– Episode #459 – These Three Tips Improve Your Online Credibility, Today.

“Don’t find yourself. Create yourself.”

Monday: Character

Do you wait for things to happen to you or do you make things happen?

Today’s inspiration is all about your answer to this question.  If you wait for things to happen, you are not in control.  When it comes to creating yourself… you must be in control.

Here are three tips to gaining control with the image you present online.

1)  Linked In.  – Go into your profile and update!  Make sure to be creative.  This is your chance to show people what you’re made of!  Honors and awards need to be included, this is a vital avenue to character and showcasing that you are a Subject Matter Expert.

Now…. if you don’t have “awards” or have a unique field without awards, you can still build expertise in your followers.  This is why McDonalds has “billions and billions” served!  When I worked in college admissions I served on a scholarship committee… but does it sound better to say, “I’ve read over 1,000 scholarship applications”… be creative.

2)  Website – About Me.  Use this space to share who you are!  It’s similar to the Linked In profile – but different in that you want to share your personality.   Include photos and add recent “coolness” – You’ll include awards/honors and leadership activities — but you’ll also want to show your story.

Your story is what makes you… YOU.  Include how you developed your talents that brought you to open a business.  Let your readers understand who you are.  I said, “personality” earlier… and it’s important to show that side.  But story are the words that got you where you are today.

3)  Write something!  If you’re not up to a blog… yet… then at least come up with your big list of questions.  Start with one giant list.  It’s going to be related to one profit center.   Remember profit centers are areas of your business that generate income.  For our marina we have a boat club, winter storage, and a store.  They interrelate but they also stand alone!

So… take the time to write down every question you’ve ever been asked by a prospective client.  The reason this builds credibility is that people reading online will have those exact questions.  When they find the person that can answer their questions, they’ve found an expert.

There you go.  Three things to immediately build your character… that are not difficult to do today!

Sounds like you’ve got some work to do!  But it will be worth it to build your character – the first C of the Infinity Marketing Machine.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Content & Consistency”!
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Advertisements – Episode 453 – A Trick To Help You Create Blog Posts

“When you get, give. When you learn, teach.” – Maya Angelo

Monday: Character

The goal of turning our social media efforts into an Infinity Marketing Machine is accomplished by getting our audience to know, like, and trust us.

The question becomes, “How do we do this?”

When you convert your effort to creating an Infinity Marketing Machine All communication with your customers centers around this main goal.  You want all communications to build trust and get people to know us that’s how they will like us!

I’ve often said we do this through creating consistent content that is useful to our followers.  BUT, it’s a little more than just content.  It’s about the credibility of the person  creating the content!

Sure you can create a site where you constantly repost items from experts… but all that makes you is a good reposter-er… you want to be more than that!  You want to be one of the experts.

When you position yourself as an expert you will enhance your following.  This may seem daunting… but you can do this with something as simple as a Linked-In or Facebook Profile.

Use these two “ready to go” traffic generators.  Just build and enhance your profiles.  Include your talents/skills and honors/awards.  Also post your own creative content.

That’s a little tricky for some people.  I think it’s because we use the word “expert” and follow it with “create content” – that means you are blogging or vlogging information for potential customers to see!  That gets scary… until you think of this trick.

Reread today’s inspiration: “When you get, give. When you learn, teach.” – Maya Angelo

The second half… “When you learn, teach.”

If you can hold a conversation about your product, service, or industry then you can write or create a video about it.  Take what you have LEARNED and spin it into a TEACHING moment.

Just like this blog post… all I’m doing is sharing information I’ve learned.  I’m teaching you what I know!  I love learning more and more about being an Infinitypreneur but… it’s even better to teach you!

Instead of thinking of “positioning yourself as an expert” think of yourself as “Teaching what you know”!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Content and Consistency”!
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Sunday – Week in Review – Episode #447 – Is Snapchat a Fruit or Vegetable?

“Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

Monday: Subject Matter Expert

Get up. Run business. Go to sleep. Repeat.

I’m willing to bet that there’s a lot of knowledge that happens between “get up” and “go to sleep”. haha

This knowledge is the information that you need to focus on for positioning yourself as a Subject Matter Expert.   And we need to be a Subject Matter Expert in our industry because being the thought leader for our customers transitions them to a tribe.  And when they become a tribe you will experience loyalty.

That’s why this is important!

But I found today’s inspiration and it made me laugh because we’d never put a tomato in a fruit salad… but how many times have you almost done something “dumb”… OR better yet, how many times has someone else nearly done something dumb but you stopped them?!?

The way you build trust with your tribe is to show them where the pitfalls are!  You want to prevent them from doing something dumb.  I like to mention this point because sometimes people feel funny about listing their credentials or starting a blog.  But… your ability to serve your tribe by preventing them from doing something incorrect (dumb) or your ability to shorten their learning curve is a great benefit to spending the time to be a thought leader.

Remember, this does take time.  You are working on your business, so taking the time to write web pages or a blog might seem irrelevant.  However, if you prevent someone from putting tomatoes on their fruit salad, isn’t it worth it?

Alright – maybe that’s not your number one concern… so if your knowledge brings more customers in your door… isn’t it worth it?

The reason I bring this up… I was talking about our crew with my parents (the owners of our family marina) – anyway, my dad was asking about how I recruited our crew this summer.  He knew about the open house event we hosted in April, but he wanted to know HOW we found the people that we invited to the open house.  My answer… “Snapchat”.

You see, I was able to share my knowledge with my dad and explain how powerful social media can be.  I used the real world example of our open house.  He still doesn’t completely understand what Snapchat is… but he does fully understand that using a newspaper ad to attract our high school crew is just like putting tomatoes on your fruit salad!

Tomorrow… come back for this week’s episode on “Content and Consistency”!
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Saturday – Try This! – Episode 435 – Stay Current

“What’s new today will be old tomorrow. The only constant is change”

Monday: Subject Matter Expert

What the heck is the purpose of “Subject Matter Expert” Day?

It’s simple. People want to do business with people.  They don’t want to do business with phones, websites, or pamphlets.  These are your tools.  But the key is YOU.

You must earn credibility for a person to work with you!

Now… sometimes this is ONLY done via the text on a webpage.  You can make an entire sale based on the information you provide.

But something magical happened when you provided that information.  The magical something is that you earned trust based on your words OR on another part of your site.

Maybe you included an “About Me” section that someone read and learned about you.  Or maybe they did a search for you on Linked In and found your profile.

Now… behind the scenes your credibility is based on your ability to keep up with the times.  What I mean by this is the message you provide.

For example, when you look at your site do you see a 10 year old car or a new car?  How about that photo you included to say “call us” and it’s a flip phone or worse… a BlackBerry!

It was funny my husband showed me a photo of an ad from Amtrak.  Great ad that conveyed their train engine is robust, but it’s the experience it provides the riders via memories that is the real benefit… but when I was shown the ad, which was cool, he said it’s got to be old it’s a 10 year old car in the ad!

Either they took the photo and didn’t notice the car OR it was a fancy car, 10 years ago…

That’s why it’s just as important to your Subject Matter Expertise to stay current with your visuals on your pamphlets or website as it is to keep up with your education and credentials.  If either is stale, it’s a reflection on YOU!

Just like our inspiration says, “What’s new today will be old tomorrow. The only constant is change.”

So take a moment today to do a reality check and see if you’re outdated!

Tomorrow come back for this week’s episode on “Content and Consistency”!
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Saturday – Try This! – Episode 429 – Live Excellence.

“Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.” Ralph Marston

Monday: Subject Matter Expert

Today was a beautiful sunny day at the marina.  It was incredible!  It was also incredible because of what our crew was doing.  Mid-August brings a whole set of instability to the crew.

The reason I say instability is because my “new” crew needs to step up and fill the shoes of their “old” crew’s departure to college.  It’s always shaky.  But today we had a few short cuts that went against my belief.  The belief that when you live with excellence you’ll achieve it.

The example… ugh… I watched one of our guys drive the pontoon boat too close to the dock too fast.  Not only is it illegal… but it’s just dumb.  His skill set is perfectly capable to drive that fast, it wasn’t uncontrolled, it just has a very bad optic to our customers.  Did I mention it was dumb?

This is why you need to live according to excellence.

And that leads to positioning yourself as a Subject Matter Expert.  Excellence in what you do commands respect.  Respect gives you a voice.  That voice brings followers and followers elevate your status.

Be excellence and you will be viewed as excellent.

Here’s the deal… our boat runners have a talent level that is far superior to our customers.  This is amazing since they start at age 15 and our customers are in their 40’s! But because of their youth, they haven’t fully grasped the concept of  “perception” and they do something dumb like drive too fast too close to the dock.

Since our product is the care and handling of boats in addition to the promotion of safe boating, it’s bad for our brand when they drive “too fast”.

Perception affects your Subject Matter Expert status!  Therefore, if that one boat runner runners would just accept excellence as his attitude instead of merely operating as a boat driver with excellent skills, oh my… he’d skyrocket! But until he decides to be excellence, he’ll just have excellent skills.

Is this making sense?

When you decide that to live with excellence your Subject Matter Expert status will skyrocket, until then… you will just have excellent skills.

Live excellence, don’t just be excellent.


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Saturday – Try This! – Episode 422 – Showstopper!

“Toot your own horn”

Saturday: Try This!

Ever used your computer and had the “blue screen of death” instantly appear?  How about you open your email and have 3,000 unread emails in 15 minutes?  Yeah… it’s no fun to have computer problems.

It’s one of those moments you bring your computer into the “fix it” shop and that gut wrenching feeling of handing over your laptop to the guy at the counter.  It’s intimidating!

Now imagine you’re the guy behind the counter, running a great business knowing that the person coming in the door is skeptical of you…  what do you do?

I love my computer “fix it” shop.  They are fast, reliable, and above all, trust worthy!

That’s why last Tuesday when I dropped off my computer I had zero worries.  When I went to pick it up, I noticed the coolest thing on the counter.  It was a simple plastic frame with a print out of all of their “Reader’s Choice” winning certificates.

The “Reader’s Choice” awards are hosted by our local newspaper.  It’s a local poll to find the winners of local business topics, this business won “best computer repair”.  We have these awards for best marina and they’re posted, but I’ve never seen them reduced in size and displayed right on the front counter!

It’s perfect.  It’s a great confidence and great trust builder.  It’s a real showstopper.

If you’ve won awards or have credentials in your industry, be sure to post them for your customers to see… you can do this online, too.

Try This!

If my blog is helping you… I love it! Come and join my group for more!  start here – Episode 417 – Your Brain is Hungry!

“If you’re not feeding your mind, you’re falling behind.”

Monday: Subject Matter Expert

Look at the colors in that photo!  I thought it was pretty and it works well with today’s inspiration I mean what’s better than playing with food…

So let’s talk about feeding our mind.

You need to regularly challenge your mind and expand your knowledge base.  It’s important, not just for your subject matter expert status, but also for your own personal growth!

As a part of the Infinity Marketing Machine you really need to concentrate on the “Character” aspect of your persona. People need to trust you, this is done best when you are a leader in your industry.  Trust builds character.

But how do you build this trust?

I say you can do this by sharing, whether its a blog or podcast – but you know what… you also have to feed your mind and constantly expand your comfort zone.  It might be by regularly reading trade magazines.  You could expand knowledge by attending conferences.  But you can also do it by taking an online course!

I did this last week and I completed a course.  Now I am a certified Business and Entrepreneurship Coach!

It was a great course full of lots and lots of lectures.  I learned so much that will help me in creating new content for this blog. I can’t wait to share it… and challenge you!  OH, there are a few exciting things coming up… stay tuned!

But seriously.  The business of education online is huge… and I’m not referring to college courses.  I’m talking about learning via your peers… I mean lots of people that have created educational programs.  You can learn almost anything!

Well, now it’s your turn!  I did it.

Oh wait… a good coach would ask this different… let’s see… “Imagine your life after completing that online course you want to take, how IS your life different from today?”

Seeeee…. knowledge helps!  Go feed your mind, your brain is hungry!

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