Quit Thinking Small – Episode #450

“Quit Thinking Small” Roxanne Rockvam

Thursday: Infinity Customers

The goal with the Infinity Marketing Machine is to create your own tribe.  This is the group of customers that know, like, and trust you!  When you’ve gained “the big three” you are able to suggest different products… and make more money.

The road to “the big three” takes time and consistent effort… and that’s when small business owners hit a wall.

I remember reading a social media “how to” book that said, “prepare to spend 15 hours a week on blah blah blah”.  I burst out laughing… who has time!  This quickly became a “how not to” book for social media marketing!

That’s when I decided there’s got to be a better way — thus, I developed the Infinity Marketing Machine.

But recently it’s felt like something has been missing.  Yes, you build this machine and you create customers that become loyal tribe members… however, I’m convinced we need a mind shift.  We need to “Quit Thinking Small”.

I’ve always had this feeling deep in my gut that “small business” has a negative vibe.  Sure the physical size of businesses are not “large” and most focus around one or two  entrepreneurs, physically it’s small.  BUT, just for fun,  I looked up synonyms for “small” and the list included, puny, pitiful, petty, little, diminutive, meager, slight… it kept going.  Do you have a puny business?  How about a diminutive business?  Worst yet… is it a “cute” business… I hate that one!

Now… here are a few of the antonyms of small:  great, important, substantial, unrestricted… doesn’t a “great business”, or “important business” sound better?

Here’s where I’m going…

Quit Thinking Small and Start Doing Infinity

OLD MINDSET:  Products + Customers = Small Businesses

NEW MINDSET: Infinity Products + Infinity Customers = Infinity Businesses

When you produce a product that is ongoing without an upper limit and when you convert your customers from “one and done” to Infinity through my process of tribeology.  You have transitioned from entrepreneur to Infinitypreneur!

Quit Thinking Small.

Tomorrow… come back for this week’s episode on “Big Money”!
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Wednesday – Midweek Motivation
Thursday – Infinity Customers
Friday – Big Money
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Sunday – Week in Review

ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 436 – Bond With Your Customers!

“Consistency over time is trust”

Tuesday: Content and Consistency

Our goal in creating an Infinity Marketing Machine is to transform your customers from “one and done” into “Infinity” customers.

While you might have some customers that love your business.  Love it so much they are your strongest advocates.  They show this by “liking” your posts on Facebook, etc.

But what else do they do?

Do they share your posts, do they pass along your “friends and family” emails, do they refer people to you?

How much trust does it take to share a post?  Not as much as to provide a referral!

When you get your customers buying from you AND then they’re willing to tell a friend to also do business with you, that’s a big deal.  The reason it’s a big deal is because it’s their PERSONAL REPUTATION on the line… for you!

This is the ultimate trust.

How do you get this type of trust?  You build a relationship through consistent interaction.  The interactions are not necessarily face to face – they can be letters, phone calls, and even social media.

But your ability to communicate with your customers and stay in touch means a great deal to your customers.  It shows you are interested in them.

Just like your personal friendships, when you show interest you build trust. It’s the same concept in your business.  However, when you build this trust in business you get the bonus of more sales!  That’s why it’s important to maintain a consistent content schedule with your customers to keep them connected to you and to help you transform a group of followers into a loyal tribe!

I have tested this and found great success with our once a week eNewsletter.  It’s a simple one page flier that contains the weekend happenings around our lake.  In fact, I had someone mention it today! He said, “I love it… but my wife prints it out for me…. I can’t figure out the computer thing.”

Crazy… we’ve built a loyal bond via email with someone that can’t use a computer!

Tomorrow come back for this week’s episode on “Midweek Motivation”!
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Infinity Marketing Machine Daily Topics:
Monday – Character (Subject Matter Expert)
Tuesday – Content & Consistency
Wednesday – Midweek Motivation
Thursday – Infinity Customers
Friday – Big Money
Saturday – Try This!

ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 432 – The Reason You Must Get Out of Your Comfort Zone.

Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes difference.”

Thursday: Infinity Customer

Get outside of your comfort zone.  Remember this!  You need to get out of your comfort zone, well… every once in a while.

I’ll explain it like this.

While you goal is to create one tribe.  One group of people united by a common purpose or bond.  Your goal can get in your way.

Here’s how.

You need to provide information that your tribe desires and although it’s one tribe it’s a mass of individuals!  The individuals all have their own little mini-tribes of interest in you.

I’ll use my Facebook page for the boat yard as an example.  I enjoy posting photos of sunsets.  Why? They’re pretty!  They also have great interaction.

However, when I post a photo of a storm blowing across the lake, I also get interaction, it’s often a different segment that “likes” it.

What’s even more fun is when I post a story about our forklift… that brings an even different segment of interactions.

I don’t think the forklift lovers dislike the sunsets or vice versa, I just think it evokes a different sense of belonging.  But you know what… belonging is what we are striving for in creating the Infinity Marketing Machine.

Creating forklift posts is a little out of my comfort zone… or at least it’s not as easy as a sunset photo.  But you, just like me, needs a mix of topics to talk about!

Strive to create belonging by posting different “types” of stories for your tribe.  Soon you’ll notice different follower mini-tribes!  It’s a great strategy to build loyalty and turn the “one and done” customer into an “Infinity Customer”.

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Infinity Marketing Machine Daily Topics:
Monday – Character (Subject Matter Expert)
Tuesday – Content & Consistency
Wednesday – Midweek Motivation
Thursday – Infinity Customers
Friday – Big Money
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Make Memories Now! – ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode #426

“Collect Moments, Not Things”

Thursday: Infinity Customer

What did you do on August 8, 1981?  How about January 17, 1994?  And finally, what did you do last Tuesday at 3:42pm?

These are impossible questions to answer… impossible unless there was a significant moment like your birthday, a day you broke your arm, or maybe lost a loved one.  Days run together but there are moments that might make them stick out.

Do you remember the first car you had? Mine was a 1983 Dodge Omni.  It was the coolest car ever.  Black with a red interior, and a super cool after market stereo that I had to work a month to pay for.  It was EVERYTHING to a 17 year old in 1987!  But you know what… I have no desire to own that car right now, no way!  But the memory of it is precious.  I love thinking of the days of driving around with my friends to cheerleading practice or the movies…

Memories are the thing we strive for!  Memories are the things your tribe strives for, too!  Every interaction you have with your tribe needs the goal of a memory maker! Don’t get stressed out, just like May 13, 1972 happened, so will Post #426, but your GOAL is to be memorable!

Be memorable online and in real life.  Your tribe craves belonging and commonality. Both are created by sharing a bond and that bond is created with memories.  You are traveling a journey together.  For us here at ProfitCenterCoach, we all want to improve our business and make money, but we want to do this by building a loyal tribe via consistent communication.  In other words, we want to create an Infinity Marketing Machine.  Our commonality is our success stories!  Sharing how our personal Infinity Marketing Machine… worked!

So today, create memories and turn your “one and done” customer into an Infinity Customers.

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Infinity Marketing Machine Daily Topics:
Monday – Character (Subject Matter Expert)
Tuesday – Content & Consistency
Wednesday – Midweek Motivation
Thursday – Infinity Customers
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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 420 – Strive to Matter.

“When my absence has no effect on your life, then my presence has no meaning in it.”

Thursday: Infinity Customer

Your customers need you!  Well… don’t they?

If you can’t answer this with solid “yes” you better find a way to make your presence a little stronger.

Notice how I said make your “presence” known and not make your “product” known?!

If you are relying on the strength of your product you will always be a “one and done” when you adopt the Infinity Marketing Machine you will move toward “infinity”.

This infinity mindset is created through consistent content that your customers desire…THIS makes them a tribe. It turns them from a group of customers into loyal raving fans.

And it is at this time that they desire what you have to say.  Usually it’s interesting information that is relevant to them.  It might be a product that is super helpful to them… but ultimately it’s about them!

And you know what?

If you forget to send something (or it ends up in their junk box) they miss you!  They look for your email you matter in their life!

You want to matter!  When you matter your emails are opened.  Sure, you and boast that you have an email list of 3 billigion people, but if only2 open your message, what’s the point.  Now… if you have an email list of 25 and 22 open your message, that’s a big deal.

You’ll have better success, on your journey to infinity, if you focus on your presence.  Strive to matter!   This journey to infinity is your way to control your destiny.  What an awesome deal – you get control over your future by impacting and making a difference in your followers lives!

Episode #317 – Just Because You’re Friends Doesn’t Mean They Read Your Email

“If you believe your business is built on relationships, make building them your business.” Scott Stratton

Let’s build relationships.  Yea!  That sure sounds like a great idea, but how?  How do you build relationships.  Well, let’s break it down.  You have friends that you enjoy, so think about what makes you like them.  Typically they’re fun and interesting and you enjoy having them around.

Same goes for the process of creating infinity customers.  Notice I said “Process”.  The journey from “one and done” to “infinity” really takes a commitment to the process of building a relationship.  Much like your friends in the real world, you will treat your online customers interesting stories and information that is fun which make them enjoy having you around!

Remember, your customers are in control of whether or not they stick around.  Typically they will want to hang out with your for a long time, but only if the information you provide fulfills their needs.  What are these needs?  Only you can determine this.  Usually it’s found somewhere between “behind the scenes” and “cutting edge you heard it here first” type information.  You know, just the same as your friends!

If your friend called you up and sounded like the Peanuts Teacher, “wah wah wha….” you’d get bored.  Sure, you’d still answer their call, or let it roll to voice mail and maybe listen to it later… but you wouldn’t tell them to leave.  That takes some violation of trust.  Well… how many emails do you have in your mailbox that are unopened?  Be honest.  There are probably a bunch.  So just like the boring friend, you receive emails that you do not open but you don’t “cancel the friendship”.


What does this tell you?  Your behavior as a receiver of emails should give you great insight on how to communicate with your customers (or how not to) so you can provide outstanding, interesting, gotta open it now, information that will transform your customers into infinity customers!  And I mean Infinity Customers that OPEN your emails!  🙂

Big Money Small Change Success
Character + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers =
Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1- Entertain you followers!  You don’t have to be goofy or shocking… but give them behind the scenes information in your posts and emails.  Make them WANT to open and read… or even share them!
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