– Episode 721 – One Year of Special Content

Quote: “It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” Scott Belsky

Tuesday: Content and Consistency


How can you serve your customer?  How can you lead your tribe? Two different ways to say the same thing.

Often I’ll write on Tuesdays with the message that you need to create content your tribe wants and needs… and I leave you to figure it out.

Most people jump on the post bandwagon and that’s great! It’s always useful to have posts to keep in touch.

But you can provide more!

The good news is I’m not going to leave you at that… haha

If you look at each of my posts, depending on the day I have a Free Download — it’a a PDF that has useful information related to the daily topic.

So how can you use this type of idea?

Start to develop information that can be downloaded and used later.  This could be recipes, fact sheets, or print outs. Something I’d like to do is create a “boating invitation” which our pontoon rental customers would receive that they could email to their friends.  That would be totally useful (I think I should probably make time to do it!)


So what can you do?

Think about how you can use these in your business for your tribe..

Create a downloadable report that compares new or old products… make a check list of what to do or bring, make a calendar or planning pages, Lesson plans, a video training series, template, a challenge, spread sheet/calculator, round-up on a topic, beautiful photo to frame, resource list (like area restaurants), wallpaper for your phone… and on and on!

That’s 12 new ideas for greater impact downloads and tribe bonding giveaways!  That gives you one idea for each month for an entire year!

Can you think of how to use each idea at your small business?  YES!  Take that idea and run… spoil your tribe.

Till tomorrow… I’m off to make my invitations!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Midweek Motivation”!

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Episode #90 – You’ve Gotta Start! Soon You’ll Have a Beach

Do you see a beach or lots of grains of sand?  There’s nothing fun about one grain of sand… especially when it’s inside your shoe.  There’s nothing fun about one piece of gum, especially when it’s stuck to the bottom of your shoe (haha) and there’s nothing fun about one penny, what can you do with one penny?  However, the power of many is a pretty exciting thing.  That’s how you get a beach, gumball machine, and a bag of money!

Lewis Howes’ inspiration for today is spot on… and I have read Lewis Howes book, “The School of Greatness” a couple times… check it out – here are other book choices, too.  He believes in daily improvements.  I do too… it works, especially when it comes to social media and the integration to your small business!

Here’s the deal. You can wish you had, a bigger presence online, but you’ve got to start.  The where to start is a lot like picking the perfect grain of and from the beach (impossible) but if you simply start and pick one grain of sand… you can turn your wish into a reality!  Let’s take a look at my two month social media journey…

I started with a podcast (it didn’t even have a name… now it is the “Two Minute Commute”).  Then my website was updated…then I created this blog to link to the podcast and feed into the website.  Next I added Instagram.  Followed shortly by the Facebook component – both of which feed into the website.   Next I started posting to Linked-in.  My App went live and it has the blog posts and social media sites in addition to an interactive form to send me your small business success stories!  This past week I created a Twitter account and a hidden Pinterest board… that will be live soon. I’m getting close to a beach!  But it didn’t just magically appear.  It has morphed and twisted and been added on… you can do the same!  But you have to start.

Start small and focus.  Create a content mission statement to keep you focused.  And finally DO… START… and keep going. REMEMBER:  You don’t have to be everywhere… you just need to be where your customers are!

By the way… earlier I said there’s nothing you can do with one penny.  Well, here’s your awesome tip for pennies.  Next time you buy tulips throw one penny into the vase holding the water and tulips.  The penny makes the tulips stand up. Try it!

Back to social media… I’m curious, how much time do you spend on social media? Is it 5 minutes a day?  30 minutes a week?

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Action Step
1- Write on a piece of paper all of the social media areas you’d like to have a presence in for your business… website, blog/podcast/Vlog, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked-In etc…
2- Check off the ones you have.
3- Pick one and create it today.  Just pick one!
4- As soon as it’s live… share your success tip on my app… it’s free! (


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