Episode #142 – Don’t Quit. Pivot!

You’re a winner and a failure!  Well… that’s what the inspiration says! Haha

Here’s the scoop… and I’m not telling you anything new, but the real wins in life come from failures.  Sometimes big ones (right?!?!)

So why this inspiration?  Because, we all need a reminder that in business risks happen.  You can’t go through your day and not take a risk, I mean, simply going into business was a risk.

The smart thing is taking most risk out, but that still leaves you with a leap, the decision, or what ever you want to name it.  You eventually have to jump.

What happens when it’s bad?  Hopefully, in your risk planning you had a plan g, h, and i… if not, remember that next time.  But take a pivot.  That seems to be the buzz word of late for changing your course or plan.  And although I generally hate buzz words, this one makes some sense…

If something is not working, don’t quit!  Change your direction.  Research other companies and see how they are doing something.  Please note I said “how they are doing something”.  Don’t blindly copy their how.  Instead, use their “how” as a guide to what works for you!

And again, don’t quit!


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Action Step
1- When you are creating your next big decision include a couple “back up plans”.  This would be… what else can I do with it or how else to sell the inventory, lease the space…
2- Don’t Quit!
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Episode #76 – Think Cake to Solve Business Problems!

What do you have if you’ve got; eggs, flour, sugar, milk, salt, butter?
You’ve got ingredients.

What happens when you dump them in a large bowl and mix together?
You have batter.

Neither produces cake.

It’s only when you take ingredients, follow a recipe and bake it does the magic of a cake take place.

Think of your business in these three similar areas:


If something you are doing is not producing results figure out which outcome you’re achieving.  For example, if you have a great product but no one is buying, maybe you are stuck at the ingredients phase.  Think about it.  Products are ingredients until you tell someone how to use them.  Sell the Sizzle.

If you have great products and people understand how to use them but just won’t buy you’re stuck at recipe.  So you’ve got some great batter, but can’t quite find the oven.  Where is the oven?  Do you need testimonals from current customers, or do you need video of the product in action?  Maybe the oven isn’t hot enough, for example people put your item in their cart and ditch because shipping is too high…

I know it seems dorky, but this simple three step process of ingredients, recipe, and action will help you figure out many problems in your business.

Next… try it with social media!

If you do not get engagement and you feel like all you do is post things… you’re stuck in the recipe phase!  You are posting ingredients on Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter… but they’re just sitting there like a big bowl of batter.  You’ve got to flip your role and be the customer.  As the customer what do you want to read?  When you change your mindset that temperature in the oven will rise and people will engage.

See, it’s a dorky analogy but it makes sense.  Oh, and you can tell my choice of ingredients… if I make a cake, it definitely comes out of a box!  Hahaha

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Action Step
1- Where are you frustrated with your business?  Is it that you think an item should be selling more?  Should you be getting repeat business?  Find your problem
2-Think Cake!  Why isn’t your cake baking… is it the ingredients or the recipe… make adjustments and toss it in the oven!
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Episode #63 – Is Your Problem an Obstacle or an Opportunity?

You’ve got a problem. Funny thing is… you’ve got to deal with it, so you choose… is it an obstacle or an opportunity?  Sure you should go back in time and do something to prevent the problem, but that’s not going to happen (this time).

If you choose to look at the problem as an opportunity, you will find a solution.  The solution may turn out to be a blessing.  I know, hard to believe.  But look back in your life and not necessarily your business life, include your personal journey.  When did something not go right that had a better result.  That’s what I’m talking about.

The next problem that jumps up in front of you look at it as an opportunity.  You just might find a new way to make money!  If the product isn’t selling, repackage, move location, change the name, bundle with another product, try a different color – there are lots of ways to look at the problem.

A minor problem we had at work was a giant stack of T shirts.  They we rolled them and  put in plastic bags so we could sell outside.  We dropped the price.  This combination sold them all in one weekend.  When they were outside, groups bought them!  So it wasn’t one person, it was five!  This year we are buying a shirt specifically to sell in this manner.

Problems are opportunities.

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Action Step
1- Do you have a problem you’re working through right now… brainstorm all of the opportunities it brings!  Seriously, write everything down on paper.  Silly ideas can bring great solutions.

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Episode #43 – Ordinary People do Extraordinary Things

Start Seeing, Start Looking, Start Transforming with Fresh Inspiration.
Get inspiration from outside sources. Read magazine articles, go for a walk, ask your customers. Sometimes you get stuck looking at a situation the same way and a fresh perspective triggers a new solution.

Have you ever wondered where “that” idea came from or how that person thought of “that? Especially when you have been trying to find a solution but have been “stuck”.  Maybe it’s because you’ve been looking at it from the same restrictive frame… You could be stuck in a legal/restrictive box and the employee or customer is thinking of the solution from a logistic/need base solution.  At our marina we’d like to change our dock configuration and have thought about it for years, but always have been “stuck” because of the heavy governmental regulations.  Well, I asked one of our employees if he had any ideas on improving the logistics of the business.  And he said something… why don’t you turn the dock like this.  Talk about an “ah ha” moment.  It was such an easy solution, completely missed for years, and will most likely be the solution we choose.

Action Steps
1-Read or listen to something from a completely different source, even if it’s just for fun.  If you haven’t listened to a favorite song or genre in a while, do it today.  Just give your mind a “reset”

2-If you have a “problem” that you’ve been “stuck” on… try asking an outside source like a customer or employee, see if it gives you an “ah ha” moment
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Create a Solutions Environment

If there’s a problem… there’s always a solution! Switch your focus and create a problem solving environment.

Listen to my audio post for a great idea on how to start making this happen at your business.  It’s a simple and free idea!

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