– Episode 455 – How to be a Beginner and Expert at the Same Time!

“Fake it till you make it”

Wednesday: Midweek Motivation

It’s OK to be a beginner… in certain areas.  It’s also OK to “Fake it till you make it” – in certain areas.

Let’s explore.

Check out the photo I selected for today’s inspiration.  It’s a beautiful bouquet of wooden tulips.  Now… if you a gift shop with a spring display and have the wooden tulips, brilliant!  They won’t die.  However, if you’re a florist and you try to “fake it till you make it” with the wooden tulips… that’s just strange!

You are an expert in your business. You can’t fake that.  However, you might be a beginner at the social media thing… and that’s OK to “fake” – jump in, write a post, analyze what works, and do it again.  Learning on the job is OK!  This is the perfect time to “fake it till you make it.”


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Advertisements – Episode 431 – Goal. Plan. Go… Even If It’s Slow.

“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”

Wednesday: Midweek Motivation

Do you have a plan?  It might be about your family, your business, or your health… but I’m just curious if you have a plan.

The reason I ask is because when you’re frustrated it’s often because you haven’t put any sort of goal in motion… a.k.a. a plan.  A plan is just a goal in motion!

And when something is in motion… it’s great!

I’m extremely busy right now, the reason… it’s summer!  We have a lot going on at the marina but I also know this… September will be here in 15 days and that’s when people, believe it or not, start Christmas shopping!  I do several things online that are all about the holiday shopping season… so I have a different goal right now.

It’s a personal goal…

And that’s to get my websites under control and ready to go for winter!  This is difficult with everything I’ve got going on, but, if I make a plan and regardless how “slow” it’s going toward accomplishing my goal… I am making progress and you know what????

I feel good about it!  Regardless of how slow it’s going right now… I am making progress toward my goal.

SO for you today, get yourself a reality check and see what is frustrating you, make your goal and just make a little progress EVERY DAY toward making it a success!

Bite size… slow and steady… but just keep going!

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Saturday – Try This! – Episode 429 – Live Excellence.

“Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.” Ralph Marston

Monday: Subject Matter Expert

Today was a beautiful sunny day at the marina.  It was incredible!  It was also incredible because of what our crew was doing.  Mid-August brings a whole set of instability to the crew.

The reason I say instability is because my “new” crew needs to step up and fill the shoes of their “old” crew’s departure to college.  It’s always shaky.  But today we had a few short cuts that went against my belief.  The belief that when you live with excellence you’ll achieve it.

The example… ugh… I watched one of our guys drive the pontoon boat too close to the dock too fast.  Not only is it illegal… but it’s just dumb.  His skill set is perfectly capable to drive that fast, it wasn’t uncontrolled, it just has a very bad optic to our customers.  Did I mention it was dumb?

This is why you need to live according to excellence.

And that leads to positioning yourself as a Subject Matter Expert.  Excellence in what you do commands respect.  Respect gives you a voice.  That voice brings followers and followers elevate your status.

Be excellence and you will be viewed as excellent.

Here’s the deal… our boat runners have a talent level that is far superior to our customers.  This is amazing since they start at age 15 and our customers are in their 40’s! But because of their youth, they haven’t fully grasped the concept of  “perception” and they do something dumb like drive too fast too close to the dock.

Since our product is the care and handling of boats in addition to the promotion of safe boating, it’s bad for our brand when they drive “too fast”.

Perception affects your Subject Matter Expert status!  Therefore, if that one boat runner runners would just accept excellence as his attitude instead of merely operating as a boat driver with excellent skills, oh my… he’d skyrocket! But until he decides to be excellence, he’ll just have excellent skills.

Is this making sense?

When you decide that to live with excellence your Subject Matter Expert status will skyrocket, until then… you will just have excellent skills.

Live excellence, don’t just be excellent.


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JUMP! – – Episode 425

“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.” Rabindranath Tagore

Wednesday: Midweek Motivation

So does the gal in the photo jump in and swim or build a boat or buy a cruise ticket or head for the airport.  There are many ways to cross the sea!

But it all starts with action.

And that’s where it breaks down.  You looked at the picture and may have thought – just get in and swim!

After taking a moment you thought about how big the ocean is and how tired you’d get and how unrealistic it would be to swim so planning helped you decide on the boat or cruise.

but then….

Someone said, “head to the airport” and it threw a wrench in your whole thought process. Never did you think that “crossing the sea” could mean that you go over it!

There are endless possibilities to every questions.  Other than running into the dreaded “analysis paralysis” don’t limit yourself with small thoughts.

And by all means JUMP.

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Subscribe to my Tribe! – Episode 417 – Your Brain is Hungry!

“If you’re not feeding your mind, you’re falling behind.”

Monday: Subject Matter Expert

Look at the colors in that photo!  I thought it was pretty and it works well with today’s inspiration I mean what’s better than playing with food…

So let’s talk about feeding our mind.

You need to regularly challenge your mind and expand your knowledge base.  It’s important, not just for your subject matter expert status, but also for your own personal growth!

As a part of the Infinity Marketing Machine you really need to concentrate on the “Character” aspect of your persona. People need to trust you, this is done best when you are a leader in your industry.  Trust builds character.

But how do you build this trust?

I say you can do this by sharing, whether its a blog or podcast – but you know what… you also have to feed your mind and constantly expand your comfort zone.  It might be by regularly reading trade magazines.  You could expand knowledge by attending conferences.  But you can also do it by taking an online course!

I did this last week and I completed a course.  Now I am a certified Business and Entrepreneurship Coach!

It was a great course full of lots and lots of lectures.  I learned so much that will help me in creating new content for this blog. I can’t wait to share it… and challenge you!  OH, there are a few exciting things coming up… stay tuned!

But seriously.  The business of education online is huge… and I’m not referring to college courses.  I’m talking about learning via your peers… I mean lots of people that have created educational programs.  You can learn almost anything!

Well, now it’s your turn!  I did it.

Oh wait… a good coach would ask this different… let’s see… “Imagine your life after completing that online course you want to take, how IS your life different from today?”

Seeeee…. knowledge helps!  Go feed your mind, your brain is hungry!

If my blog is helping you… that’s super cool, for sure join my group for more!  start here – Day 46 – Plan For Tomorrow

“Let’s do our best today to prepare for our best tomorrow.”

The last two days have been rough.  Nothing really bad happened – but they’ve been not easy.

Have you ever had a computer so “full” that you can no longer open anything?  OH to make it worse, you forgot the master password… Yeah, welcome to my world.

Then I got to work and another computer came down with a virus… OH, and out of no where I was using an adding machine that simply stopped.  This in addition to having a shaky credit card machine… AND our major Weather Screen “not working”

Do electronic machines get together in the middle of the night when everyone is gone and simply make a pact to stop working?   It sure seems like ours did.

So it was nothing bad it was just difficult.

But I truly think it’s important to look at today as your stepping stone to tomorrow.  They are directly related.

Now you’re thinking… well, isn’t that obvious.

I don’t think so.  If people really believed that what you do today affects tomorrow… then everyone would have huge savings accounts, workout everyday, sleep 8 hours a night, and eat veggies instead of candy.

But we don’t.

What does this have to do with my electronic machines stopping… well, I still had to… not just get through the day… but I needed to stay on course for tomorrow.

It’s very easy to get distracted, but each morning I recommend writing a “big three” list so you stay on track, regardless of what happens!

This constant preparation for tomorrow is a fantastic habit to develop.

Try it!

Plan for tomorrow – join my tribe today… haha!  start here – Day 45 – Get Specific!

“Are you getting up today to chase your dreams?”

You want to wake up ready to chase your dream?  Well, then you better figure out what that dream is!

Now… I’m not a big fan of the word dream.  After all a dream is just a goal without a plan.  Instead, figure out the goal.

That way – if you have a goal you will get up ready to chase it.

Now… I also don’t like the word chase.  I mean, it’s fine… but chasing something just makes me think of running around without a hope of catching something.  I like more concrete processes.

So… I’d encourage you to participate in SMART goal setting (Strategic, Measurable, Attainable, Reward, Time Bound) – goal achievement technique.

If you’re feeling a little lost in creating your Infinity Marketing Machine, look into the future and discover the WHY you are creating it — is it for financial freedom or to gain 800 followers… what ever it happens to be make it a clear attainable SMART goal.

When you get specific and really focus on what you want and THAT’S how you can live today’s inspiration and chase your dreams!

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