– Episode 688 – Just Start Talking

Quote: “Speak from the heart”

Monday: Subject Matter Expert


Imagine you’re on an elevator and the other person there notices the logo on your shirt and asks, “what does that business do?”

You’re ready, right?  This post is kind of lame… you’re familiar with the “elevator speech” and you can rattle off what you do without any difficulty.

Perfect, that’s good – task one done.  Have an elevator speech.

NOW… imagine you’re given 10 minutes to speak on any topic of your business, what do you choose?

That’s a little more of a challenge, isn’t it!  But it’s something I really want you to think about AND I want you to record this!  Yes… make a video.


It’s great practice.  Also, the thing you can speak about for 10 minutes in your business IS the thing that makes you a Subject Matter Expert.

Positioning yourself as the Subject Matter Expert will draw people to you and that’s important to your online presence.

Now all you have to do is pretend the elevator is stuck for 10 minutes… wait, I hate elevators, so let’s pretend we’re on one of those really long moving walkways at the airport and just start talking.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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Episode #167 – New Concept in Online Authenticity.

People want to buy from people.  They do not want to buy from companies.  This is not new.  Even back in the days of shopping on “main street”, people may have purchased manufactured items, however they were purchase FROM a local shopkeeper.  This person knew their clients likes/dislikes but they also knew how many children they had and their important hobbles or athletics.

This still holds true for business, but you will not find out the details of your customers until they find out the details of you.

What does you “about me” say about you?

Is it framed from the reference of a Subject Matter Expert?

Subject Matter Expert is an important aspect to your entire social marketing campaign.  Your authenticity as a leader is developed through your Experience, Time, Study and Research.  The nice thing about becoming a Subject Matter Expert is the positioning it allows you over newer business in your field.

The time component positions yourself on one of three levels: Order Taker, Sales Person, or Subject Matter Expert.  Who would you rather buy from?

Study and research refer to the constant advancement of your knowledge base.  This area is also supported by time, the deeper your continual study the better for your SME status.  Even though you may have finished your “formal” education 30 years ago, you likely have 30 years of continuing study via conferences and industry training and trade magazines.  You have immersed yourself in the field much longer than someone who is entering the field. This is a huge advantage when it comes to selling.  Again, who would you rather by from?

Finally, experience.  It’s almost a recap of time, study and research – but when you bundle in recognition by your industry through awards and titles. You are a Subject Matter Expert.

The great way to continue to support your SME status is through the creation of your own blog, podcast or vlog.  It does take work but in the era of information consumption, positioning yourself as a Subject Matter Expert does help your online authenticity.  When you are the voice of your industry and give information about trends, research, and happenings on a consistent basis, people will look to you as a leader.

Therefore, people will look to your “About Me” profile to see if you align with their expectations, the ultimate “next step” to increased authenticity is to have that person follow your shared knowledge via your blog/podcast/or vlog.

Start today.

Question of the Post:
How do you maintain the “research” portion of your Subject Matter Expert Status?

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Action Steps
1- Review your “About Me” section to add any updates that you need… including the “what I’ve been up to” section.
2- Brainstorm your credentials for Subject Matter Expert categories of Experience, Time, Study, and Research.  Add these to your “About Me” section!
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