– Episode#458 – Sell Air.

Saturday: Try This!

Can you charge extra for air?

Yesterday I received a box from Amazon.  Inside was the ink cartridge I ordered… and air pillows.

OK, I have no idea what they’re called.  Not bubble wrap… but those large pillows of air trapped in plastic that are no fun to pop.

Well, I was in the middle of stabbing them and realized my dad needed packing material for a box he was shipping… oops.

Well… I said, I can get some duct tape and blow them up.  Air is free!  He was not happy with me.  (one of the joys of working with family).  But…. it got me to thinking of a visit to a grocery store in Florida.

There was a great display area right by the entrance.  It was full of rafts and inner tubes… inflated!

What’s better than buying a tube?  Buying an inflated tube!  If you are fortunate enough to have a few moments to jump in the pool, do you want to spend any time inflating the raft?

Heck no!

But… it’s beyond exciting to grab your raft, cram it in your car, go home and float!

You know what I thought was exciting…???  They charged $2.00 more for the inflated version.  So amazingly cool.


How can you use this idea, especially if you don’t sell inner tubes?  Think about the stuff you sell.  What do you sell that requires assembly… assemble it!

PS:  Don’t forget to charge for the air… or assembly!

Try This!  #doinginfinity

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Episode #452 – A Shopping Destination!

Saturday: Try This

Tonight I walked out to close our gas dock.  This involves making sure that the pumps are locked and that our storage cabinet is also locked.  Well… I opened the cabinet and there was that recognizable smell… not gas… hand sanitizer!

That reminded me of this great idea!

When you offer convenience items for your customers make it into a great experience. Be intentional.  Just like the garden shop I visited recently.

They have the cardboard containers stacked in a wrought iron holder.  The cardboard has the logo of the company on it.  They also have a matching wrought iron holder for the hand sanitizer. This is next to the shopping carts at the front of the store.

These details help with the branding of the company. It creates an impression for your customer.

Sure you could have a pile of cardboard boxes next to the carts – but making this a carefully crafted destination in your store enhances your customer experience!

Try this!

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Saturday: Try This!

This is a marketing trick we introduced in our retail store this summer.  It’s a Facebook counter.

We are all used to seeing the “like us” on Facebook or Find us on Instagram type of signs in stores or waiting areas.

Some of them try to interact with customers or followers by including a barcode or website address…

Then of course there are tags and hashtags that people will market in their store or on their promotional items just to hopefully get you to increase their popularity online.

But all of these items just go “one way” – you’re in the store and there is a sticker on the window… but what if the information came from the internet to your store?

We have a counter that changes!  It’s a new way to interact with customers. It’s an “old school” counter that flips from one number to the next.  Part of the charm is that it’s NOT digital.  But we have customers stand in our store, visit our Facebook page and press like just to see the number change.

Try This!

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Sunday – Week In Review – Episode 434 – Twirling Takeover

Saturday: Try This!

The third week in July, every summer, if you visit the city of South Bend, Indiana you will be at the heart of baton twirling in the United States.

The National Baton Championships happen every summer during that week at Notre Dame University… I spent 9 summers as a competitor and several years (so far) as a coach!

This competition brings in just over 4,000 twirlers!


It’s a total twirling takeover of the city!

When I was a kid, occasionally the area businesses would encourage a visit to their business by offering a discount, for example, Pizza Hut used to give you a free soda when you wore your medal to dinner!

Well… here’s a cool Facebook post a friend of mine created this past July.


The Super Target bakery created “baton themed” cupcakes!  How easy was it to take a 6 pack of cupcakes and put a baton on 3 of them… OH MY, pretty easy!


Someone had to have the idea AND follow through on it.  But with 4,000 twirlers (and their parents) it’s smart to create a “something” that draws customers in… I mean, look at the cute photo that showed up on Facebook, all because someone made a gray frosting baton!

Look for opportunities to welcome conferences, special events, or visitors to your business.

Cupcakes, name a sandwich, create a shirt, how about a special card for a floral arrangement.  Very simple things can create a positive vibe.

If you don’t have an actual product to create… learn how to welcome your guests!  For example, you can also use a white board and write a welcome visitors message.  We’ve done this with our pontoon boats, we have listed the cities, states, or even countries the visitors are arriving from!

We received lots of positive feedback from this… kinda makes me wonder why we stopped it… hummmm…. something for me to figure out today.  (scratch head)

Alrightie, your turn…

Try this!

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Saturday – Try This! – Episode 422 – Showstopper!

“Toot your own horn”

Saturday: Try This!

Ever used your computer and had the “blue screen of death” instantly appear?  How about you open your email and have 3,000 unread emails in 15 minutes?  Yeah… it’s no fun to have computer problems.

It’s one of those moments you bring your computer into the “fix it” shop and that gut wrenching feeling of handing over your laptop to the guy at the counter.  It’s intimidating!

Now imagine you’re the guy behind the counter, running a great business knowing that the person coming in the door is skeptical of you…  what do you do?

I love my computer “fix it” shop.  They are fast, reliable, and above all, trust worthy!

That’s why last Tuesday when I dropped off my computer I had zero worries.  When I went to pick it up, I noticed the coolest thing on the counter.  It was a simple plastic frame with a print out of all of their “Reader’s Choice” winning certificates.

The “Reader’s Choice” awards are hosted by our local newspaper.  It’s a local poll to find the winners of local business topics, this business won “best computer repair”.  We have these awards for best marina and they’re posted, but I’ve never seen them reduced in size and displayed right on the front counter!

It’s perfect.  It’s a great confidence and great trust builder.  It’s a real showstopper.

If you’ve won awards or have credentials in your industry, be sure to post them for your customers to see… you can do this online, too.

Try This!

If my blog is helping you… I love it! Come and join my group for more!  start here – Day 47 – Put a Bow On It

One of our customers did something really nice for my crew.  He dropped off a whole bunch of beef jerky.

It was a fun surprise.

Now… even more fun was how my one crew member decided to hand it out.  She took and bundled one big piece with a medium size piece… then put a bow around the middle.

She made it into a gift.

If you’ve ever been around the 16-18 year old male teens… you know that food is devoured.  Well, this turned a “hey look we got beef jerky” into a special event.  It was something they stopped and appreciated.

I wanted to mention this because it reminded me of the Welcome Gift we hand out to our customers.  Last year we rolled our shirts and bundled with a ribbon that we had custom printed.

They looked nice on the shelf and it was a fun way to hand out the gift.

If you’re looking for an easy way to make a big impact… put a bow on it!

Try this.

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Episode #386 – The Interactive Stop.

Saturday Try This!

Add an Ipad or tablet to your waiting area!   And by waiting area, I mean any area your customer has spare time.  This could be outside a restroom area, or near a cash register… or even add a tablet in an area you need a sales person but simply don’t have a human.

We did this last summer in our retail store!  We used this technology to help us with a “consistency of message”  opportunity.  We needed to make sure specific information about our rental boats was given to our customers.  Well, via the internet we created a 45 second YouTube video that we are able to access by a wireless connection.

We live in an exciting time with all of the technologies at hand!  I mean, sure sometimes it frustrates us… but when a small business can by a simple tablet for $35.00… yes… we bought it for $35.00 and it can be linked to the wireless connection we already pay for… and we use a video that we created with an iphone… I mean think of how many technologies make it “easy” to create a video that you can show a customer on demand.

NOW ask yourself, why aren’t you utilizing this AMAZING opportunity?!?!?

Try this!

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