JUMP! – ProfitCenterCoach.com – Episode 425

“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.” Rabindranath Tagore

Wednesday: Midweek Motivation

So does the gal in the photo jump in and swim or build a boat or buy a cruise ticket or head for the airport.  There are many ways to cross the sea!

But it all starts with action.

And that’s where it breaks down.  You looked at the picture and may have thought – just get in and swim!

After taking a moment you thought about how big the ocean is and how tired you’d get and how unrealistic it would be to swim so planning helped you decide on the boat or cruise.

but then….

Someone said, “head to the airport” and it threw a wrench in your whole thought process. Never did you think that “crossing the sea” could mean that you go over it!

There are endless possibilities to every questions.  Other than running into the dreaded “analysis paralysis” don’t limit yourself with small thoughts.

And by all means JUMP.

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Episode #120 – Have an Idea… Now Do It!

Alrightie… it’s acronym time! START Start Today Achieve Results Tomorrow. There’s nothing better than starting your week with a good old fashioned acronym… well at least an acronym, I’m not sure it’s good.  Haha

Much like my Bob Marley quote you’ve got to start. After you develop your goal and the plan to achieve the goal you have to start.   Silly as it sounds, there are plenty of people that think big but don’t actually start.  This is why I talk about goal achievement instead of goal setting.  I mean, most people are pretty darn good at setting goals, but, not quite as good as attaining their goals.

I think START is a jazzy little acronym.  “Results” are your key word, and that’s plays right into my article on my website to help – you must have a specific and measurable goal.  Here’s my real world example.  It was very busy at the marina this past Thursday.  That’s Thursday June 29.  Which in the USA Marina world is the equivalent of a couple days before Black Friday in the retail world… we’re busy getting ready for the 4th of July.  Anyway… I got the idea that if I sent out an email announcing a special for membership in our boat club that maybe someone would sign up.  I knew it would take a little over an hour to create a slide/video presentation and skim my email list for active prospects.  The timing would be great because the weather forecast was wonderful…but it was also getting close to 3:00 pm – and that means my “work email” addresses would be going home soon… boom, let’s do it.

My goal. One new sign up.
Plan: skim list, create video, write email
Time: one hour

At 4:17pm the email went out and shortly before 5:00pm one person called and joined us! Our membership rate was just under $2,500.

This was not “magic” all of the people I sent emails to had previously requested information and had been in my email loop.  It was the right message, right time, and right price. The magic was that, I was prepared, I had an idea, and decided to START.

Now, it’s your turn!

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Action Step
1- START – Start Today Achieve Results Tomorrow
2-What idea can you implement… right now!  Just start… (it doesn’t have to be perfect)
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Episode #95 – Start NOW! Quit Using Perfection as an Excuse.

What’s holding you back?  Fear… Perfection… both?  I’m a little under time right now to create this post because I sat down and the ideas started flowing for a speech for my Toastmasters meeting, tomorrow.  Yikes!

The crazy thing is… it wasn’t the perfect time or ideal setting, but the idea was there and I just started jotting it down.  The speech is tomorrow and perfectionists out there would roll their eyes and say, “you are at the idea phase, and the speech is tomorrow?”

My answer is… “YES!  And I’m giving it”

I give you permission to just “do”.  It no longer has to be perfect to get off your plate.

There is one thing I really love about social media marketing.  It does not have to be perfect.  And quite frankly, it works better if it’s not polished, perfect, error free.

These days, people just want real.  They want to see the behind the scenes things happening at your business.  They want to hear about the funny stories.  They feel your pain when your entire phone system goes down (like it did for me yesterday…. UGHHHHH).

Today’s messaging is real, gritty, and sometimes spelled strangely.  Sure, work for great grammar.  I believe that is still important.  But if someone wants to roll their eyes because you spelled something wrong, they’re not your ideal customer.  Your ideal customer loves the real you, flaws and all.  Rolling eye customer need to go to “perfect grammar store” down the street.  Here’s the silly thing about “perfect grammar store” they don’t post!  They’re afraid of something not being perfect!

How ironic!

The time will never be right, ideal, perfect… but it will always going to be OK.  Just jump in and start!

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Action Step
1- Start.
2- (You know what project you’ve been avoiding… admit it… and do #1)
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Episode #45 – Plant a Tree Today, Start Your Blog

When will you start your blog?  If you had started a year ago, blogging once a week, you’d have 52 posts today!  Just like planting a tree, the best time to have done it was in the past, but the second best time is today.   Take action, start your blog today… a month from now you’ll be glad you did!

If you’re worried about HOW to start a blog, don’t let that stop you, just start writing. Even if it’s just in a notebook or in your Word program.  If you have the content, someone else can set up the technology for you.  You just need to start, today.  It’s becoming more and more important to the changing world of Social Media Marketing.  If you read the article I wrote on Subject Matter Expert, blogging takes on a whole new importance.

Action Steps
1- Read my article, Subject Matter Expert at BigFishIdeas.com
2-Start a Blog (or at least start writing)

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Just Start

You have to start! Goals are great but the only way to achieve them is to start!  I like the example from Social Media Marketing World to just press record.  Don’t worry how “bad” it is… just press record.  The presenter was right, you have to start!

Action Step:

1- Pick your format: Blog or podcast
2- Start

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