Episode #191

You can learn to create customers that create customers.  It starts by recognizing your ideal customer.

The way to determine your ideal customer is to think of your ultimate customer, right now!  Who is this person… now this is a very important exercise to complete.  It is particularly important on the days when you are bummed out because you have a difficult customer and working together is a chore.

Avoid the chore.

Focus now, on who the ideal customer is for your working style.  Imagine if that one customer you absolutely love to work with suddenly multiplied into 6 people, how awesome would your day be?   This is what I’m referring to, take the time to put down onto paper what makes the idea person ideal…

Do they pay on time, love your style, give you creative freedom, tell their friends… once you can figure out why you enjoy their business you can go after who they are.

Remember one of the coolest things on Facebook is that you can advertise and get very specific on your targeting.  If you choose to create an ad meant to bring customers to your business and these customers are men age 27 to 25 that live 10 miles from your business that have bought a new house in the last 6 months, you can find them.  Personally, that’s a little overwhelming to me, but you really can do this.   This “who” profile is important, but the “why” is even more important.

You need to get into the head of your ideal customer.  Really figure out why they need your product or service.   You don’t sell financial planning.  You sell the “why” they need financial planning, for example the photo of their entire family on the beach in the Caribbean or a the dream of graduating from college.  These are the reasons they’re using your services.

Developing your imagery around the “why” and using the targeted demographic information of your ideal customer will magically make them appear.  Really, it will!

Give it a shot.  You need to enjoy working with the people that select your services, otherwise it’s silly to take all of the risks of a business owner, if you can’t stand the people showing up at your door!

SME + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers = Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1- Create an ideal customer using a current customer as a guide, determine their demographics.
2- Get into their head and figure out “why” they need your product and create your words and imagery to sell your product to them!
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Hashtag a Really Big Chair!

Last week, while attending Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW17),  I stayed at the Marriott Marquis in San Diego.  In addition to a nice marina, they gave a giant Adirondack chair.  It’s bright orange and in the middle of the courtyard landscaping near the pool bar.  It’s a fun area and even though it’s bright orange, it fits in well with the marina and pool atmosphere.

The giant chair is designed for group photos, I’m sure many a family photo has been taken here… only to end up on the following season’s Christmas card.  After all, the chair is painted with the words “Wish you were here” and you know that’s not true… it’s just more polite than saying “nanner nanner we’re in San Diego and you’re not” – But I’ll get back to my point.

The neat part about the location is that you have a walkway overhead so if you want to get photo from above you can do that!  Now the cool part about that is the hotel anticipates you’ll do that by placing their hashtag right on the top of the arm of the chair!  #MarriottMarquisSD It’s also a great reminder for the people sitting in the chair.  Obviously they want you to take photos in their giant chair, the hotel would love for you to post your photos online, but one step further… they want you to use their hashtag!

I thought I’d bring this up as a reminder.  Many times we forget that a hashtag is now a brand icon.  Start to develop one for your business.  Think about a hashtag, then search it… the reason you search for it is that you want a unique hashtag OR at least one that isn’t used for a negative reason.  Next, start using your hashtag!   Do you have a central photo area?  Do people visiting your business and use your product at a photo stop elsewhere?  For example, rental bikes or boats.  Another way to  use the hashtag is how colleges use it.  They send the hashtag as a sign in their welcome pack… they know their new admits will take a photo with the sign and post it online.  Finally, if you’re hosting an event, make sure to have a hashtag!  One common unifying hashtag is a valuable way to elevate your brand!

Action Step:  Come up with a hashtag and start using it!

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