– Episode 584 – Make Marketing Magic!

Quote: “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it!”

Saturday: Try This


There’s magic, everywhere.  Even at a bag in the middle of the boat show.

I love Satuday’s because it’s “try this” day… and it doesn’t mean you have to do exactly what others are doing. But it’s time to see the magic in how other business do something so you might be “sparked” to a new idea.

It’s fun to learn about your own industry, see what the competition is doing, and take action accordingly.  Well this isn’t one of those times, this is time to look at a completely different industry.

We’re looking at the boat canvas cover manufacturering industry.  Told you, completely unrelated!

This company exhibits at the boat show to gain new business.  They repair and make new covers for boats.

Here’s the magic.

Over the course of the year they collect their scraps.  You know, they take a giant rectangle and cut into the shape of a boat and that makes scraps.

They form the scraps into bags and sew!

Look at these amazing duffel bags for $10.00 – no two are alike, and they don’t look like remnants. But they are creating quite a following. People seek out their booth to get an amazing bag.

Normally the scraps are thrown away.  But with a little magic they have taken on a life of their own.

This is what you need to be on the look out for in your business. What is it that you throw away that is really a treasure?  I’d love to know how you create magic!  Use the comments and chat away.



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Episode #70 – Storms Happen – Play in Puddles by Adding Profit Centers to Your Small Business

Today’s Inspiration: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Summary: Storms will happen, so do downturns in sales. Learn to play in puddles and add profit centers to your business cycle calendar!


Not every day will be sunny, it’s going to be gloomy, rainy and then there are storms.

“Storm” is lack of business or downturn in sales. This is the time you get to play in the puddles!

I believe in the power of Profit Centers because they essentially diversify your risk in business.  If you take the time to build other lines of profit to your business you will “weather the storm”.

Continuing with our weather theme, you know that every year you are going to have seasons. Capitalize on this!  Create a profit center for each season.  It might not seem obvious, but every business follows a cycle triggered by a time of year.   For example auto repair will have their profit centers of “maintenance” like an oil change or “body work” from a collision, but they also add events such as preparing for winter or summer road trips.

Your business might have a holiday or a deadline centric product.  Taxes have April 15, schools have graduation and back to class, retail has the holidays, and there are weddings in June.  If your business has a focus on something like this, you have three months before to “plan”.  It’s just a great way to build another a “planning” profit center to your business.

This “planning” time is critical to your social media marketing success.  This is exactly the area that you need to create your digital freemium of advice that you offer prospects in exchange for their email.  When customers are searching for your product during the planning phase, your website will be there with information ready to help them.  Once you get their email, you can continue to market to them and again help “weather the storm” of reduced sales.

Tip: “marketing is the profit center” that we are all striving for as we build our database of interested customers!

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Action Step
1- Identify a “planning phase” in your business cycle
2- Challenge yourself to turn this “planning phase” into a profit center. Including the capturing of information by creating a freemium!
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Hashtag a Really Big Chair!

Last week, while attending Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW17),  I stayed at the Marriott Marquis in San Diego.  In addition to a nice marina, they gave a giant Adirondack chair.  It’s bright orange and in the middle of the courtyard landscaping near the pool bar.  It’s a fun area and even though it’s bright orange, it fits in well with the marina and pool atmosphere.

The giant chair is designed for group photos, I’m sure many a family photo has been taken here… only to end up on the following season’s Christmas card.  After all, the chair is painted with the words “Wish you were here” and you know that’s not true… it’s just more polite than saying “nanner nanner we’re in San Diego and you’re not” – But I’ll get back to my point.

The neat part about the location is that you have a walkway overhead so if you want to get photo from above you can do that!  Now the cool part about that is the hotel anticipates you’ll do that by placing their hashtag right on the top of the arm of the chair!  #MarriottMarquisSD It’s also a great reminder for the people sitting in the chair.  Obviously they want you to take photos in their giant chair, the hotel would love for you to post your photos online, but one step further… they want you to use their hashtag!

I thought I’d bring this up as a reminder.  Many times we forget that a hashtag is now a brand icon.  Start to develop one for your business.  Think about a hashtag, then search it… the reason you search for it is that you want a unique hashtag OR at least one that isn’t used for a negative reason.  Next, start using your hashtag!   Do you have a central photo area?  Do people visiting your business and use your product at a photo stop elsewhere?  For example, rental bikes or boats.  Another way to  use the hashtag is how colleges use it.  They send the hashtag as a sign in their welcome pack… they know their new admits will take a photo with the sign and post it online.  Finally, if you’re hosting an event, make sure to have a hashtag!  One common unifying hashtag is a valuable way to elevate your brand!

Action Step:  Come up with a hashtag and start using it!

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Small Things for Big Rewards

The other day I was at my credit union and I noticed something… it was wonderful and thrilling all at the same time.  They installed a vending machine in the hallway!

I know this doesn’t seem like big exciting change.  But it really is!  About 3 years ago I put a suggestion into the collection box and said, “put a pop machine in the hall” – I’m not saying I’m the reason it was installed but I can think it, right?!?  The reason it’s so exciting is my credit union is located in the city.  They have free parking for their customers.  Well, the last thing you want to do when you’re thirsty or hungry is relocate your car in a busy downtown area. You simply want to grab a snack and go!  I don’t want to drive to the fast food restaurant and go through the drive through, or cross two major streets to get to the convenience store.  Now I can simply use the vending machine on my way to my car.  It’s so convenient!

This simple installation of a vending machine will become a new profit center for the credit union.  Just wait.  From my standpoint I simply love that I can use it, it’s a huge goodwill booster for me.  From the credit union side, they will make money – just wait!

Can you add a vending machine or some sort of automated service to your business?  It may be completely unrelated but be totally welcomed by your customers, think about it!


Assembly Required. Oh, Charge for Convenience… I’ll Pay!

This is one of my favorite ideas I’ve ever seen.  When you make a product convenient the profits will follow.

I went to a grocery store in Florida last week.  It’s located on the “main strip” and corner of the main feeder road to a vast land of vacation rentals.  I mean vast… like several hundred. Their location is amazing.  But, clearly they do not rest on their location for their profits, they use it and gear toward their market. Something that all business need to do.  Focus on your strengths and push for even greater services.

Here’s what they do.

When you walk into their store it’s a very expected experience with nice displays, but when you look left there are boxes and boxes of fun noodles!  I think I’m hyper-tuned into fun noodles because at our family marina we sell them, but maybe just a box or two over an entire summer.  In the grocery store entry there are at least 20 boxes.  On top of the boxes is the special product.  It’s an inflated raft.  It’s the nothing revolutionary… just your entry level inexpensive, lung power to inflate raft.  Only a few sit on top of the fun noodle kingdom.  The price is great at $6.99.

I kept walking and there is display after display of inflatables.  You can easily tell that a store dedicating so much prime floor space to inflatables does a great deal of sales in rings, air mattresses, and beach balls.  I walked around and found the packaged (deflated) air mattresses and guess what… they’re $2.99.  I almost found the store manager for a hug!  I love finding stores that provide convenience and charge for it.  No one, I repeat, no one likes to blow up those crazy toys… you’re on vacation, the last thing you want to do is carry in and unload the groceries you bought knowing you have to spend 20 minutes blowing up an air mattress.  However, shoving an already inflated air matress in the rental car?  Oh heck yeah, I would pay $4 for that service!

Take a look around your business, do you sell a product that if assembled, inflated, or finished would add the “convenience value” to your customer that you could charge for.  During the day, all businesses have “staff down time” to allocate for this new profit center so it won’t cost extra.  I do recommend displaying in different areas, just like my new favorite grocery store did.  Put the convenient item in it’s own featured area.

If you do an assembly required project… send me photos and your story, and I’ll share for others to see!  Love this idea.