– E460 – Five is for Fire

“Storytelling is a powerful communication tool to get your message across.”

Tuesday: Content and Creation


Yesterday our Store Manager said, “Shoot… my assignment is due by 7pm”.  She’s in college… It was 3:00pm.  The assignment was for her Sign Language class.

The goal of the assignment is to take the numbers 1 to 10 and tell a story.  Oh, it had a twist.  The story she needed to create had to associate a word with a similar motion to the number… so it’s like a “one bun” “two shoe” rhyme, but in sign language, the signs look similar so it’s equally as memorable.

She was so stressed, then finally started telling the story of a cute fire fighter.  For example the number 5 is all fingers extended palm facing your nose.  To make the sign for fire you fan your finger in the motion of flames.  The more the story came together, the more excited she got!

Her story taught the numbers and it did it in a fun memorable way.  Her goal was to teach the numbers.  She had a goal and an outcome and she met her deadline.

Did you see what I did?  I told a story.

More important, for your content creation purpose, I taught you that having a goal and an outcome are important for your story.

Goal: teach the numbers in sign language.  Outcome: told a story.

When you want to teach your customers something.  Remember we’re always teaching.  We teach about our products/services.  The best way to teach is through story.

You just learned a creative way to create content via story telling AND you learned how to sign FIRE along with the number 5!

Today: create a post, but use a story.  Come up with your desired goal and outcome and wrap it in a nice little story to teach your customers!


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“Don’t find yourself. Create yourself.”

Monday: Character

Do you wait for things to happen to you or do you make things happen?

Today’s inspiration is all about your answer to this question.  If you wait for things to happen, you are not in control.  When it comes to creating yourself… you must be in control.

Here are three tips to gaining control with the image you present online.

1)  Linked In.  – Go into your profile and update!  Make sure to be creative.  This is your chance to show people what you’re made of!  Honors and awards need to be included, this is a vital avenue to character and showcasing that you are a Subject Matter Expert.

Now…. if you don’t have “awards” or have a unique field without awards, you can still build expertise in your followers.  This is why McDonalds has “billions and billions” served!  When I worked in college admissions I served on a scholarship committee… but does it sound better to say, “I’ve read over 1,000 scholarship applications”… be creative.

2)  Website – About Me.  Use this space to share who you are!  It’s similar to the Linked In profile – but different in that you want to share your personality.   Include photos and add recent “coolness” – You’ll include awards/honors and leadership activities — but you’ll also want to show your story.

Your story is what makes you… YOU.  Include how you developed your talents that brought you to open a business.  Let your readers understand who you are.  I said, “personality” earlier… and it’s important to show that side.  But story are the words that got you where you are today.

3)  Write something!  If you’re not up to a blog… yet… then at least come up with your big list of questions.  Start with one giant list.  It’s going to be related to one profit center.   Remember profit centers are areas of your business that generate income.  For our marina we have a boat club, winter storage, and a store.  They interrelate but they also stand alone!

So… take the time to write down every question you’ve ever been asked by a prospective client.  The reason this builds credibility is that people reading online will have those exact questions.  When they find the person that can answer their questions, they’ve found an expert.

There you go.  Three things to immediately build your character… that are not difficult to do today!

Sounds like you’ve got some work to do!  But it will be worth it to build your character – the first C of the Infinity Marketing Machine.


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Infinity Marketing Machine Daily Topics:
Monday – Character (Subject Matter Expert)
Tuesday – Content & Consistency
Wednesday – Midweek Motivation
Thursday – Infinity Customers
Friday – Big Money
Saturday – Try This!
Sunday – Week in Review

Episode #82 – Keep Going! It’s Working. Don’t Quit.

Sometimes you feel like you’re talking and no one is listening?  Often your social media marketing will feel that way.  You’ve read all of the guides or books and follow their “sure fire plan” to success.  Post X number of times a day and keep it Y number of words and only post at Z hours.  Yeah, that’s a bunch of poo and we all know it.

You need to make posts people want to read.

There’s an old saying in advertising that 50% of your advertising is working, you just don’t know which 50%.  Well, in today’s era you can narrow it down by modifying old techniques.  You realize ads used to say, “ask for Jim”  knowing there was no Jim that worked there!  They did that to count how many times an ad in the paper or on the radio triggered a phone call.  The modern version is text a Key-Word to a phone number.  Same idea, different year.

The most important thing to remember is to keep going.  You’ve started on this journey and when it feels like you want to quit. Don’t.  With the exceptions of “likes” on a post (which, feel free to like this one… haha) — you rarely get positive interactions.  After all, how many positive reviews have you spontaneously written about any product/service you use?  Yet… you think people will just stop and write one for your product or service.   If your goal is positive reviews, just ask for them.

So the fun part about our business inspiration is that you just have to trust your efforts are working.  If you don’t put the effort in, you will get nothing.  So I guess if you want a 100% results driven outcome, doing nothing produces nothing.  UGHHHH don’t do that!

If you need motivation — check out my article on

But ultimately, you’ve got to keep going. Just because it’s silent doesn’t mean your efforts are not appreciated… it just means it’s silent.

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Action Step
1- Pick one product or service you sell
2- How can that product change someone’s life?  Will it add convenience, save time, create money?
3- Write a “did you know…” post.  This post just talks about the benefit of (whatever you came up with in #2) – try sharing a story from a customer that experienced that result… .  Just make the post meaningful to the person reading.
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