Episode #63 – Is Your Problem an Obstacle or an Opportunity?

You’ve got a problem. Funny thing is… you’ve got to deal with it, so you choose… is it an obstacle or an opportunity?  Sure you should go back in time and do something to prevent the problem, but that’s not going to happen (this time).

If you choose to look at the problem as an opportunity, you will find a solution.  The solution may turn out to be a blessing.  I know, hard to believe.  But look back in your life and not necessarily your business life, include your personal journey.  When did something not go right that had a better result.  That’s what I’m talking about.

The next problem that jumps up in front of you look at it as an opportunity.  You just might find a new way to make money!  If the product isn’t selling, repackage, move location, change the name, bundle with another product, try a different color – there are lots of ways to look at the problem.

A minor problem we had at work was a giant stack of T shirts.  They we rolled them and  put in plastic bags so we could sell outside.  We dropped the price.  This combination sold them all in one weekend.  When they were outside, groups bought them!  So it wasn’t one person, it was five!  This year we are buying a shirt specifically to sell in this manner.

Problems are opportunities.

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Action Step
1- Do you have a problem you’re working through right now… brainstorm all of the opportunities it brings!  Seriously, write everything down on paper.  Silly ideas can bring great solutions.

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Episode #52 No Complaint Without a Solution

I was at a seminar about a year ago when the speaker asked for a show of hands, “how many of you have someone that works for you that’s hostile, angry, mean, full of complaints, gruff and in general is just unpleasant to be around?”  Nearly everyone raised their hand.  She paused then said, “and you pay them?” — what a great, “snap back to reality moment” – why are you paying someone to ONLY complain?  Because you tolerate it.

Implement an “if you bring a complaint, bring a solution” policy with your employees… if your customer complains, ask for their solution.  Simply, quit allowing “whiny complainy” people to surround you.  (yes I made up the word comlainy…)

Now, it might not be a great solution that the person presents, but it does get them in a solutions mindset.  This will allow you to think about the solution AND the problem.  It’s really easy to dismiss a complaint as “just another thing HE or SHE complains about” but if they say, “this sucks… here’s how we can do it better” you might actually see the problem!

PS:  You are still in control of the solution… the one presented might be the best one, or it might spur you to a variation!  Either way, it’s going to help you get positive feedback.

PSS:  Why the Rubik’s Cube… they were very popular when I was in Middle School… fastest I ever solved one was one minute-twenty eight seconds.  Believe it or not, my classmates used to pay me a dollar to solve their cubes for them.  I can still solve it and for a dollar I’ll solve yours!  haha

Action Step
1- Start right now, implement a “no complaint without a solution problem” – this goes for employees and vendors.

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Create a Solutions Environment

If there’s a problem… there’s always a solution! Switch your focus and create a problem solving environment.

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