Cook Em and Sell Em

Roxanne Rockvam

I love this story.  I was at the convenience store last week.  I didn’t expect to come across a story to share on my blog… but there it was.

I was reaching for cash to pay for my Chuckwagon purchase.  Yeah, roll eyes, I don’t eat Chuckwagons, but my dad does.  Anyway, I was grabbing my cash when the new employee came over with a stack of sandwiches, they were just like my Chuckwagon.   She asked her Manager, “These expire tomorrow… should I throw them out?”

The Manager said, “NO cook ’em and sell ’em”

That was it.  Brilliance.

The sandwiches were still worth money.  Sure, customers like myself look through the bin and find the freshest sandwich via the expiration date on the label.  The new employee is probably right in her hunch that they’ll be thrown out tomorrow.

But the Manager had a different plan.  Cook them up!   It’s like getting new life out of an old product.  It just made me think differently.  Is there more than one  way to sell a product you have in your store?

Action Step
– Take a look at your products in your store.  Would you gain new life or a new profit center by simply adding value to the product.  The sandwich had added value by cooking it… what can you do?  For example, assembly adds new life to an existing product.

PS:  Train your staff not to throw out merchandise that isn’t expired… yet!


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