– Episode 500 – Help Someone Find You

“The moon is the first milestone on the road of the stars.” Arthur C Clarke

Saturday: Try This!

Which way are you coming from?

There used to be a time when people would call and ask for directions.  This relied on your staff having to give directions and your customer having to understand the directions.

NOW… “Hey Siri” or a Search gets you where you need to go.  I thought driving was the main source of automated directions, until I saw the new directories at the Mall of America.

Not only do you see where the store is… it has an animated arrow to guide you!


It might be impossible to give your customers a guided arrow, however, what can you give them?  Bring someone with you, jump in your car, and film the journey from the main highway to your business.  Get out of the car and film the walk from car, to elevator, to front desk.

Prospective customers will appreciate this!

They are used to Google or Siri… but they can’t be everywhere (yet) – so help your customers find you!  Film the journey.  We did this at the boat yard… super helpful for first time visitors.

Try This!


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Episode #245 – Make a List! You’ve Got a Lot to Be Thankful For

“If you aren’t grateful for what you already have, what makes you think you would be happy with more?”

Happy Thanksgiving!

As you sit down to your wonderful day with family and friends, contemplate today’s inspiration.  I’m foregoing a post on customers today to reflect on our special holiday.

This inspiration is amazing  because sometimes…

When you want more and you make your goals but it seems like all of your hard work is not doing the trick… ask yourself, “are you grateful?”  Then you adjust your plan to find another path and work hard toward it, but it’s not doing the trick, again, ask yourself “are you grateful?”

You see… There is no trick.

You need to be grateful for all you have, right now, today.

The rest will fall in place… later.

Today… enjoy and be grateful for all you have.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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Action Steps
1-  Write a list of all the wonderful things you have to be grateful for… I’m not putting a cap on it… Love the blessings in your life… get your family to do it, too!  (Like when you’re trying to finish cooking dinner and you feel grateful that those blessings are annoying you… sit them down with paper and a pen for “list time” – It might even buy you 5 minutes… haha)
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Episode #56 – Just Say Thank You…

Today’s mention is a little different because it’s not about what’s good for your business.  Hummmm…. very mysterious!

Who taught you to say “thank you”?  I’m guessing a whole bunch of people like mom, dad, grandma (that’s usually a big one), grandpa, uncles, aunts… so what happened?  Now you don’t say thank you???

You might be thinking, “of course I do!”  I say thank you to my employees and customers all the time.  True, you do.  And I said this post will make you think a little different…

When was the last time you simply went to your favorite store’s website, the store that consistently “does it right”, and thanked them.  Who knows the reason, it could be the grocery store that carries your favorite cookies, but for some reason you enjoy going there.  If I had to guess, it has been a long time, or you’re waiting for some really big reason to say thanks.  Well… don’t you like to hear that you’re doing a great job?  I mean, when you receive a simple email about how awesome your business is, don’t you print it up and put it on the wall?  DO THIS FOR SOMEONE ELSE, SILLY.

It doesn’t have to be a full review online (although that’s awesome), just take a moment to share your appreciation.  This past week I was at #ICON17 a conference in Phoenix, and it didn’t take long to realize how super clean the bathrooms are in the convention center.  I’m not kidding, spotless.  The garbage was always under control.  Soap, TP, and towels always stocked. Floors clean – and friendly staff!  I appreciated it.  So I sent a quick note on the website form… I have no idea if the right person will get it, I hope they do because you can be certain if the reverse were true, at least one person (probably more) would take time to complain.

I’m encouraging you to start telling people what they’re doing right.  We spend far too much time focused on getting “good reviews” from our customers when we don’t personally take time to give someone else positive credit.

PS:  Good online reviews don’t happen by accident, someone sat down and spent their time to acknowledge a success. When was the last time you simply said “hey you’re doing a great job” to your favorite business?

Today, Just Say Thank You.

Action Step
1- take 5 minutes to go to your favorite store’s website, find their email for online form, and just jot a note of why you think their so awesome.

2- For the over achievers… write another!

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