Episode #287 – Measure It or You’re Missing Out!

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” -Ken Blanchard

First… as a student of advertising, I just love that the inspiration is based of an advertising slogan.  How cool is that.

Second… if you’re not measuring it you’re missing out.  I know there’s a fancier quote for that whole measure it to fix it or whatever… but I like being much simpler. You’re missing out.

Feedback is the best way to measure.  The reason is this… you can read all of the best “how to” books or “do it better” magazine articles… and nothing will ever compare to feedback because feedback only pertains to you. It’s like a closed communication between you and your customer!

Feedback is like someone wrote a “how to” book just for your business.  Now, some feedback is better than others.  It’s no fun to have a negative review.  There is something to learn from it, but you never want that hanging out there for everyone to see.

The better feedback is to create a survey and request that customers fill it out. This is a controlled environment that you can learn from without having information in the public arena.

When you request this feedback you have the opportunity to see what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right.  It’s a great way to tweek!  If you haven’t started, you need to get a regular feedback program in place.  Otherwise you may be spending more money due to inefficiencies!

The goal of the Infinity Marketing Machine is to keep those customers around for a long time… one great way to do this is to be responsive to their needs… the easiest way to find that out is to use surveys!  Therefore, start measuring it!

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Episode #99 – Build a Supportive Team, Not “Yes” People… and Get Rid of the “Downers”

Your ideas are awesome!  Sometimes your implementation needs help.  Here’s the deal… the best ideas are the ones that actually make it to reality.   But your ideas only make it to reality when the people that surround you are supportive.

There’s an old saying out there to pick your friends wisely.  This is true especially in your business.  At times you feel alone, but really you need tons of support to keep you going.

Here’s the catch – you need supportive people that will tell you you’re full of crap. Haha – but seriously, do not surround yourself with people that tell you want you want to hear.  You need the people that are supportive AND tell you the truth.  There’s nothing worse than putting a lot of effort into a losing product because everyone around you said… “you go for it… it’s a great idea”  Get honest feedback.

There’s a word of caution with the honest feedback route, you don’t want the “downers” surround you either – get rid of them – let them eat at their own table, all alone.  You don’t need them.  Most of the time when people tell you “you can’t do that” it’s because of their own fear.

So who do you listen to?

Your gut!  Listen to your gut!  Create and welcome a support network of friends, advisors, and mentors – just be careful that they have your best interest in giving you honest feedback.

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Action Step
1- For a supportive team around you
2- Get rid of “downers” and “yes people”
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Don’t Flush Money Down Your Toilet

Hey guys!  Normally I include a photo of my “real world” stories. Today I’m going to spare you!  Why? It’s about the awful bathroom visit I had this morning.  I stopped at a convenience store.  Normally convenience stores have decent cleanliness.  Not this one… I actually walked in the bathroom, turned around and walked out of the store.  The bathroom should have been ok.  It looked “new” or at least “newly remodeled” but unfortunately, it looked like it hadn’t been cleaned for a while.  It definitely needed attention.  If a store is busy, it’s easy to overlook scraps of toilet paper on the floor, full garbage cans, or even empty soap dispensers.  But the yuck that was in, on, and around BOTH toilets was unbearable.  Again, I left.  I didn’t buy the soda I was planning.  I guarantee my $1.75 soda purchase would not make or break their day, but, bathrooms are a big deal.  They are a representation of your business in a few ways.

First, the bathroom represents your business cleanliness.  Think about it… imagine visiting your local Urgent Care facility.  These bathrooms are typically beautiful, sanitary, and spotless.  What would you think of the cleanliness of examination room if the bathroom was disgusting?  Same holds true for my convenience store visit.  I was so grossed out by the bathroom that I didn’t want to purchase soda in a sealed bottle.  It’s not a stretch of the imagination to ask, “If the bathroom looks like yuck, what is inside the bakery case full of donuts?”  See my point!  The cleanliness of bathroom does translate.  The cleanliness of your bathroom does set the impression for your customers’ overall impression.

Next, the bathroom is often the first or last impression of your business.  Rarely do you get to a store, and mid-visit make a trip to the bathroom.  Therefore, how do you want to set the stage for your customer’s arrival or departure?  This is a no-brainer.  I equate it to having the answers to a test or having “free” good points on the customer visit. You control your bathroom cleanliness. Make sure you pass with an A+!

Finally, I just mentioned that you control your bathroom cleanliness, in addition to the impression you create, you also prevent negative feedback.  Seriously, don’t you have enough stuff that a customer can complain about, if for no other reason, keep your bathroom clean so someone doesn’t come and gripe about it or worse leave negative feedback or even worse write a blog post about it… haha.

Again, bathrooms are an important destination of your business. They give a subtle clue as to how you do business. It’s one of those areas that people may not comment, “hey you have bathrooms that are clean” but you better believe that if it’s an area of filth and disgust, you will hear about it.  Your customer visit experience is important, make sure to earn all the positive points you can!  Don’t let the condition of your bathroom cost you a sale…

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