– Day 44 – Quit Confusing Your Sugar with Salt!

“Be careful who you trust, even salt looks like sugar.”

Not all social media marketing plans are the same… just like mixing up salt and sugar will radically change the output of your chocolate chip cookie recipe so too will your marketing plan!

Today I stopped at the ice cream treat store… I got a lemon/lime slushy.  This is bright green ice delight!  But, if you took crushed ice and added green food coloring – it might look like a slushy, but will not even come close to tasting like one!

Think about your internet marketing in the same manner.  There is a recipe!  You might do Facebook, Instagram, create a blog, and have your website.  You might even use email here and there… but “doing” all of the things without a strategic plan is far different from creating an Infinity Marketing Machine.

Follow a great recipe and quit confusing your sugar with salt!

Here’s a recap of the 5 C’s of the Infinity Marketing Machine


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