– Episode 498 – Get a Room!

“There’s always room for improvement. Get a room.”

Thursday: Infinity Customers

It’s always risky naming a post “Get a Room” but when we look at today’s inspiration it all makes sense.

When we are building a tribe you’ve got to speak to them… HA!  I’ve now jumped from “Get a Room” to speaking about your tribe.  It’s getting a little strange at my keyboard.  Then again, I did write this on Halloween night.

OK. Back to normal.

Each Thursday our main goal is to learn how to better connect with our customers and turn them into a loyal tribe… to do this we need to speak their language… and this means we need to become the “vibe behind our tribe”

You need to be this person.  You must be the Leader.

Today’s inspiration states there’s always room for improvement – thus “get a room” meaning… always improve.

So Halloween at Noon I was at Subway and it hit me.  Carving Pineapples.

WTF is she talking about now.

Well… I have a site on the back burner which I’m currently cultivating.  It’s called Pineapples In Progress.  You see… I’ve always felt that there are times in life you need a crown.  I mean… doesn’t vacuuming just sound TOTALLY better if you’re wearing a sparkle crown?

That idea became a solid “run with it” idea when I came across the mantra “Be a Pineapple… Stand Tall, Wear a Crown, and Be Sweet on the Inside”  However, let’s face facts, not every day we’re feeling “pineapplely” – and that’s why, vacuuming while wearing a crown, just might make you feel a whole lot better.

Back to carving pineapples.

I was at Subway and getting ready to post my Midweek Motivation – when it hit me.  The one I was going to post was a normal inspiration and THIS WAS HALLOWEEN.  I just wonder if anyone has ever tried to carve a pineapple like a pumpkin…

Sure enough I found a photo!  A very cool photo… and then it hit me.

You cannot carve pineapples.  It’s like trying to fit into a crowd by imitating… and yet you can be a good pineapple that imitates a pumpkin BUT you’ll never be a pumpkin.


Inspiration: “Somedays I feel like a lost puzzle piece tryin to find where I fit in this world.

I LOVE THIS.  I totally “got a room” and ran with it.

My only problem was… how do I share it with YOU.  I had already posted my Midweek Motivation for here… but I really wanted you to see it.

So there you go.  When you are building your tribe, really go deep into the vibe, and love them.  You just might find out that “carving a pineapple” is magic!

Be the vibe behind your tribe.

Also… never be afraid to run with a last minute idea… “Get a Room”!



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Episode #452 – A Shopping Destination!

Saturday: Try This

Tonight I walked out to close our gas dock.  This involves making sure that the pumps are locked and that our storage cabinet is also locked.  Well… I opened the cabinet and there was that recognizable smell… not gas… hand sanitizer!

That reminded me of this great idea!

When you offer convenience items for your customers make it into a great experience. Be intentional.  Just like the garden shop I visited recently.

They have the cardboard containers stacked in a wrought iron holder.  The cardboard has the logo of the company on it.  They also have a matching wrought iron holder for the hand sanitizer. This is next to the shopping carts at the front of the store.

These details help with the branding of the company. It creates an impression for your customer.

Sure you could have a pile of cardboard boxes next to the carts – but making this a carefully crafted destination in your store enhances your customer experience!

Try this!

Tomorrow… come back for “The Week in Review”!
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Infinity Marketing Machine Daily Topics:
Monday – Character (Subject Matter Expert)
Tuesday – Content & Consistency
Wednesday – Midweek Motivation
Thursday – Infinity Customers
Friday – Big Money
Saturday – Try This! – Episode 419 – Today, Light a Candle.

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” Italian proverb

Wednesday: Mid-Week Motivation

What to do when you’re just not motivated.  Hey, we all get into a mood where we just aren’t motivated to do our work.,

Welcome to Wednesday’s mid week motivation!  I wasn’t motivated.  It’s been a tough week.  We’ve had personnel and equipment challenges at my business as well as a couple personal challenges, and right now I’m feeling pretty wrung out.  I just can’t get my head around writing this post.

Well, I didn’t.

Sometimes it is okay to have another team member that can step in and support you when needed.  That’s what happened in this case as this post was ghost written. So, hey everybody, take time to cultivate a reliable team that can support you in your time of need.  Even if it’s writing a motivation post when you just can’t find the motivation…  Ugghhh.

If my blog is helping you… I love it! Come and join my group for more!  start here – Day 48 – 15 Minutes is Enough

“Someone could take the same hand you’re being dealt in win with it”

My today has been long and it’s been crazy.

It started last night when I received a text from the mom of a crew member who had an accident and was in the ER.

He’s fine now, but it was scary news to receive.

Then my day continued with absolutely beautiful sunny weather and our forklift was broken.  This was awful… but you know what.  Times like this really are rough, but it can always be worse.

I will tell you this.  When things are going bad… you need to continue to keep perspective.  I’ve been completing an online course and yesterday I read two easy tips I thought I’d pass on.

1) Take a walk in nature.    OK this morning I did this…  I get it.  I pass this trick on to you.

2) You have 15 minutes.  Really you do.  I was just about ready to “scan” Facebook and I said… Wait, I am at that moment to carve out 15 minutes… so you know what I did in 15 minutes?  HA!  I created a new Pinterest board.  Check it out!  It’s called PontoonGirl… it’s been created as a traffic generator.

So there you have it – my day was complicated and not easy.  But I was able to take a few ideas that I learned the day before and get something accomplished.

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“Humility is having the self-awareness to know what you’re good at – and what you’re not good at.” – Adam Grant.

I was asked a question tonight… and that was, think back to high school…. did I know what I wanted to “be” when I got older?  Yeah, no.

Some people know they want to be a police officer or accountant or fill in blank.

I just knew I liked making money and would study business.  I also really wanted my own talk show.

But, in regards to the quote I found for today… that made me think of this conversation… I knew right away, all along, that I would have been awful at anything with biology or science.  Math too.  I like math that has to do with money… but I remember sitting in a geometry telling my teacher that “I believe you… I do not need to prove this” — that didn’t work. haha.

SO… anything to do with health care  as a field was out of the question.  In fact, I asked my dentist one time… “SO…. if your patient is annoying do you just ever just poke them by accident with that scraper tool?” — he looked at me with the most kind eyes and said “no” — again, health care – out of the question for me.

It’s kind of a funny quote, but at the heart of it… you really develop humility!

You need to know what you are good at and what you are awful at… because when you’re running your business you have many many hats to wear!  However, you only have so much time.  Do not waste your time on things you are bad at… sure the job/task needs to be accomplished but you don’t have to agonize over the completion of it.

For example, you do need to understand how a website’s message will benefit your business, however, you do not need to know how to construct a website, buy a domain, or change the DNS.

There’s  big difference between building a house, paying a contractor, or buying a house.  You do not need to understand how to assemble a car to drive it.   And you do not have to raise a turkey to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.

Focus within your strength and pay others for the stuff you are bad at… after all, preparing a Thanksgiving Dinner is hard enough without having to feed a turkey every day… plant the potatoes, or churn the butter!

BTW:  Want to join me… follow me!  start here – Day 26 – Passion vs. Stress

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion”

You just read today’s inspiration – so – now you get to decide… do you have stress or do you have passion?

Lots of people say they love what they do, but then at the same time they are super stressed out.

So which is it? Stress? Passion?

It’s probably both.  It comes down to this… you’ve got stuff you do that you don’t like and it stresses you out… that’s normal. I think when the stuff you don’t like out numbers the stuff you do like, well, that’s when the problems creep in.

That means you’ve got to evaluate what the heck you’re doing! If you started out in business because you had passion and it seemed fun, then it WAS fun, now it’s exhausting.  It’s time to go back to the drawing board!

On a different topic.  I just had to share this… it was really hot today – I think we were at 100 or really close to it. (Yes Minnesota can get to 100 in the summer!)  The entire day felt like when you open the oven door to check the chocolate chip cookies baking inside, except there were no cookies!  Just a giant poof of heat.   Well it cooled down to 90 this evening and I needed to take a stroll out to the dock to make sure everything was locked up.  OMG.  It was beautiful.  It was warm, windy, and the sun had just set.  It wasn’t pink/orange/gold… no, no, no it was blue. Everything was blue. Every shade of blue. I didn’t even take a picture. I just enjoyed it. Blue Blue Blue!

There you go. Nothing to do with stress or passion.  It was just a perfect little moment, dang it was pretty.

Now back to the topic… um… go figure out your passion/stress situation!  Find your passion by identifying what the heck is stressing you out.

BTW:  I want to know who you are… follow me!  start here – Day 22 – Your Perfect Vacation

“A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in” Robert Orben

Today’s inspiration sounds great… doesn’t it?

Absolutely nothing to do and all day to do it!  It’s that happy place you dream of… especially when you’re so busy doing EVERYTHING from shipping to talking to customers to making schedules.  It’s crazy… busy… you don’t even have a moment to think.  Except that one moment you had today to dream of that vacation where you have nothing to do and all day to do it.

But is that true?

Think back to your last vacation.

Did you have dinner reservations, ports of call, tours, shows, time at the parks, jogging, I mean you were actually busy.  OH, but there was that time you spent at the pool in the sun with nothing to do.  Well… you got up, had to make it to breakfast before it was over, get to the pool, find a chair, unpack your stuff, read a book, get up, bundle your stuff so you can swim, then you get out of the pool, lay down, read, pack your stuff, go to your room, rinse off the suntan lotion, all so you can get to your dinner reservation.

Now… you may say “YES” I’ll take that schedule right now… and that’s probably true.  But how about integrating some of the best parts of your vacation into your daily life.

That gets you thinking… but I don’t have a pool?!  Was it really the pool, or was it reading the book by the pool… was it watching your kids by the pool… the pool is the gathering spot or your destination, it’s just a thing.  What is the “why” behind the pool event?

Focus on that.  Focus on the why! Vacations are awesome.  They are busy. Sometimes you get stressed. But they are a fantastic break in your year. You need this more often and it’s hard to get away. So why not make your ordinary day into a mini vacation?

It’s a silly little thought, but today, let your mind wander to the best part of your vacation. Discover “why” it was the best. Then add it to your today agenda!

Make today your perfect vacation!

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“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” Zig Ziglar

Yesterday.  I have no idea what I did or what I got done.  Don’t you hate days like that?  UGH.  It’s like the day just happened.  So I was really frustrated by the time we closed.

This morning… I started the same way.  I’ve got this wicked summer cold thing going on and my motivation has been zero.  OK… quick question, which is worse: cold in the winter or cold in the summer.  I’m going with summer… both are lame, but there’s something about putting on an extra sweater and laying under a blanket that just goes “better” with winter!  🙂

Back to my lack of motivation… so today I started down that path – and then I made a “three thing list”.  1) Get flowers for the planters.  2) Make an appointment for my car 3) get the “stuff” we have for sale “organized”

Guess what…  ALL ACCOMPLISHED! And more!

I made the car appointment on my way to buy flowers.  The funny thing with the flowers was… all I needed to do was pull up to the flower stand and pay.  I didn’t have to plant or grow them.  I didn’t even have to load them in my car!  They look REALLY nice and I feel great each time I walked by them! yea.

Now… the “stuff” for sale – all I wanted to do was put out life jackets… roll eyes.  I got distracted 6 times.  SIX!  But I finally got them put out on display at about 7:45 tonight.  In my defense – the boat that came into the dock that was sinking was a little more important.

Seriously, never a dull moment.

We did get it out before it went down.  Whew! But it was a little over whelming as I watched the swim deck go below water and the owner was “kinda” in denial about the urgency of getting his boat to shore.

I did get one more thing done and it wasn’t on my list! – I was able to organize the shelves in our store.  Something else that was really bothering me is bothering me NO MORE!

SO there you have it — Everyone needs to use my “Three Thing List” technique.  I feel accomplished.  I know that I did actually set out to do something AND I DID IT!  I now feel good when I walk by our shelves, I feel good when I see the flowers, I’m happy I have my car appointment, and I’ll feel really good when we sell the life jackets.


Give it a shot. Start your day by making your “Three Thing List” then come back and tell me what you did.  I mean it can’t be any lamer than “make appointment for car” – right????

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