– Episode 432 – The Reason You Must Get Out of Your Comfort Zone.

Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes difference.”

Thursday: Infinity Customer

Get outside of your comfort zone.  Remember this!  You need to get out of your comfort zone, well… every once in a while.

I’ll explain it like this.

While you goal is to create one tribe.  One group of people united by a common purpose or bond.  Your goal can get in your way.

Here’s how.

You need to provide information that your tribe desires and although it’s one tribe it’s a mass of individuals!  The individuals all have their own little mini-tribes of interest in you.

I’ll use my Facebook page for the boat yard as an example.  I enjoy posting photos of sunsets.  Why? They’re pretty!  They also have great interaction.

However, when I post a photo of a storm blowing across the lake, I also get interaction, it’s often a different segment that “likes” it.

What’s even more fun is when I post a story about our forklift… that brings an even different segment of interactions.

I don’t think the forklift lovers dislike the sunsets or vice versa, I just think it evokes a different sense of belonging.  But you know what… belonging is what we are striving for in creating the Infinity Marketing Machine.

Creating forklift posts is a little out of my comfort zone… or at least it’s not as easy as a sunset photo.  But you, just like me, needs a mix of topics to talk about!

Strive to create belonging by posting different “types” of stories for your tribe.  Soon you’ll notice different follower mini-tribes!  It’s a great strategy to build loyalty and turn the “one and done” customer into an “Infinity Customer”.

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Infinity Marketing Machine Daily Topics:
Monday – Character (Subject Matter Expert)
Tuesday – Content & Consistency
Wednesday – Midweek Motivation
Thursday – Infinity Customers
Friday – Big Money
Saturday – Try This! – Day 42 – Turn One and Done into Infinity!

“Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless.” – Jeffrey Gitomer

Today’s inspiration might seem a little confusing.  We want customers satisfied… right?

Yes we do.

But more than satisfied customers, we want loyal customers.

This is where the Infinity Marketing Machine steps in.  The complete purpose of building an Infinity Marketing Machine is to turn customers from one and done into Infinity Customers.  An Infinity Customer is a loyal customer.

And that’s today’s topic, the 4th C of the Infinity Marketing Machine, “Customers”.

Here’s why… Pretend you have an online store.  Alright, some of you might already have one… but for those that don’t – just pretend!

You sell inflatable beach balls.  They’re normal.  Nothing too exciting about them… but they’re fun.  Some people that buy them also buy shovels and buckets.  That’s it.  At the end of the day, you take your orders, pack the orders, and send them out.

Now imagine if you created an email list that celebrated stuff to do at the beach. The names you have are generated from your beach ball list.   Every day you sent out an email that showed the temperature of the water, the winds, or heat index.  You talked about the festivals in town… people liked the information and subscribed – they told their friends and more people joined.  You have created a consistent and content rich email that your beach visitors love!  In your email you start to include a product of the day – maybe a beach towel, or inflatable, or sunscreen…   but people by from you.

They keep coming back!

You have created an Infinity Customer.  You have turned the beach ball from one and done into infinity with the towel or sunscreen ads in your newsletter!

This is the goal of the Infinity Marketing Machine… Turn “one and done” into Infinity!

Come back tomorrow to learn more about the 5th C of the Infinity Marketing Machine… Cash!

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Episode #186 – Capture Customer Information Now, You’ll Be Glad You Did Later!

Do you operate as a one and done business or an infinity customer business?  The traditional advertising model has pushed business to advertise “blanket” style.  We created an ad and placed in a general publication and we waited.  We waited for customers to show up.

We can still participate in this traditional advertising model, and I argue we should to a certain extent, but what is more fun is when you work to capture the information and loyalty of your customers.

When you gain this loyalty you are on the path to creating an infinity customer.

An infinity customer is a customer that sticks around!  This person appreciates your business and is often a raving fan.  Their loyalty brings repeat business and new customers.  You can rely on this person to write reviews and help onboard new customers.  They may even bring referral customer to your business.

The infinity customer provides you with information to build your database. They accept your email marketing and they participate in your social posts.

This customer is critical to your end game.  As you move from traditional marketing to an infinity marketing machine you will more heavily rely on this customer.  Start today to attract them.  Make sure to set your systems in place to capture their email, even if this is a simple paper and pencil sheet of paper.  For your own benefit, add a check box to the form where they check that they will accept your marketing pieces.  But, do what you can to collect the information.

This is the beginning block to develop an infinity customer.


SME + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers = Infinity Marketing Machine

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