– Episode 468 – Calling all Chocolate Chip Cookie Lovers!

“You pick who you want to struggle with”

Thursday: Infinity Customer

Beep Beep – struggle bus just pulled up!  All aboard.

Can I say, “all aboard” for a bus or is that just for a train?  Hummmm something to ponder (and distract me).

Do you ever feel like you have an all access pass to the struggle bus with your customers.  I’ll bet there are a few that you have which take up a great deal of your time. OR better yet, you see them walking in, or their number pops up on your phone, and you shrug.

Guess what?

You picked them.

Sure, you can think that they picked you — but I’ve got news for you… you created an ad or some how attracted them, and now they’re yours!

So what do you do now?  I mean, there they are!

Well, get very focused on who you really want to work with.  Figure out who your ideal customer is.  Really!  This is a thing.  When you sit down and spend time to figure out who you want to attract, they will appear.

Imagine everyday you wake up to start working and your “favorite customer” is the only person that calls or emails!  How amazing would that be?

So today… sit down and list your favorite three customers.  Then write down what makes them your favorite.  Do they pay in full, on time?  Do they love your ideas? Are they creative?  Do they have a golden doodle and love chocolate chip cookies?  Oh wait, that’s me.

But you get my point.

Once you have your list of two or three ideal customers you are going to be able to attract them! So there you go, a little homework to start your day!


Tomorrow… come back for my episode on “Big Money Small Change”!
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