– Episode #411 – The Best of All Worlds!

“The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.”

The past two days I’ve talked about tomorrow… meaning what you’re doing today impacts what’s going to happen tomorrow.

Now let’s look at today.

You are a Subject Matter Expert to your followers.  This might freak you out, especially if you don’t see yourself as an expert.

Well guess what… you need to start seeing yourself as an expert!

You already do this every day, after all, you work with customers.  They call or email… maybe you see them in person, regardless of the interaction, they ask questions and you answer.  This puts you as an expert in their eyes.

That’s why it’s OK to position yourself as a Subject Matter Expert.  When you do this you will gain authority in your industry and that’s when you build credibility.

Start with your Linked-In Profile!  Do it today.  Get on your profile and add exciting things you’ve done in the last six months… um… if you don’t have something exciting, it’s time to plan!

Look to awards/honors to achieve, articles to write, or public speaking activities to help boost your presence.

That’s your tip for today – go start now… it’s the way you can be better today than you were yesterday and plan for tomorrow!  It’s like the best of all worlds!


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