– Day 36 – Just 15 Hours a Week! haha

Occasionally ask, “What is the connection between what I want most in life and anything I plan to do today?” Robert Brault

Today was one of those days where I had a glimmer of inspiration.

I was having a conversation about why social marketing is important.  It was ironic because sometimes I get too far away from the source of my “why” and I need to be knocked back into perspective!

You might be like this person… he’s transformed a passion into a money generator. Now, he can see the potential and wants to replace his income from his job.  It’s not out of the question, but it’s that point where he’s running on empty but not at the point where he can cut the strings.

And that’s when he said the magic words… “Yeah, but how on earth can I take time to post this stuff when I’m working on going to my job and working on building this (business)”

Ta Da!  Enter the Infinity Marketing Machine.

I love this question/statement because my entire passion in this exact topic started when I read one sentence in a Social Media Marketing book.  The book was ginormous!  Remember an old phone book… yep… that big.

The reason I bought this awful book was because I’m writing a book.  In order to write mine, I wanted to get an idea of what others put into a great big book of social media nonsense.  And I found it on page 1.  It said something along the lines of… a small business should prepare to spend 15 hours a week on social media marketing.

I burst out laughing!  There’s absolutely no way, someone that has worked closely with a small business, would ever have the time to spend 15 hours a week!  It’s simply impossible. — that’s like 3 hours a day!  If you honestly have 3 hours a day to do social media marketing… you need to develop a new profit center and generate more cash!


AND That’s when I set out to find a better and more reliable way to USE social media platforms to your advantage!

That’s when I discovered the Infinity Marketing Machine.   It’s a great way to build a bond with your customers and specifically target this group to build your business.

PS:  I’ve written the book… well the first draft.  How cool is that??!?!?

Alrightie… back to my story.  I shared a little of my process in my conversation today… but then I started to notice a “glossed over” look in his eye.  So in case you’re in that same situation… stop by this week and we’ll explore this a little closer.  Starting tomorrow I’ll share what an Infinity Marketing Machine is and what it’s not…

Just know that it’s super important to create your Infinity Marketing Machine with intent… you must know have a goal in mind to achieve success.

Until then… join my group!  start here

Episode #219 – You Better Trust This Social Marketing Advice That’s Over 227 Years Old or You’ll Regret It!

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Just when you think you are out of things to write about… remember what Benjamin Franklin has to say!

Isn’t it odd that Ben, who died in 1790, explains the heart and soul of social marketing?!

As you are deciding what to post or you just “feel” like you should post, you need to post something people WANT to read.  What you are creating is a gift for your followers.

The guideline is you must post consistently.  I say “guideline” but let’s call it a rule for a moment.  You need to follow the number one rule which is to post consistently, pick the amount of time you are going to post, whether it’s one day a week, twice a week, or even every day.  Then you need to go to rule two which is this post must occur at the same time, every time.  If you post on Tuesday and Thursday, build a consistency into the time, for example, pick lunch, afternoon, dinner… but make it the same time!

You may ask, what’s the perfect time and perfect quantity… this is where the “guideline” returns.  My answer: there is no perfect time/quantity, the only perfect time/quantity is that you pick the quantity and always follow thorough!

Now back to Ben…

When you’ve picked the time/quantity and you sit down to type and BOOM you’ve got nothing… then what?

Plan before you get to “nothing” — do exactly what Ben suggests…

1- write something worth reading OR

2- Do something worth writing

But what ever you do, don’t get to Tuesday at 11:00 and wonder what the heck you’re going to post today at noon… Back up two days, and make sure you have a plan for Tuesday’s post!

Therefore, as you decide the quantity/time – you’ve got to plot this on a calendar.  You need to do this monthly and plot your current events for your business, whether this is a special sale or date in your business cycle when you see it on a calendar you can “write” about it.  You can also see the “drought” coming and fill in with those ultimate back-up’s like “National Day Of” celebrations.

There is a way to get consistent posts that are fun to read but it all involves planning.

I say – you can do this on your own, but if you want to check out the new social media planner I created on Etsy — click here.

Thanks again – and when in doubt, remember Ben’s words!


SME + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers = Infinity Marketing Machine

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Episode #130 – Day 100, In a Row… Now it’s Your Turn

So here I am at Day 100, in a row, of my project to create a blog.  Today’s inspiration was found on a Linked In post yesterday…

“A lot of us go through life carrying around things, ideas, mistakes, regrets, and habits – all of which no longer serve us. It’s time to let some of that just go. Clear out your life’s “closet” and make room for new.” CPodesta

I found it fitting because for so many months, and even about a year, I didn’t think I could create a consistent blog.  I’ve read the information about how important it is and I believed it was important.  But just as the inspiration implies we have a lot of baggage we carry around with us and that holds true as we venture into a social media marketing plan.

You’ve heard the advice of creating a consistent posting plan along a general theme that will be relevant to your readers.

But have you started?

OR have you figured that you have things to ship, places to go, items to create, and in general (be honest) just don’t see the relevance of posting consistently?

In the past three months I’ve had 286 visitors and 60 likes… PS: Thank you on the likes!!!

I’m certain there are people that post who have 286 visitors and 60 likes within the first one minute they post one thing… and I had a post earlier this week that said you cannot compare your “behind the scenes” with someone else’s “highlight reel” – I share my numbers with you to give you the opportunity to see what real life is like!  This is real.  I posted for one hundred days in a row and I’m thrilled with my numbers… I cannot compare myself with someone that began posting 5 years ago, unless I compare my first 100 days with their first 100 days.

I make this point to encourage you all to start on your social media marketing venture, now.  I like to refer back to my other post about “when is the best time to plant a tree, 20 years ago… when is the second best time, now” – you have to choose to start without the regret of not starting earlier.  Look toward the future. Where do you want to be in 30 or 100 days.  If you start today, and write twice a week, you will have 8 posts by the end of the month.

It is that simple!

Here are two other fun things that happened along the way… I started without a name of the podcast and my original “social squares” did not have episode numbers, so as you go along your journey, it’s OK to start and figure it out as you go along!

PS:   Thanks to my podcast followers, I’ve had over 1,400 listens in my first 100 days… Let’s see where we’ll be at the end of the next 100 days.

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Episode #109 – Practice Your Social Media Marketing and the Difficult Will Become Easy!

What is really easy for you?  I look at something so obvious as typing that question and think of how difficult it once was to type.  I type fast.  But that didn’t “just happen”.  I took a typing class in high school and practiced.  However, until I looked back at all of the years of continued usage of my typing skills, I never really thought about the difficulty it was to type “stupid” things like “the quick brown fox…”

Take your morning routine for an example, how many things do you do before you even start working, that were once difficult tasks, now made easy?  It’s possibly hundreds.

Social Media and the use of it for marketing have only been around for 10 years.  You may have just “jumped in” to it this past year.  Why are you so frustrated?  There’s no reason to be so hard on yourself.  This is something that is easy only after it’s difficult.

The learning curve is big. But it’s not entirely new. There are many aspects that are familiar to marketing that you’ve used for years.  You take photos, craft messages, and build an audience.  Let’s compare email marketing and direct mail.  To send a message via email you need to have a database.  The same is true of sending a post card… you need a database.  Next is your message… you need it for email just the same as a postcard.  Finally visuals, both need something to catch the eye, one twist is with email you can use video.  Essentially they are very similar.

If you are creating a post on Facebook, you also need three things, a visual, a message and an audience. So what is making this so difficult?  Rules.  You just need to know the rules.  Learn the demographics, for example if you were targeting 60 year olds, Snapchat is not the most useful social media tool due to the demographics.  If you create beautiful photos or visuals at your business, then Instagram or Pinterest might be the better platforms for you.

The only way things get easy is to practice…  So take a moment and decide if the reason you “have difficulty” with social media is because you don’t have time… or have trouble with creating messages (content) or if you simply don’t understand the rules (logistics) – then craft your plan to over come with either practice or education… Hint: there are lots of online education mini-courses on YouTube to start with.


Finally, you’ve just got to get out there, develop a plan, and just “do”. Jump in.  Go for it!

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Action Step
1- List three things you’ve done today that were once difficult.
2- Write down the most difficult part of your social media plan… is it time, content, or logistics.
3- Decide if  you need education or practice to overcome #2?  Then just “do”.
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Episode #101 – Quit Selling. Start Listening

Have you ever really stopped and listened to someone?  The reason I ask is because we’re getting really bad at it.  Simply watch the news or the “horrible house wives of loser ville” no one listens anymore.  The best is when they’re not being heard then they have a “cameo” or “one-on-one” with a camera to tell their story and WE have to listen to their nonsense.  To be honest, I don’t watch reality TV. I’ve seen clips of it, and I don’t like it.  However, I do watch the news and seriously, it’s really not news anymore… it’s who can talk over the other person loudest to craft their message.

Hummmmm, that almost sounds like traditional sales.

If you don’t believe me… just pick up an advertisement in the Sunday newspaper and you’ll see brightly colored ads and “loud” pricing numbers popping off the page.  Thank goodness it’s paper and not audio because they’d be yelling “BARGAIN BARGAIN BARGAIN”  Oh wait… that’s radio and TV ads.  Advertisers are simply engaged in a battle of who can yell the loudest… but, is anyone listening?  It’s just like reality TV or the news.

There are a couple of powerful gifts you have.  One is captivating an audience, the other is listening to them.

If you really, and I mean if you REALLY want to understand what is transitioning in the world of marketing and social media, dare I say “selling”…  start listening.

When you create a post and people “like” it, they’ve received your message and have given you a thumbs up (literally) and said… hey this is cool, I “felt” something by it.  Your audience just engaged in a conversation with you, it might not be words, but they interacted.  Listen to them. If this is what your audience craves, give them more.

Would you appreciate walking into a room of strangers and having someone “bee line” to you… shove a business card in your pocket, grab your hand, and say, “You’re my new best friend…  I sell X product… Let’s go get some punch and I’ll tell you all about it!”  You just walked in the room, it was storming, you still have goulashes and a rain coat on and you don’t even own object Y to dictate a need for this crazy product X.  But you can’t get a word in edgewise to tell your new BFF to buzz off.

This is advertising.  Everyone in earshot is subject to the same message.

Don’t laugh, but most people have transferred this “method” to social media marketing.

It doesn’t work.

Instead try this… think about who your ideal client is and talk to them.  Create your message.  Create your message just for that ideal client.  Create your message just for that ideal client AND have a conversation.  By conversation, I mean give them a chance to respond!  They will by liking, following, commenting… and even sharing.

Don’t sell. Listen.

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Action Step
1- Who is your ideal client?  Think about your favorite customer… what makes them your favorite?  What are their demographics?
2- Write a post as if you were having a conversation with them… not a sales presentation, just a conversation.
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Episode #82 – Keep Going! It’s Working. Don’t Quit.

Sometimes you feel like you’re talking and no one is listening?  Often your social media marketing will feel that way.  You’ve read all of the guides or books and follow their “sure fire plan” to success.  Post X number of times a day and keep it Y number of words and only post at Z hours.  Yeah, that’s a bunch of poo and we all know it.

You need to make posts people want to read.

There’s an old saying in advertising that 50% of your advertising is working, you just don’t know which 50%.  Well, in today’s era you can narrow it down by modifying old techniques.  You realize ads used to say, “ask for Jim”  knowing there was no Jim that worked there!  They did that to count how many times an ad in the paper or on the radio triggered a phone call.  The modern version is text a Key-Word to a phone number.  Same idea, different year.

The most important thing to remember is to keep going.  You’ve started on this journey and when it feels like you want to quit. Don’t.  With the exceptions of “likes” on a post (which, feel free to like this one… haha) — you rarely get positive interactions.  After all, how many positive reviews have you spontaneously written about any product/service you use?  Yet… you think people will just stop and write one for your product or service.   If your goal is positive reviews, just ask for them.

So the fun part about our business inspiration is that you just have to trust your efforts are working.  If you don’t put the effort in, you will get nothing.  So I guess if you want a 100% results driven outcome, doing nothing produces nothing.  UGHHHH don’t do that!

If you need motivation — check out my article on

But ultimately, you’ve got to keep going. Just because it’s silent doesn’t mean your efforts are not appreciated… it just means it’s silent.

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Action Step
1- Pick one product or service you sell
2- How can that product change someone’s life?  Will it add convenience, save time, create money?
3- Write a “did you know…” post.  This post just talks about the benefit of (whatever you came up with in #2) – try sharing a story from a customer that experienced that result… .  Just make the post meaningful to the person reading.
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Episode #81 – Become a Subject Matter Expert – Find Your Cat by Bundling Your Knowledge and Experience!

Yesterday I saw a great tweet from Sean Gardner… It is the photo I used on this post.  The three photos represent Knowledge, Experience and finally Creativity.  Knowledge is the scattered circles… experience shows straight lines connecting the circles.  However, when you combine the circles in a creative pattern you get a cat.  Today, find your cat!

I’d like you to think creative for a minute.  If you take your knowledge and experience and bundle them together in a nice package you become a subject matter expert.  This is one of the building blocks you need as a small business.  When you package yourself as a subject matter expert you are owning your corner of the web and allowing yourself to be found!

Content is produced ever minute on the internet, for example, this blog post didn’t exist yesterday… and tomorrow there will be another.  Well, multiply that by everyone posting on Facebook, adding pages to websites, or photos.  Just stop and think of photos!  There is a whole lot of noise out there and you need to cut through it.

This is where creativity is essential.  You need to position yourself as a subject matter expert.  I have an article on my website, that explains it in detail.  Essentially, you start as an order taker, you become a sales person, and then you are a subject matter expert.  Subject matter expert is using education, knowledge, experience, and honors, to elevate your status above the noise on the web.

You can do this in your field or business area… or you can do it in your hobby or passion.  For me, I’m in the marina industry, but my hobby/passion is baton twirling.  I competed for 17 years, I’m a former national champion, I have taught/coached and I’m currently a judge.  I created an app with a following of over 4,000 and boom… it has nothing to do with boats.  But if someone who is looking for our marina finds my baton information, they learn about me.  I break through the noise.

My other passion is small business marketing!  (Thanks for reading my blog!)  Focusing and breaking through the social media clutter for small businesses and showing how the tools can be utilized to produce results is exciting to me… because I do this for our business.  Now I share my experiences.  I enjoy speaking on the topic. I enjoy writing on the topic.  Again, nothing to do with boats, but it does build my web presence.

This is vital in an increasing internet.  Look at your knowledge and experience in a creative way… find your cat!  Connect your dots to position yourself as a subject matter expert.

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Action Step
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2- Decide to position yourself as a subject matter expert
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