– Episode 934 – How Can You Serve?

Thursday Blog Topic: Infinity Customer –

Quote: “Everybody can be great because anybody can serve.” Martin Luther King Jr.


The virus is awful.  Schools closed, restaurants closed, businesses closed. 

There are lots of memes on the internet… OK, my favorite is the one that says, “in about 3 weeks we’ll find out what everyone’s natural hair color is”  Yep, my roots are already showing, ugh.

But here’s the deal.

After all the “fun” of being stuck in your home turns to crazy walls closing in on you… what can you do as a business to help serve your customers?

Look at this example…

What a super helpful post!  It’s great for the company to provide easy goodwill.  They sped up the film to demonstrate the exercises and added subtitles.  What a great idea.

How can you do something like this?

At our marina we have ice on our lake… but what we are doing is promoting businesses that are part of our community by sharing information with our tribe such as which are still open for take-out. 

There is something you can do to help your community.  Whether this is your own customers or by sharing your audience.

Serve when you can!




Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Cash Small Change”!

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Advertisements – Day 3

“Every day I get older” – by me!

Yes… today I said this profound statement.  Oh boy.  It’s rather funny when you read it. 🙂  I mean duh, of course every day you are older than the previous.

Here’s the scoop – last night we had the “disaster” of 8 boats returning to our dock late, the “parties” were attending the much bigger bash at one of the islands on the lake… well… there were lots of strange smoking jars and things.  And I’m a little overwhelmed at the nonsense.  So I said, “jeeze, every day I get older” – which made me sound like I was born in about 1702.

Feel free to use my quote, but only if you get the humor!

PS: Still taking a topic regroup break… more to come!


Episode #211 – Who Else Wants a Clever Marketing Idea?

Even though I often mention my need to be the “cool aunt”… I can’t take credit for this idea, my niece is the smart one.

She gave her mom a gift… her mom loved it!  OK, I thought it was pretty cool… so I decided to share it with you.

Look close… you might miss how clever it is and how you can apply this idea to your business.

My sister’s gift was a package of sample perfumes.  But it’s not what you’re thinking.  Sample perfumes makes you think they’re the tiny tubes in cardboard holders.  Nope!  She received a beautiful package of five bottles in a pretty sliding box.

Here’s the amazing thing. This gift includes a gift card for a “full size” bottle.

This is a great way to get customers to buy sample products as a gift.  The recipient gets to pick their their favorite fragrance or taste and come pack for “the big one”.

There’s your idea.  Create a “sample size” that fits in a “sample kit” and package with the gift card for “the big one”

Sample size gift packs are really just borrowed from “beer flights”.

Now, figure out how you can use this tool at your business!



SME + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers = Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1- What can you create as a “sample pack” — or what current big service can you make into a trial pack or a “sneak pack”
2- Install my free app! (



Episode #193 – What is the Infinity Marketing Machine?

What is the Internet Marketing Machine?  It’s your ability to connect with your customers on your terms.  You build a bond by creating information customers want to receive and in turn they offer their information so you can continue to market to them.  It’s a “win win” relationship that turns a customer from “one and done “ to an “infinity customer”.

I’m watching how social media is evolving and the more I learn the more I need to share.  The most concerning thing is that when you build your audience on a social media platform like YouTube, Facebook or even Twitter… you don’t own that audience.

Sure, you might not be concerned, but here’s how this affects you.  When the company that owns the site changes their rules, you get affected.  This happened a few years back when Facebook changed their rules and quit showing every post.  One day your posts went to everyone on your list, the next day your posts were only appearing on only a handful of your follower’s feeds.  This is a big problem.  If you were relying on this traffic, it was all of a sudden gone!

You need better control of your traffic.  That is the best reason to create an Internet Marketing Machine.  When the machine is cranking you are in control.  You are developing relationships with your customers.  You provide information they want to receive and you continue to add more people to your list.  This constant attention really helps build the bond.  Then at appropriate moments you offer items for sale.

The purpose of the Infinity Marketing Machine is to create a list of your customers that you can build a relationship with via providing information. It is not going to work if it becomes a “buy, buy, buy” messaging system.  Think about the best email lists you are on, they provide information, build a bond with you, and sell you items, but they don’t pressure you.  You need to treat your customers the same way.  Spend more emphasis on providing valuable information, the benefit of sales will follow!

It starts with being consistent in your posting of content that your customers want!  Here’s a Social Marketing Planner I created and have for sale on Etsy.  Check it out!

SME + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers = Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1- Start collecting the names of your customers so you can start to build your Infinity Marketing Machine
2- Determine when you will post information for your customers.  Be Consistent!
3- Install my free app! (

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Episode #175 – You Don’t Have to Spend 3 Hours a Day on Social Media Marketing to Achieve Success

So yesterday’s inspiration was Idea+action = reality and today’s inspiration wants us to learn that the starting point to achievement is desire.

Let’s think about this.  I had oatmeal for breakfast.  It was fine.  If my goal for achievement was to have oatmeal… I’m a success.  I had oatmeal because it was what was in my cupboard.  I could have had the frozen turkey dinner in my freezer.   But I had oatmeal.  Would I rather have had pancakes and bacon.  Heck yeah, but I’m not going through the trouble of making pancakes.  Does this mean I’m a failure?

Well, it certainly doesn’t mean I’m a failure IF my desire was to eat breakfast.  Then either oatmeal or pancakes & bacon would result in achievement.  But if my desire was for pancakes & bacon, I did not achieve success.  I’m full and at the same time unfulfilled  (haha).

Spend time and effort defining your “problem”. There are many theories out there to find an “awesome life” and they result in going after what you really want.  I don’t always agree because while I’d really rather eat pancakes & bacon, the mess of clean up far outweighs any benefit of switching from oatmeal.  (well not bacon…bacon is always worth the mess)

When you look at your social marketing and social media plans you need to decide what your DESIRE is. Some businesses want a social media presence because they think they “need” one, some people have a social media presence because someone else thought it was a good idea, and still others have it because it is THE way to communicate with their customers (fans).

I’m noticing a strange amount of guilt around what otherwise are successful social marketing plans.  Small businesses think they are doing it wrong.  Well, I heard a stat that 90% of business are doing it wrong… and yet sales continue to happen. (wink) so it’s kind of a lame stat, eh?!?!  That makes me wonder, “Why is there so much guilt and feelings of dissatisfaction?”

Probably for the same reason I’m full and “unfulfilled” with oatmeal over pancakes & bacon.

I ate, but I did not eat what I truly wanted.

Business are “doing” social marketing but not with the results they THINK they should be getting.

And that’s the source of the problem.

Define what you really want as a goal for your social marketing plan and let’s figure out how to get there.

You do not have to be on 6 platforms and spend 15 hours a week doing this if you don’t want to.  You “need” to make the reality of what is going on in your head what is actually happening.  That’s why yesterday’s inspiration and today’s are linked.

Your reality is already occurring… because it’s… well… reality.  Your “disconnect” is happening because today you ate oatmeal and wanted pancakes and bacon.  Your reality is that you are not hungry, but your reality does not match your brain saying “bacon bacon bacon”.

Today, really decide what you want out of your social marketing “thing”.  Social Media Marketing is not a one size fits all cookie cutter system.  It’s SOCIAL.  You can have it help your business in an unlimited (dare I say infinity) ways.  So you want social media to:  A- generate sales and become the driving force for your business or B- to have something online so search engines find you, or C- is it to build community among current customers… there’s no wrong answer!  However, even with just these three ideas (and there are many more) you have three different time/money/talent constraints.

So today, decide what YOUR desire is and let the achievement follow!

Question of the Post:
What are your two “stopping points” to creating a great social marketing plan? answer here

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Action Steps
1- Define what your true outcome for Social Marketing is for your business.  What do you really want to achieve?  Write it down!  (tell me in the comments)
2- Install my free app! (

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Episode #173 – Ever Buy 10 CD’s for One Penny?

You notice a problem or situation you want to change.   You think it should be changed.  You may even want to change it.  But you don’t.  Why?

Because most change is out of your comfort zone and that makes it scary.

Imagine being back in Middle School or Junior High (terrifying, I know – haha) – but there you are.  You’ve been transported back in time to a place where… if you wanted to go to the bathroom you needed permission and a hall pass.  Your life was controlled by “bells” that started and stopped each class.  What you were wearing could make or break your social life.  Now imagine the unknown of high school.  You saw it on movies, and it looked… well, overwhelming.

Fortunately you were forced to go to high school.  If people had choice, they may stay in middle school forever.  (I have no idea who that would be, however, I’ve seen some of the crap people are putting on T shirts these days “Adulting is Hard” and I’m convinced their mind has not left middle school) but that ‘s another topic for another day!

What I’m saying is sometimes the action is forced.  You have no choice but to leave the comfort of the known and venture in to the uncomfortable.   Forced can mean a general path of evolution such as the path from middle school to high school.  But, sometimes it can mean an entire shift is how you do things.

Do you remember finding a flier in the Sunday newspaper, and MAILING a penny taped to your Columbia house CD order sheet then waiting for your package of 10 free cd’s to arrive by mail?

Today, if you want music… you get music, TODAY.

That business model was forced to change.  But the basic principle has not.  There is an underlying current of same.

There’s an offer for membership, payment for products, and building traffic.

When you think of social marketing and you become overwhelmed and don’t see a point in changing your ways, think music.

You need to understand how to use social marketing to communicate your message so your product survives.  If you are lucky your product will remain relevant and you need only adapt it’s channel to market.  But in the case of CD’s through the mail… the distribution and the product are both gone… “POOF!”


The concept of a membership based business is more alive than ever!  Look no further than your computer programs.   You no longer buy a program, you rent it.  I get dog treats through the mail every month.  (Hummmm that mail thing is still around, but I learned about a Bark Box on social media, and purchased it digitally)

You may be afraid to take action when it comes to social marketing.  You see the problem and know it should be addressed, but taking action is scary.  Just like there was orientation to High School and everyone survived.  Find the “orientation” to smooth the transition to your next phase.  Most likely that will come from learning, the learning gets you to “doing” and that’s where real change happens!  Subscribe to my blog, I’ll guide you!

Question of the Post:
What are the two biggest barriers you feel with trying to adapt social marketing to your business? answer here

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Action Steps
1- Think back to when you started your business, what did you do different “back then” that you no longer do now
2- Write down how this process is better today than it used to be. – use this as your guide for the next change you want to make.  You’ve done it before, you can do it again!
3- Install my free app! (

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Paint Your Driveway

Today, as I was flipping through my Facebook Feed, I found a very interesting idea.  It’s not the idea that jumps out as a sponsored ad.  It was an unassuming photo of a baton twirling judge.  She had recently been selected to participate in a competition, she and the other 7 judges were featured on the competition’s posting.

Now, what’s so amazing about that?  Well… her profile photo and the photo they chose to use in the posting is her standing on an animal paw print painted on a driveway… OK it was a bright orange tiger paw that was unmistakable.  Dang!  How cool is that, it was Clemson’s identifier.  It’s a nice photo of her, she clearly likes the school… let’s admit it she likes it so much it’s her profile photo.

SOOOOOOOOOO how can you use this?  Do you have a destination business where you can paint something like your logo on the ground that encourages people to snap a photo and share with the world?  It’s great to have landmarks or scenic views set aside with your business sign. Lots of places do this. I’ve just never seen it done with painted driveway.

Cool idea!  Think about it!




Too Frequent and Too Boring.

Too frequent and too boring. These are the main reasons people unfollow a brand.  

When creating a post you really need to focus on engagement. Mask yourself: why would someone want to read this information? If you can’t answer that question… Try modifying the topic or move to a different topic.

Learn what your audience desires. According to this awesome article I read most people state they desire photos, videos, customer reviews and company news. That seems logical. For one business I work with I like to consider my Facebook posts like our mini-news station. I’ll put little changes, maybe when we paint new lines in the parking lot or plant new flowers.    

It’s news… Might not seem earth shattering, but when you’re building a bond it’s important. (The photo I used is shown below). Would you tell a friend you planted new flowers? Then by all means tell your audience! This is what they want.  

Create community by being personal and respond to their comments. It is shown that followers like engagement. When someone says “pretty flowers”… “Like” it! Better yet, thank them. I mean, if they came in your store and said “pretty flowers” you’d say thanks, right??? Social marketing is about conversations.  

You’re working hard to build a following, put that type of effort into keeping your following!

If you’re having fun, it will show through in your posts.

Thanks again! And click the follow us option at the bottom… We’d love to have you join us!

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Prove It. (Social Proof – it’s not that hard)

“Best Seller” or “Millions Served”. Sounds like a place or product you want to try, right?!?!  I haven’t shared the product or place but knowing that millions have used it one that it’s a best seller takes lots of the “unknown” out of it.

This is especially needed online. You’ve worked hard to get visitors to your site… Maybe it’s a CPC, newsletter or mailing you sent, it doesn’t matter what channel you used, they’re on your site.  Now what.  Look at your site, does it have 2003 graphics that spin or blink?  Dang… I hope not.  
Does it have social proof?  
I hope so!
How do you convey your “millions served” message on your website?  Remember you’re not there to give creditability…
You see, social proof isn’t new… It has been around a long time.  Studying real world marketing tactics and applying to your online presence is vital (and easy). I want you to brainstorm 10 ways to convey your business’ social proof.  
For example: Are you part of an association or chamber, have you won an award, do you have a certification or distinction, are there real photos you can use, do you have a video of you at your business, how many Facebook likes do you have, are people retweeting, how many visitors have been to your site, who are your clients… 
There are countless ways to show “social proof”.  Now add it to your site!  BTW read this article, it’s awesome for showing more ideas!  Now go… You have a list… Start sharing your social proof!
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