.  I’m here to say, you can start right now and never feel behind again!

Here’s the best way to think about it… Right now send an email about the “widget” you have for sale.

Can you do this?

If not… why?  Is it because you don’t have a list???  I understand, but this week I’m going to spend a little time on this topic.  Creating an Infinity Marketing Machine will be an amazing addition to your business…


You need a list and I don’t mean your list of followers on Facebook or Twitter.  Although nice, the Facebook/Twitter/etc list doesn’t give you any control or security because they can disappear in a moment.  Seriously, changes in their rules could wipe out years of your efforts overnight.

You need a list of people you work with right now!  Start collecting this.  Look forward one month, and imagine if I walked up to you and said, send an announcement email about “widget A” — AND YOU CAN!

How good would that feel? Pretty amazing.

Now… tomorrow I’m going share some fun ways to build your list… so come back!

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Episode #172 – If You Don’t Create an Infinity Marketing Machine You’ll Hate Yourself Later

How do you create your future?  Clear goals, a path to achievement, and controlling your destiny.  Sounds simple, but is it… the most difficult portion is the controlling your destiny.  There are several ways to end up in situations where you are “controlled”.

Most of these center around money.  The bank holds your loan, partners that grow apart, inventory and even non-payment on inventory.  You need money to sustain and expand.  Your own financial advisors can help guide you in these areas, but what about the “new” controlled areas of business?

I’m referring to access to customers.

Who’s the “big guy”?  Well, Google followed by Facebook.  You are controlled by them.  Even in the smallest town in the middle of the country, you are controlled.  Why? Because they have a very big presence online and you want (need) to “borrow” this access.  As such, you are dependent on them and if “they” change “their” rules you can be shut down, instantly, without warning.

This is not new.  But it has gotten worse. Imagine that you have 25 million followers on YouTube (owned by Google) and you are shut down.  No more access to 10 years worth of videos, no more access to your followers, AND no more access to the advertising revenue you generated from the videos you have created for 10 years.  It’s all gone, now.  This is happening.  I think it’s wrong. You research it yourself and form your own opinion, but at the end of the day, you are putting videos on a free service.  As such… You do not pay to host your videos.  Therefore, you are at their mercy.

Facebook did this around 2009 when it cleaned up it’s user newsfeeds and started restricting “free” company page posts from getting to followers.  Overnight companies saw their business models crash.  You still had followers, but the ability to stay in touch got much more expensive.  Yesterday it was free, today it’s not.   Therefore you are at their mercy.

I experienced the Facebook shift.  That was not fun.  I also experienced getting Google smacked.  That sucked.  I’ve been kicked off Amazon (roll eyes).  And my favorite was getting locked out of my 1500 emails on Constant Contact.  I let an email list go dormant for 6 months and they would not allow me to send to send from the list because it was dormant, and they would not allow me to “clean” the list because it was dormant but they wanted me to clean the list (lots of chicken and the egg going on).  Needless to say, I am not a fan of Constant Contact, AT ALL.  Here’s the deal.  When big companies shut you down, don’t waste your time or energy in their phone trees.  It’s pointless.  (sorry if that sounds defeatist). Move on, learn from the experience, AND…

Make the plans ahead of time to NOT depend on the big companies.

You are a small business…use this to your advantage.

Switch your main marketing model to email. Funny, since I hate Constant Contact!  But I believe in email.  Email as THE tool for small business marketing.  You need to build and control your list. This is the way to protect yourself from being dependent on “big company” rule changes.  Sure you will create social media followings and use Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc., but you will NOT depend on them.   If they choose to shut down your page you won’t be devastated.  You must do this.

This is the way to create your future.  There are many facets to developing an infinity marketing machine, which is my ultimate goal for you.  This is what I believe is the new success path for small business marketing.  It takes time to build an infinity marketing machine, but it all starts with emails.  Begin today by developing the system to capture emails from customers.  You don’t have to do anything with the email today… but if you have it you can do something with it tomorrow, next week or in a month!


Question of the Post:
Have you ever been “shut down” online?

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Action Steps
1- Start collecting emails from your customers.  (abide by the CANN-SPAM rules)
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Episode #114 – You Can’t Buy a Chicken Sandwich with “Likes”.

“Hello. I’d like to order a plain chicken sandwich, regular fries, and a large diet soda…please”, I said.  The order taker said, “That will be $8.47.”  I said, “But all I have are 4 likes, 2 shares and 21 followers”

She called, “NEXT.”

Last time I looked, “likes” were still NOT a commodity.  And yet, small businesses have fallen into the trap that they mean something.  It is the silliest thing!  I’ve done it.  I hear others doing it.  But when it comes right down to it, you cannot buy a chicken sandwich with “likes”.

However, if you have an email list of engaged followers, you just might be able to put food on your table.  For example, last week I sent out an email about these really cool, new, folding floating mats.   It’s a very specific product for our boaters.  Well, the simple email I sent out generated one sale!  That IS something that WILL pay for a chicken sandwich.

At one point the buyer probably liked or continues to like my posts.  They may share my posts.  They are a follower.  But what really matters is they are on my email list.  I was able to craft a message that was useful to a group of boaters.  It was not spam.  The message was… “pre-order by tomorrow to receive by the weekend.”   It was a product they desired and there was no extra shipping if they took action quickly.  This person had been on my email list for a couple years.   This type of marketing is valuable.

You still can’t head to the fast food joint and say, “I will pay with 2,000 email addresses.” But when you can create an email and generate an immediate sale, Marketing is THE Profit Center.  Don’t get me wrong… it’s nice to know a post received likes, it’s awesome when someone shares it, and I love followers (hint… follow this blog – haha!  I know, shameless self-promotion). But it’s true.  Metrics make us feel good, and they do have a certain role in understanding IF we are communicating with our target audience.

Remember, your goal is to communicate and engage with your audience.  The likes/follows/shares will naturally occur.  But the REAL goal is to build your own list of email contacts, nurture these folks, and convert into sales.

That’s how you buy a chicken sandwich.

I think I love this quote…”Don’t measure what you can. Measure what you should!” PSheldrake – Yep.  I love it!

PS: if you like my post … give it a “like” (thanks ahead of time)!

Action Step
1- Build your list!  (I mean for real this time) Start collecting emails of your current customers.
2- Start to write messages.  You can’t just sent out a “buy now” each time, but when you create content that matters to your customer, the “buy now” opportunities will follow!
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Listen to Episode #114 of the Two Minute Commute audio blog Podcast

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