– Episode #564 – Want to Learn the Hidden “C”?

Quote: “What you repeat, You Strengthen”

Thursday: Infinity Customer


We’ve made it to Thursday – the day we talk about our Infinity Customers!  The thing I wanted to chat about is there are two sides to our Infinity Customers… side one is the buying side and side two is the nurturing side.

These are very different sides.

Let’s look at the benefits of the two sides.

If we operated under the “One and Done” style of business that we have traditionally grown up with we would create an ad.  It’s focus would be on that product or service we sell.  People would buy and we would look for more customers.

Clearly, we still need to do advertising, but… there is a new way.

The new way is when we create our Infinity Marketing Machine and get ready for new customers to join us on a journey.  We find them (or they find us) and they enter our machine.  This machine is geared to make them want to stay.  Sure they found us with an intent to buy something… but after they buy, they don’t leave.

They stay!

This is totally different.

Sure, we used to keep a “mailing list” and when we wanted to sell something we would create a letter or postcard and send to the customers… but now we entertain them.

At the heart of it, we are creating a tribe.  The tribe stays.

I look at how we did business 20 years ago, we kept (and still keep) a mailing list.  Our customers rent boats, and at the beginning of the next season we would send a invite to come out and enjoy the lake… by renting a boat.  This model will still work.

BUT now…

All winter long, once a week, our customers receive an email from us.  Each week we talk about what is going on around the marina and in the area.  We share our vibe.  By the time the spring comes, they’ve already seen us working on the motors, cleaning the interiors, launching in the lake, watching the ice melt, and hiring new crew.  We really have no reason to send a postcard to welcome to the lake, they’ve lived the experience, in real time, as it has happened.

This is the nurturing side.

As for the buying side… well, that happens when they rent a boat.  We do still have traditional advertising which generates business, BUT… again, we switched our focus to capture leads instead of the “one and done” cash register ring.

It’s VERY scary to make the jump.  We are getting ever so close to our 60th year of business, and to leave everything you’ve known about “one and done” in exchange for “infinity” is scary.

Here’s the funny thing, I didn’t send out that “welcome” letter in the summer of 2018.  It didn’t even occur to me, I noticed I didn’t send it about a week ago… and you know what, we INCREASED sales in our rentals last summer.

Infinity works.  It IS well worth it, IF you are willing to commit to the 5 C’s… Character, Content, Consistency, Customers, Cash.   When you fully Commit, it works.

hahaha – That’s the hidden C… Commit.

Therefore, if you commit to the continuous nurturing of your tribe building the buying side will take care of itself!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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Episode #323 – Learn the Skill of Keeping Your Customers… Here’s Why It’s Important.

“To keep a customer demands as much skill as to attract one”

What do you do right now to retain a customer?  Shockingly many people don’t have much to say… in fact, they rely on the strength of the product/service to sell it’s self.  Their marketing plan regularly focuses on attracting customers, but rarely focuses on retaining the customer.

That’s all about to change.

When you decide to attract and nurture Infinity Customers you have game changer.  The changer is the second half of today’s inspiration.  The skill you need to attract a customer will be magnified by your skill to retain the same customer.

This is why we put so much emphasis on the Infinity Marketing Machine.  You will achieve great success when you decide… really decide… to build a lasting relationship with your customers.  This includes providing regular consistent content that makes your customer feel appreciated.  You want them to feel like an insider and once they do they will stick around.

Creating an Infinity Customer does not have to be expensive, but it will take time.  Sure, time is money and the time you spend nurturing your relationships will take away from other areas of your business… but this is important and the skill you acquire in this are will pay greatly down the road!


Big Money Small Change Success
Character + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers =
Infinity Marketing Machine

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Infinity Marketing Machine Daily Topics:
Monday – Character (Subject Matter Expert)
Tuesday – Content & Consistency
Wednesday – Midweek Motivation
Thursday – Infinity Customers
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