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“People are hungry for stories. It’s part of our very being” Studs Terkel

Oh my… what a long day at the marina!  There was a “big” party on our lake… That meant I made four calls to 911 and two actual visits from the police to our marina.  (And it’s a Tuesday! UGHHHH)   I’d share more of the stories… but let’s just leave it at the question, “Is it necessary to puke on our front lawn?”

Again… I’m still here!  I’m just taking a mini-blog-break.  More info soon… 🙂



Episode #118 – Punch Them in the Face with Your Story – NOT a Sales Pitch.

I wonder what I should post today?  If you’re using Social Media and you create your posts without a goal, you are simply posting.  You think, “hummm…. I haven’t posted in a while, I think I’ll post something.”  There’s no reason for the post, other than you “think” you need one.

Now if you have a content plan and you have previously decided that all of your posts will highlight your product in use… but, your desired outcome is to support your businesses story.  This will have a much better result.  Now, notice I did not say “generate X sales”.  You cannot create a social media plan with the targeted outcome to generate sales.  Social Media should be utilized as a story teller.  It is the ability to share your business personality with your followers… occasionally you can create a post to generate sales, but for the most part you will be creating posts to build your persona.

It is important to have an objective while you build your personality.  The objective is that there is always a next step.  What do you want the people reading the post to do?  Do you want them to visit a link on your website, read your blog, “like” it.  It’s important to have an objective even if it is not intended to generate a sale.

How do you determine your story?

Start with talking to yourself.  (I’m not kidding)  Imagine you’re at a party and someone asks you, “what do you do for a living?” and just answer yourself.  You’ve been asked this type of question many times.  Say out loud the way you explain your business, the reasons you started, what your mission is, and where you’re heading.  This is your story!  Use this as the “voice” as the basis of your posts.

For example, if you started teaching dance because you competed as a teen and learned discipline from your training, then create your posts from this voice.   If you are holding an open house, talk about your personal experience as a child and how you want to create this memory for the next generation.  Speaking from this voice will be more effective than a post that simply says we offer dance classes from 4:00 – 6:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You’ve switched from the product to the experience.  This will be an effective post!

When you use story telling effectively you are punching someone in the face!  (In a good way).  The reason it’s a “good way” is because you’re creating a surprise for the reader.

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Action Step
1- What’s your story?  This story may be different or morph depending on which profit center you are talking about.
2- Create a post using a story telling voice.
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Ask Better Questions

Did you fall?  Clearly the person is on the ground…

What happens when you start to ask better questions?  Earlier this week I had the opportunity to listen to a customer on the phone with his credit card company.  He spent over 10 minutes, calm as can be, until the problem was resolved.  When he was finished I asked, “what job are you professionally trained at… you never got mad”.  His answer surprised me.  He didn’t say psychology, police officer or clergy.  He instead told me a story.

His mother raised him with the belief that he only has so many “get mads” in life. Each time a situation arises he asks himself “do I want to use a ‘get mad’ on this?”

I asked a different question and received a beautiful story.

Action step
-Start asking better questions.  You already know the person fell…

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