– Day 35 – EXPIRED!

“Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life.” Sophia Loren

If today’s inspiration is true… my goodness I’m going to have an amazingly full life, even if I never make another mistake… ever again!

You know that feeling you get when you’re driving on the interstate and the state trooper speeds up on your tail… YEP!

Let’s back up… (not into the cop – haha) – but I started my day 20 minutes behind… and it turned into 3 hours!  But along the way I had some amazing customer service.   I rarely leave the marina at this time of year, other than to go home… or the dentist.  I still have one more cavity to fill. Ugh.

Anyway, I was pretty excited today – I was taking my car into get it’s standard service.  Instead of interrupting someone else for a ride, I thought… I’ll just schedule a loaner car.  I could have waited for the car, but waiting 3 hours, that’s not much fun. (it’s ironic that I didn’t want to waste 3 hours – read on)

SO…. I arrived at the dealer and the dude said “we need your license and insurance” – crap.  Insurance… I never remember to put that in my car.  BUT, being a pro at “not remembering” I knew my agent could email it.

Start Pacman song when the ghost eats you…

“Um. Ma’am your license is expired”

No clue.  This is the embarrassing part… I had absolutely no idea it was expired.  I haven’t had any reason to even look at my license in 10 weeks!  The last date it was valid.

However, the nice lady helping the dude said, “we have a plan for this… we’ll just take you to the DMV.”

Score!  I knew I needed to get my tabs renewed, so this works out perfect!

So… about 30 minutes later I was dropped off at a DMV… and waited.  It was a very nice DMV.  But I got to the window and … keep that Pacman/Ghost theme handy… “We don’t renew licenses here.”  Here’s a purple piece of paper with all the area DMVs that create licenses.  Well, as long I waited in line… let’s renew my tabs.  I mean they expire this month.   Look at that, I’m ahead of the game! (If only I could drive – haha)

Next call, to the dealer…. who picked me up and transported me to DMV number 2… well, sort of.

I was dropped off at a police station/government looking building, I went inside and some woman at the desk said, “the DMV is across the street and down the block” — SWEET, it’s a great day for a walk!

I trotted over… walked inside, grabbed my number and then looked at all the lifeless souls sitting in chairs.  It was your “normal” DMV straight out of central casting…. I looked at my ticket, #94… then I caught a glance of the “now serving number”…. enter music from shower scene in Psycho… the sign was showing #73.


I found a chair right next to the door… it looked sort of clean, but I really wanted some hand sanitizer, FYI… I thought of asking the workers if they had a refill for the dispenser on the wall, then I thought, “I’ll just stay sitting and not touch anything.”

I waited… waited… waited… FINALLY 94!

I trotted up to the window… “you need to fill out this form – just step aside… 95, 96… 97, 98” – lots of thoughts went through my head.  But much like the hand sanitizer… I thought “thank you” was my best course of action.

LONG story short… I finished the form.  Then… “we need to check your vision” was said by the woman behind the counter.  UGHHHHH… My contacts are at the very end of their useful life. If your wear contacts you understand what that means.  If you do not, contacts steadily get less effective.   In my case, they work “fine”, but seeing detail like names on street signs is a little sketchy at distances.  SO… I just rattled off some letters, hoping I’d avoid the Pacman theme…

HARPS!  And a chorus of angels!  “You Passed”

I almost burst into tears… but instead I called for a ride, and made it back to the dealer to resume my loaner car pick up.

What does this have to do with the State Trooper?  I really did have one follow me on my way to the car dealer… and all I could think of on my ENTIRE 3 hour saga to the two and a half DMV’s was, this was SOOOOOO much better than finding out my license was expired from the State Trooper on the interstate!

What did I learn?

1) Have a plan for your customer if they “forget” something… like renewing their license… dang, I’m dumb.

2) Have a plan for your customer when they need a “copy” of something like emailing a copy of their insurance… shrug.

3) Have a plan for your customer if they arrive at your place of business and you can’t help them (the purple sheet of paper)…

4) Renew your license before it expires.

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Episode #303 – XYZ and the Other 23 Letters.

“Without a strategy content is just stuff… and the world has enough stuff”

I’m going to give you a very special message and I really need you to listen… here goes, “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz” — was that helpful?


If you send an email to someone and you simply send the letters of the alphabet, it’s worthless. You’d never do it! (now texting is a whole different story… haha – at times that is just a bunch of random letters)

But in an email if you send a document that is just a bunch of letters and expect your reader to decode it, it will not be valuable.  Same concept for posts!

If you post, just for the heck of it, or because you “feel” like you should post… your results will be less than stellar.  Don’t do it.

Post because you have something to say! Something that your followers will find interesting! MAKE A PLAN.

Get a calendar – mark important dates for your business- mark important events in your area – and by all means, get consistent! When you decide to give this a try and find out that this system works, you’ll be very happy with yourself, and probably wonder, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”  I know, I said that!

I have made a “Best and Simple Social Media Planner” on Etsy… check it out!

Big Money Small Change Success
Character + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers =
Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1-  Print a blank calendar for the next 30 days.  Look at it and plot the special days for your business, holidays, and events in your area! Craft a “when to post” plan.  (REMEMBER, on your calendar, mark a date to repeat the process for the 30 days after that, too)
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Episode #107 – Dream Big! Wait, Don’t. Plan BIG Instead.

I’m not a big believer in dreams.  People that sit around and dream have a lot of time on their hands.  Now a couple of you might think… “that’s kinda sad.  We all need dreams.”


We all need plans.

If you want to lollygag in the wishful thinking of life, fine.  But this inspiration is over the top awesome.  You are given dreams.  AND you are given a way to make the dream a reality, but you need to discover the “way” and often that’s work…  Dreams do come to you spontaneously.  Sometimes it’s that flash of inspiration on how to finally solve the problem or how to make more money.  What ever the topic, you are given the answer.  Dreams are answers.

So now what?

This is the great divide!  There are people that sit around on their rear ends and talk about how “great” things would be if only the big boss would notice them or if only they’d be discovered.  They talk, talk, talk.  If they spend that energy “doing”…  gosh, they’d be one step closer to “it” happening.  But they don’t.   So they sit.  Which side of the divide are you on?  Are you the talker or doer?

Don’t waste a dream, simply dreaming about it – go out there and make it a reality.  That is “scary part one”… However, not for small business owners, you’re already doing a lot of “put yourself out there scary things” – let’s go to “scary part two” for small business owners, and that is not dreaming big enough.

Remember if you can dream it, the way to make it come true will exist.  So let’s get scary and dream big.  I mean big!  If you were dropped on this planet, what would the ultimate goal for your small business be?  7 figures, 8 figures,10 figures, speaking tour, book deal, vacation homes in 12 different locations, new pair of socks every day so you never had to match them up out of dryer, franchise your business, it’s time to dream big.   Personally, I like the sock goal… then again, I’m waiting for my dryer to buzzzzzzz… ugh. Roll eyes.

Next, plan.  There is a way to break your goal down into manageable chunks.  Take the big, divide it down.

Realize if you want to make a million dollars and you make $25 profit on your current product.  You only need to sell 40,000 products.  Well, divide by 12 months and that’s 3,333 a month… or only 120 a day.  That’s pretty exciting!  Grab my free book on this topic called

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Action Step
1- Dream Big.  Go to that scary place, and discover that one super big thing you want your small business do to or become.
2- Write it down
3- Divide it out and make your plan
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Listen to Episode #107 of the Two Minute Commute audio blog Podcast

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