Episode #45 – Plant a Tree Today, Start Your Blog

When will you start your blog?  If you had started a year ago, blogging once a week, you’d have 52 posts today!  Just like planting a tree, the best time to have done it was in the past, but the second best time is today.   Take action, start your blog today… a month from now you’ll be glad you did!

If you’re worried about HOW to start a blog, don’t let that stop you, just start writing. Even if it’s just in a notebook or in your Word program.  If you have the content, someone else can set up the technology for you.  You just need to start, today.  It’s becoming more and more important to the changing world of Social Media Marketing.  If you read the article I wrote on Subject Matter Expert, blogging takes on a whole new importance.

Action Steps
1- Read my article, Subject Matter Expert at BigFishIdeas.com
2-Start a Blog (or at least start writing)

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Episode #40 – Winning is a Habit

Get in a winners mindset! Habits are a funny thing, you can have good habits and bad habits. While habits bring a downward spiral… good habits spiral up!  Today you need to get in the habit of winning. I want you to start by setting a goal and accomplishing it.  Just one goal, just one task to accomplish, everything else is a bonus.  You see… winning takes time, commitment, planning, and follow through.  It’s the same energy you put into your business everyday!  You just might not think of it as winning when you are unloading inventory, writing payroll checks, or vacuuming the display floor.  All of those tasks create your winning atmosphere for your business.

Action Step
– Today focus on one goal, just one thing you want to get done. Start your habit of goal accomplishment!
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Episode #39 – Keep Up the Enthusiam

When you have enthusiasm it sets your business apart from the rest. As the leader you set the tone. Others will gain momentum from your enthusiasm and that’s pretty powerful!

Your big advantage as a local business is the ability to have your enthusiasm transfer to the people surrounding you… think about it, you’ve had interactions with both huge companies and small businesses, which one can you feel the excitement of the owner?  I mean, buying muffins at a local bakery where you can feel the love and artistry of the product is much different from prepackaged muffins in a box, right?  🙂

Action Step:
-Keep up your Enthusiasm

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Days 10-16… Progress… yea

My journey is going awesome – today was day 16 since my return from Social Media Marketing World.  And now… I have a podcast!  Woo Hoo!  It’s ready for you to subscribe too!  Right now I’m creating one minute inspirations in the morning to help motivate your day.  The only thing I’m missing is a name… I need a title to the show.  I’m sure it will come to me.

Here’s the fun part that you can try for your business.  The technology makes it easy to record on your phone and upload to a podcast host.  I use Libsyn.  Once you create the audio track then you are able to repurpose the content in your social media channels.  For example, I repurpose my audio blog by creating a written blog post and linking back to the correct track.  It’s a neat way to help generate traffic… think about it for your business.

Finalizing the podcast was the biggest consumer of my time over the past six days. This includes the logistics of getting the podcast working, including graphics, descriptions and transferring feeds.  It also including the “doing” function of creating content.  I’m happy it’s working.  Next is to get my app done and BigFishIdeas.com ready to go…

This leads me to the mid-week check-in I completed.  Since most of ProfitCenterCoach.com was ready in skeleton form, it was time to look at BigFishIdeas.com.  Once again I needed to evaluate my content mission statement and determine what the main purpose is of the site.  My main purpose for BigFishIdeas.com is sharing tips that other small business have found successful… this means that I soon will be ready to recruit stories!  If you have one to share email me!

As for my App… oh, don’t ask.   Since Apple updated it’s terms of service, my App is caught is some strange vortex of waiting for approval.  Tick Tock – it will be worth the wait!

The photo of the envelopes is a small TBD success story.  I was sitting at work.  Remember, I work at our family marina.  I’m trying to increase members in our boat club.  I was trying to figure out how to reach this audience… then I had an “ah ha” moment.  I thought… hummm… what would I tell someone else.  Sure enough, I went to my list and segmented it down to a point where I have a giant pile of yellow envelopes going out in the mail tomorrow.  I’ll keep you posted on the success!

Action Steps:
1- Determine two topics you could talk about on a Podcast… AND start an audio blog.  Don’t worry about bringing it to a Podcast until you have 20 recordings.  Just start talking into your phone.  AudioCopy is a free app that you can install to start your 20 recordings!
2- How’s your list doing?  I created a mailing and I’m glad I had the information available to go to this resource.  Start with current customers then past customers.  Get their address and email information into one area, even it’s on paper in a shoebox (someone else can type it) – just start.

Motivation, Habits & Goals…

Day 5 and Day 6

“Motivation gets you going. Habit gets you there.” Zig Zigler

My goal is to get into a habit.  And by habit I mean a good one.  It’s funny but what do you think of when someone says they have a habit… since it’s commonly associated with a “bad” habit it’s hard to realize that habits are also  good.  My main habit right now is to get my audio podcast consistent along with my blog posting.  My daily record keeping is not “quite there” but I’m working on improving!  That’s why Day 5 and Day 6 are together!  See…the audio blog is much simpler for me.  And that’s where we’ll begin.

What is the best format for content development for you?  You need to focus on one major platform.  This is your starting point. It needs to be easy and it needs to be effective.  I like the audio blog or podcast because I don’t have to worry about what I look like!  No seriously, I can record it and you can’t see me.  Yeah, some people will say, “it doesn’t matter… just hit record” and I believe that, but I still feel more comfortable with the audio blog format.   I’d love to go “live” and I will eventually, but the stress of having to maintain a consistent schedule of posting would drive me crazy (if I have to look amazing)!  I can do a consistent, one minute inspiration, every day.  So that’s where I’ll begin.  What is your consistency?  What type of content platform is best for you?

On Day 5 (evening) here’s what I did… I actually wrote down, on paper, some goals.  I know this seems like a no-brainer. You can search on line and it says… write down your goals.  Well, by Day 5 evening, I felt a strong need to write the goals.  It was imperative to my organization.  Seriously, I found my “why” about the process of writing down goals.  Normally I’ve been able to keep a good process in my head as to where I want to go and how to get there, but as you are noticing in my day by day journal to creating my online presence that it’s a lot of “chicken and the egg” and really, writing the goals down gives me a central location to track my progress.  I’m going to challenge you to do the same.  Make a goal sheet.  How will you be measured, is it by number of posts, number of followers, number of dollars generated?  Your choice, just make a goal sheet.

Here’s where Day 5 and Day 6 get a little blurred.  I bought a super cool program to help generate a freemium.  The freemium is something you offer on your site in exchange for your visitors email address. Once you have an email address you have begun your list.  As you know, maintaining “followers” on a social media platform is nice, but you have absolutely no control over your destiny.  If someone like Facebook changes it’s rules, you can be shut down.  However, if you capture and create your own list of contact information you have control.  So I found this great program to make an ebook look amazing. I started using it on Day 6 and got frustrated.  That’s when I decided I needed to stop.  Instead of quitting I started working on the slide I would need.  You know, I really like Slide Share – it’s fun!  I’ll go back to the cool ebook program tomorrow!

Acton Steps:

  • Where do you think you can create content on a regular basis?  Writing, Video or Audio?  Remember you need to start creating your own content, so this is an important decision!  The follow up question is when will you start?
  • Develop your goals for the week or month… and write them down!!!

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