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Sunday: Week in Review

Tribeology: Learn It. Do It. Profit. Decide who you want to work with, attract them, and sell them things they want to buy! It really is that simple.


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Monday – Subject Matter Expert – Episode #871 – You May Not Even Know What You Do Well Is Unique!

Tuesday – Content & Consistency – Episode #872 – Forklift Magic

Wednesday – Midweek Motivation – Episode #873 – Why You Need to Turn Mad Into Irritating…

Thursday – Infinity Customer – Episode #874 – This is Why You Need a Great Title…

Friday – Big Money – Episode #875 – How to Make a Boring Product… Fabulous!

Saturday – Try This! – Episode #876 – Real World Example of AwardMarketing


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Infinity Marketing Machine Daily Topics:
Monday – Character (Subject Matter Expert)
Tuesday – Content & Consistency
Wednesday – Midweek Motivation
Thursday – Infinity Customers
Friday – Big Money
Saturday – Try This!
Sunday – Week in Review

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Quote: “What you repeat you strengthen”

Thursday: Infinity Customer



Today’s quote totally makes sense, right?

If you took one year and did arm curls with weights on your left arm, but never with your right arm… what happens?

Your left arm gets totally buff while your right arm stays the same.

In other words, what you repeat you strengthen.


What happens if you have a list of email addresses and you send regular specials, notifications, articles, quizzes… you communicate with your email list?  You strengthen your relationship!

What happens of you have a list of email addresses and you do nothing?  If you’re thinking that you don’t develop a relationship, that’s partially true– but it’s worse.  Your effort from collecting email addresses is wasted!  The list dies.  NO communication, just causes the list to wither, shirvle and die.

Don’t let your list go to waste after all your efforts to collect it!

You need to flex your email muscle and repeat your efforts consistently.

The good news is you get to decide when this happens. If you want to write weekly, a couple times a week, or every day — but you need to repeat, repeat, repeat.  Get into the pattern and provide the content your tribe needs!

This repeated action will get you results just like lifting weights!  Annnnd just like lifting weights does not show results instantly… neither does sending one email one time.  BUT, your consistent efforts are rewarded.

So start lifting weights!  Send an email today.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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Infinity Marketing Machine Daily Topics:
Monday – Character (Subject Matter Expert)
Tuesday – Content & Consistency
Wednesday – Midweek Motivation
Thursday – Infinity Customers
Friday – Big Money
Saturday – Try This!
Sunday – Week in Review

Episode #161 – If You Wait For Perfect… You’ll Never Start

Have you ever read one of my posts and found a typo?  How about a grammar error?  YES!  I put them there intentionally.  HAHAHAHA


There are typos and grammar errors because if I waited for the post to be perfect you would never read it.  Now, I try to write, “as best I can”.  However, I’m not a writer.  I’m a marketer.  As a marketer I understand that a blog is important for developing a message and creating a following.  Therefore, I write.

I write as an example to you.  I write as a habit.  I do what I ask you to do!

You have a quest for a larger audience, more sales, and a better online presence.  At least this is my hope because that’s the audience I’m writing for!  I try to provide information to help reduce your learning curve in creating more sales by building your online following.  Your blog is one great way to make this happen.  It’s a time consuming passion that does create results… and yet, you resist writing.

If you don’t have time. Make time.

If you don’t think anyone will like what you write. Write anyway.

If you worry it’s not perfect. It is.

Did you catch that last one?  Hummm… I need a grammarian!  “It is” does it refer to the writing not being perfect and it is not perfect or is it referring to the writing not being perfect, but in fact the writing is perfect?  HAHA….  until I find a grammarian, I choose both.  Your writing is not perfect and at the same time it is perfect.

Focus on the information you provide your audience!  Give them yourself.  You have knowledge about your topic that no one else has.  You have stories that make it real, “relateable” and you have a perspective of “having done it”, therefore, it is perfect!

If you feel overwhelmed, start with a brainstorm session.  Come up with the three specialties you could talk to someone about for 10 minutes.  (you might have more than 3).  Next… brainstorm 50 topics for each of the three, when time stops and you find yourself completely engrossed in the topic you have found your blog theme.  Finally, write.  This is the best way to build your credibility as a subject matter expert.  Check out my article on becoming a subject matter expert, with the information society upon us, that “stuff between your ears” has become super important!

One quick reminder on your blog/subject matter expert status.  I attended a conference last March, Social Media Marketing World.  The presenter talked about her journey to creating a large podcast.  She started within her profession of pharmacy.  She joked that she bored herself with the show.  Next she loved African Art, but quickly realized that she appreciated the art but didn’t want to do an ongoing show about it.  Finally, she found her passion in helping Etsy store owners.  That’s quite a journey!   My biggest take away from her story was…

Don’t wait to be perfect, start now.

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Action Steps
1- Blog. Vlog. or Podcast.  Pick one.
2- Create your topic!
3- Communicate one post.
3- Install my free app! (

What topic makes you a Subject Matter Expert?

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Episode #39 – Keep Up the Enthusiam

When you have enthusiasm it sets your business apart from the rest. As the leader you set the tone. Others will gain momentum from your enthusiasm and that’s pretty powerful!

Your big advantage as a local business is the ability to have your enthusiasm transfer to the people surrounding you… think about it, you’ve had interactions with both huge companies and small businesses, which one can you feel the excitement of the owner?  I mean, buying muffins at a local bakery where you can feel the love and artistry of the product is much different from prepackaged muffins in a box, right?  🙂

Action Step:
-Keep up your Enthusiasm

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Time Flies – Days 7, 8, 9!

Let’s take a look at my week in review and a few more steps forward. I attended Social Media Marketing World and learned some incredible tactics to increase my following by strengthening my brand and content mission. I spent a great deal of time focusing my message and later in the week developed goals. Funny, I didn’t think I’d need goals, but it has helped me focus my time. It’s hard when you’re doing things online, I like to refer to it as “chicken and the egg” you update your blog at the same time you cultivate traffic, at the same time you need to think of the future path you’re on. I get it. But if you re-read my first week, I think it will help you get control of your messaging.

Now over the weekend I worked on slide share. It’s pretty easy to use, especially when you develop your slides in Power Point. Here’s the cool thing about slide share… it’s reusing content you’ve already created. It is a searchable site from Google. End result, let’s say you use a blog you’ve already written as an inspiration, you take the outline or bullet points and create slides, this then goes into Slide Share. Slide Share generates traffic back to your blog. It’s just a great upward spiral. In addition to the show, if you create a great bullet point slide, you can take just that slide and post in other places, your one slide show continues to create messaging opportunities for you!
Another thing I started working on is creating my podcast. I have an audio blog, infact, you can listen to it here… just flip pages. What I’m looking to do is create the actual podcast. But, I’m switching hosting companies and that’s a whole different learning curve. It is necessary and will be worth it, but that’s been taking up a great deal of my time. Can’t wait for it to be ready for me to say, “follow my Podcast” – soon enough.

Finally – over the past three days I’ve been working on my Instagram following. It’s been going well, it’s like learning a new foreign language. In fact, all social media platforms are like learning a foreign language! You need to understand who you are talking to (audience) and learn how they speak (shortcuts), including special courtesies (habits, trends, shortcuts). The way you frame a message on Snapchat is much different from Twitter. It’s due to how the platform has evolved and how the average user is. To communicate in 140 characters to middle-30 somethings is much different from photos that disappear in 10 seconds to high school students! Learn your audience and learn their language.

PS: I was also having fun with cover art for my upcoming podcast… that’s the visual for today’s blog… give me feedback! Email Me

Action Steps
1- How’s your plan? After a week, do you need to tweak it or add to it?
2- Try Slide Share! Make a simple 5 screen slide show about your business. Pick an aspect like a welcome slide show! Just the basics of what you offer. When you’re done, post to your website and Facebook page.
3- What is your best platform for communicating with your target audience? How are you using it, can you improve by taking an online class (Udemy is awesome) or reading a book?